Saturday, March 9, 2013

Three Seed Sprouting Methods with The Results In Pictures

I took one group of seeds that I needed to test germinate and planted them with three different methods. The seeds were all soaked to begin with in water for a day, then their seed hull pierced with my fingernail.  They then were divided into the three test methods:

These seedlings will all be part of my dwarf Moringa tree experiment for growing them in the house. There are several of us in the business trying to develop the dwarf trees for people growing the trees in areas where they cannot be planted outside.  I just talked to a man who started 200 trees in Arizona. He got them up and really growing, then lost all of them to fierce winds and sand.  We get 50 to 70 mile winds in Nevada off and on through the year. We just experienced two days of nasty winds. I had a tarp over my chicken coop wire roof  for weather protection. I had to put large bricks on it in places, to keep it from blowing away. The wind broke the lashings several times holding it down. It tore one tarp last year to pieces. It looked like it had been put through a paper shredder. That is why I am growing mine in the house.  I love my trees.

Zip Lock Bag Method: 

Seeds were put into a zip lock bag and kept in the gas stove. None sprouted at all.  This method really needs to be done closer to spring. The house was just too cold at this point.

Jiffy grow cells with heat mat and grow lights

They grew quickly. This picture was taken March 1st


 Same seeds transplanted into one gallon pots, organic potting soil,  with grow lights. Picture taken on March 9th.  Moringa tap roots grow so quickly, they grow out of their original jiffy cells in just a few days.  You must be very gentle in uprooting them and replanting them. If you break the tap root, it kills the tree.  Don't plant the tap root too deeply in the new pot.

These seeds below sprouted slower but once up, grew quickly. They are almost as tall as the ones grown under the grow lights.  I did nothing with these except water them. I had almost given up on them.  You need to make sure you water the little ones every day with enough water to keep the roots from drying out. These seedlings have a long tap root but not much roots other than that. You must also watch the Rolly Polly gray pill bugs for they will eat the young seedlings root and tender stems, killing them. I keep turning the pot around so they will grow straight in the sunlight. I just turned these today. I had been busy the past two days, and had not even noticed that they had sprouted up. 

There is another set of seeds coming up in another 20 gal that are not quite as advanced. 

Well this is today's update on my new crop of Moringa seedlings. I am really pleased with the results so far in this new house.   All for now. Have a great weekend.

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

Friday, March 8, 2013

Are You a Senior? Boost Your Mental and Physical Health with Moringa

I will be 63 in July. Saying that I feel very good about where I am in my health.  Moringa is a an important part in my everyday life and meals. I drink Moringa tea. When my trees have leaves, I use them in salads and other foods. I make peanut butter balls mixed with Moringa powder. I put it in my yogurt. It is important that we maintain an optimal healthy eating program. This includes lots of organic fresh vegetables, organic eggs, fish, and organic meat.  If you grow your own food that is the very best you can do.  That is why I raise my own chickens, ducks, and rabbits. I grow my own vegetables every year. I will be showing all of you the pictures of our garden here later on in the year. It is still winter here.

You have two choices in your life: 

  • Live a unhealthy lifestyle, develop ill health,  then rely on  prescription drugs to keep you alive 
  • Live a healthy lifestyle where you eat right, exercise, and use natural herbs and therapies as your medicine.
Now it is important to start a healthy lifestyle long before you reach your senior years so that you secure your health early. Once you have ruined your health, it is sometimes very difficult to bring it back again. Taking prescription drugs make it even more difficult.  You can change your life and eating at any time. Late is better than not at all. Every day of your life counts. So start today, this year to improve your health!

Of the two options above, I have chosen the last one. It is how I want to live the remaining years of my life. Taking Moringa everyday helps my husband and myself maintain our health and vitality. It gives support to my immune system and to every function of my body. It boosts my energy without caffeine and drugs. At this stage of our life, it is important to do all that we can to keep out of the doctor's office.

But many of us have older friends and family, who are in their last years, struggling with their mental and physical health.  How can Moringa help them?

For years, I spent time with the elderly. Most all of them suffer from deficiencies, from poor nutrition, from health problems and disease. The numerous prescription drugs they are taking cause nutritional imbalances and metabolic imbalances. Many seniors are in retirement homes or nursing home which serve over cooked, nutritionally deficient meals. They often only eat once a day. Often they suffer from depression and a poor appetite.

If you visit them on the 3rd floor or skilled nursing, they often are placed on liquid or soft food because they have lost their ability to swallow.  Baby food is what they are served and it tastes terrible. Often they don't eat or eat very little. These places often are short handed at meals to feed the patients who can't feed themselves. Even the expensive places suffer from worker shortages at times.  I experienced it all from direct observation and experience.  Much of the mental dullness and memory loss in the eldrely is due to the diet, dehydration,  and medications they are taking. So what can you do?

Bring them a Moringa smoothie to drink whenever you can.  Require the nursing staff to give them the Moringa capsules and a good, high quality multivitamin.  If they won't do that, they you give them those supplements when you are there visiting. If they require a doctors prescription, fight the system to get it done. You can put the Moringa powder in yogurt or applesauce which most seniors can and will eat.  Bring them a special canned juice and add the Moringa powder to that. What ever special food they can and will eat can become a way to get them the Moringa. Moringa increases their nutrition, supports their immune system, helps feed their brain function, and overall improves their health.  Don't expect miracles overnight. You must give them enough Moringa, long enough, to see results. I would start them with a tablespoon min a day. I would then slowly increase their intake up to 3 tablespoons per day.  Take them a yogurt when you visit infused with Moringa powder. If they notice the color, tell them it is a new flavor......St Patrick's Delight.

Fight for your right to give your elderly family members these important supplements. The best time to give them the Moringa is when they are back in their room, not in the central eating area.  The nursing staff will give you much pain over their rules and regulations. I used to get so mad.  The people on the skilled nursing floor are in varying stages of dying. Who cares if they eat special treats...they are dying. The state imposes these rules so that the dying must die with so little pleasure in life.  If you have them at home, you can let them eat what they want. I spent a weekend with a man who was dying. He only had a month to live. His daughter went to the bakery every day and got him his favorite chocolate deserts. He ate chocolate three times a day. He had only 4 weeks to live so what did it matter what he ate. It gave him a little pleasure in his last days. He died a few days later with brain cancer. There are times when you allow rules to be broken....dying is one of them.

Gingko is another supplement that can aid the elderly with their memory problems. It does not cure dementia but it can slow it down and soften the effects. Years ago, I was power of attorney for an elderly couple in a nursing home. It was one of those awful ones.  Since I couldn't talk them out of leaving that place, I fought the system and was able to get the nursing staff to give them their supplements. The lady had 4th stage dementia. She would ask the same question over and over. She drove the nursing staff nuts. I talked to her doctor and asked him for permission to try her on Gingko supplements. He agreed. We tried several supplement brands which did not work. I then went to one that was more expensive and that one did work on her. It reduced her repeated questions by 50%. This is a true story friends. Her doctor and nursing staff was elated.  Through that process, I saw for myself the difference between the quality of supplements. Some of them are junk and useless. Which is why people complain that herbs and alternative medicine does not work.  It is the quality of the product and how you take it that matters.

I sell exceptional USDA organic certified Moringa products in my store!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting The Jump on Spring --with Moringa and Herbs

I hope all of you had an awesome weekend. My son and his wife celebrated their 1st anniversary. They are expecting a new baby at the end of May. All the rest of my grandchildren are teens and preteens. They sure do grow up quickly. Life is so short.

Well about 4 weeks ago I told you I was testing the new seed I had purchased. I planted a few cucumbers, Swiss chard, and tomatoes as well for fun. Most of the 32 cells got Moringa oleifera seeds. They all did great. The problem when you do this, is that you hate not to use them. These are growing so well, four needed to be transplanted in 1 gallons. Now I wish I had a greenhouse but at present the living room table has been turned into seed starting. By the time winter is truly over here, they will be well be well on their way toward fruit. I got 6 weeks start on Spring. One of the business goals this year is to get that greenhouse built.  I will look forward is to reclaiming my kitchen table. As you know, we have moved too much.  It is just great this year to concentrate on the business and garden, rather than moving. I wouldn't mind never seeing a U-hall again. All the moved were steps forward, but still very stressful. Despite the rough climate, we do love it here. There is a real beauty to this area with its wild horses, quail, and wildlife. I would miss the beauty of the mountains from our office and living room. We can see the storms move over the mountains from Carson and Reno.

Moringa seeds grow quickly and you need to move them before they get too ingrained in the jiffy pot. They have a long tap root. Try to disturb the roots as little as possible when you move them. Use organic potting soil for their new home. Make sure you water them in the new pot. Make sure water does not sit around their roots. Well draining soil and pots in so very important.  Most of these will end up being raised in the house with our fierce winds and dry heat. I may try a few out in front of the house. They will have wind protection from the house itself.

I tried this last year, but the winds were worse than normal. Even our large lilac got burnt leaves from the heat and wind. These will not be transplanted into the large 20 and 33 gallons until two months from now. I will show you updates as they grow. I do have grow lights and that makes a huge difference. It would be hard to raise them in the house right now without lights. The heat mat under the seedlings really got them going quickly as well. Amazon has sales on the grow mats and lights so keep an eye out for sales.

Moringa Seeds ready for new home in 1-gallon pots

Space master Cucumbers doing really well
Four were growing roots so quickly, they needed to be re-potted. The rest can wait a few days.
Well this was my project for today. We lost electricity for two hours so did this for fun.   I never get tired of watching Moringa seeds grow. They love life and show it by their amazing growth.

Have a good day and good week.  I have some great seed for sale.  Go take a look at our seeds  here
I also sell exceptional Moringa leaf powder in capsules here as well.  Click on the link above.
Kate Freer the Herbladyisin

Update: We now live in Indian Mound, TN as of 1-15-2015

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