Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moringa As a Natural, Effective Plant Growth Stimulator

Moringa contains many properties to improve your health, but that is just the beginning.  Moringa can be used to naturally stimulate the growth of other veggies and plants. Research has shown how Moringa Leaf Extract can increase yields for most crops by 25 to30%. The active substance that causes this is Zeatin. Zeatin increases the growth of lateral buds which stimulates the plant to produce a more bushier plant.

How to Make Moringa Leaf Extract Growth Stimulating Plant Spray. 

#1:  This spray is used along with natural fertilizer applications, not alone on the veggie or plant.

#2:  Grind Moringa leaves and shoots ( young plants). One part Moringa to 10 parts water.

#3: Cover and let sit for a day.  Then filter out the solids and give the solids to your cattle or other farm animals. The easiest way to filter the mix is pouring into through a  a flour sack dish towel, then wringing out the liquids.

#3: Dilute the remaining liquid with water to achieve a 1:32 ratio. Use within 5 hours, spraying it directly on the plant. Use the spray on new plant growth that is at least 10 days old.   Use it again 30 days before the plant is ready to flower, when it begins to seed, and later on when the plant is fully mature.

I cannot say I have tried this myself, but the research has been done and proved.  Here is San Diego, I am saving 20 or so trees for our family.  Once they are big enough, I am going to try this.  Right now, my first goal is to have enough trees for our family to have sufficient leaves to eat and dry for later. 

I have to let you all know again, I cannot give health advice over the phone or in emails. I am not a doctor and cannot legally do so.  I cannot answer questions on other people's products. You must call that company or email them and ask the following questions:

#1:  You you sell your own leaves grown on your property? If you do, how do you grow and process it? Do you have it tested for E-Coli, Mold, and Bacteria? Who and how is your product packaged?  If you sell your own, do you use ONLY your leaves or do you buy from other companies as well? Where does that product come from?  This applies to organic certified as well.

#2: If they advertise that their product is organic certified, ask for their proof!  

#3: If they are importing the product, where is it imported from? Is it always bought from the same country or does that vary? Is your product tested in a US lab?  Is your product packaged in a US lab?  Is the product tested for E-coli, bacteria, and mold?   

Ask these questions to the people you are buying from, not me. I cannot answer them. I can tell you the overall evidence against buying from India and China. I can show you the problems in buying Moringa and other products from foreign countries without investigating the company personally.  

Buyer Beware is true about many things including Moringa. 


I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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