Thursday, November 14, 2013

How do I Store Unused Moringa Seeds?

Winter is here and the time for planting Moringa seeds is past unless you have a heated green house or sun room.  They need warmth and sunlight to grow properly. If you plant them now without the above elements, they will either not grow at all or grow poorly. So since you received seeds with your order, what is the best way to store them?

#1:  Do not store Moringa seeds in the freezer or refrigerator as you would some types of seeds.  This will destroy them. They are a tropical plant who craves warmth. Every kind of seed is different in its needs to sprout and grow. Some seeds need a winter rest or cold to help them sprout Some seeds are only planted once the frost is gone. Some seeds need to be planted toward the summer months.  So research your different seeds you want to plant and what is needed for them to sprout and grow. 

#2: Store them in air tight container in a warm, moisture free shelf or room. Moisture will cause them to mold in the bad.

$3:  Start your seedings in the Spring in the house as you would your tomato seeds and other touchy vegetable plants. If your house is kept cold they will not sprout. Using grow lights and a heating mat will help them to get started. Don't over water the soil or they will mold or rot...just moist NOT wet. They hate wet feet and waterlogged soil. Their soil and container must drain well.

#4: DO NOT plant them outside until all danger of frost is over and when it begins to be warm and sunny.  If you take them outside too sun, they will not grow well. They may even turn up their leaves and die. They are a 'I love the sun and warm weather kind of plant'.

All for Today!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Move is On...... Back To Califormia.

This is great news for us. We have found a house that includes a half acre to grow herbs, a garden, and Moringa seedlings. We will be back in San Diego on Dec 15th.

If you need to order between the 10th and 15th, it cannot be sent until the 16th of Dec. Everything will be packed up between those dates and we will be on the road.

I do thank a number of readers who called me offering support and prayers to find the right house. It was difficult trying to find a house from such a great distance away.  We needed it to be close to town for my husband's job but with a rural feel and some room to grow things. We can even have chickens again.  There is a small creek that runs through the property and the back yard butts up to a 15 acre park.  That seemed impossible but we found one. I can plant my blackberries along the creek bed.

I do not believe without prayer and faith, we could have found it. In San Diego there are thousands of homes with concete patios, small yards, with neighbors looking over your wall. Many of them do not allow even a small dog, much less chickens.  It was a rare find.

So Moringa and Healing Herbs will be in moving mode from December 10th through the 16th.  We will be then based in Spring Valley, Ca!

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