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Growing Moringa Trees is Important To Your Survival Plan

Moringa trees grown in 33 gal trash cans. They ended up in the house. Just too cold for survival outside in Nevada.

My belief is that times are going to get nasty and soon. Between what is happening in our country, with the climate changes, and Obamacare and its need to have a back up plan for your family. I remember my mom taking about the Depression years. They ate better than most because they raised their own chickens and vegetables. They ate popcorn for dinner at times, they were so poor. My mom wore flower sack dresses and shoes with holes in them. They did not have any extras.  She was tough and taught me to be tough. She didn't coddle me.

My father- in- law, who is 89,  hunted and fished at 7 years of age to help the family out. They moved into a vacant house and lived there for years. They bought a cow and farmed the lot next to it. They hauled watermelons and other goods to get money for food. They got real creative to survive. 

Most of us have not lived through times like that.  My family was somewhat poor but I had it much easier than my parents or grandparents. My mom made me beautiful dresses. She worked herself into the ground doing everything from cleaning houses to bookkeeping in the later years. My father worked at times. I never felt poor. I never felt disadvantaged.  I grew up loved and with lots of discipline. I grew up learning how to make things work with little. Creativity has always been my gift. I see a object but its use as many other things than it was originally designed for. I make something out of nothing.  That is what so many people today can't do.  If push come to shove, I will do better than most in survival. My husband, a city boy, learned along the way too. Together we think out of the box, and seek the company of those who do the same. It is a must for the coming hard times.

In the next few years, I believe our generation will experience severity of life style, food shortages, and hard, hard times. This is something that most of us are not fully prepared to deal with.  It cannot happen to us we say. Well it has happened in our history and it can happen again. It might be a good idea to get your head out of the hole, and prepare some....any way you can.  Do a little each month on your plan.  There is not a civilization in the world that did not have its high point, but later fell into ruin or devastation. In some cases it was war or climate changes that ended that civilization. In all cases, the empire at the time felt it was unstoppable. History is to learn from. It is too bad that we don't do that. Instead we tend to make the same mistakes over and over.

An article today talks about the drought taking place in California now. Droughts can go for 200 years. Even if it only lasts for only a few years, a good percentage of the crops we all eat are grown in California. 

From 80 to 95% of our vegetables are grown in California. This includes carrots, pepper, lettuce, spinach, fruits such as peaces.  

They are now instructing farmers not to plant crops because of the water shortage. Workers are leaving the area because there is no work. Farm families are losing money and in fear of losing their farms, some with three generations of farming. They are predicting the price of food to sky rocket.  Things do not look good folks.  This is not scare tactics, it is reality and not years in the future. Water rationing is coming to you soon. We will be getting it here this summer.

Our House is a Prayer Answered: 

Why did we move back to California? We get asked this weekly.

We moved back to care for my husband's dad.  We knew that times could get bad here but we felt it was what God wanted us to do.  Those of you who don't believe in God, I give no apologies for my blogs. It is your choice to read them or not. I am at a point in my life, I feel I should stand up for my beliefs, even if I lose readers or orders. I will also gain new customers who share views with me. I do believe in God and he has kept me from death on at least two occasions.  So our move back to California was from the heart. It is also a great place to grow Moringa trees with a climate that is garden-friendly most of the year.

One of the reasons, we rented this special house is because there is a creek on the property. Its funny when we were getting ready to move back here, a man called me up and told me to find a piece of property with a creek. I said to myself, that is going to be a miracle. I began praying for a miracle....a house not too far out where I could have chickens, a garden, and with a creek. It had to be close to town because of my husband's job. It needed to be close to doctors for my father-in-law. That was a hard list. People said we could not find a place to meet all those needs. We found this and it became our new home. The creek is on the property itself. It is not drinkable water but good enough for the garden. The water could also be filtered though a rock, sand, and charcoal filter as well. The creek could dry up completely but the water table is pretty high here in this spot. Water can be pretty cheaply pumped up into the main part of the yard with 15 watt solar panels. We intend to do just that. We won't need hundreds of gallons, just small amounts to keep the garden and Moringa trees going. Moringa trees, once they are established, are drought tolerant. Several could be kept in the house in containers. Any extra water could be applied to those trees. Extra water could come from your shower or from washing dishes. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Why is Moringa a Survival Food?

Moringa leaves are a nutritious food that will keep you going in an emergency. They are one of the few plants that contain protein, calcium, all the amino acids, antioxidants, trace minerals, iron and so much more. One of our first goals after the move back is to reestablish our own set of trees for our personal food storage. This house has a living room with great light and front windows. It is huge and we don't use it much.  There is room for 8 or more trees in the house if we wish to do that. There is room for many more outside. There is a creek for water, at least for awhile. You need to think about this.  Grow several trees in your house if you have sunlight or with grow lights...they might save your life one day.  Keep Moringa powder on hand. Add water and you have a meal to keep you going. If you look at climate patterns, things are getting pretty scary. No matter what is the origin, they are happening. Look to what you can grow in your area be it on your patio, your yard, your neighbor's yard, or in the house. I grew tomatoes in the house in Nevada last year. I used a fan to pollinate them. It worked.  That bush in a 33 gal container had tomatoes up until we moved and I packed up the house. We had Moringa leaves until the moving day. Take the time to see what you can grow for your family with the space you have.  Don't wait until the food prices are so high, you can't afford to eat.  Start a garden and a few Moringa trees now....!

Thanks for reading today, Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin
Update we are now located in Indian Mound, TN 1-15-2015

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Thanks, Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin


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