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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moringa: Super Nutritious Food for Your Pets and Livestock

Jack our Aussie who passed away. He was so easy to give supplements too. He just chowed it down.

How will Moringa help your animals?

This is a question that I get asked often.  One of the important uses for Moringa is as animal food.  It is fed to livestock in the countries where it grows naturally. This is because of the exceptional nutritional value that it offers to both humans and animals.

How much to feed your animals?  

It would vary from a 1/2 tsp to 2 tsp depending on the size of the dog and how well he will eat it.  If its the fresh leaves, a branch or handful. Again it depends on the animal, the size, and how well he eats it. 


Remember this is a FOOD...a super nutritious food not a drug or medicine like garlic.  If your animal has a sensitive stomach, try a pinch or small amount first.  Animals are individual just like their humans.

It is well known that commercial dog and cat food, even the expensive ones, are deficient in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and most all of the nutrients they need. Moringa fills in their nutrition. It helps them to be healthier. With chickens, it helps them to lay better.  With goats and dairy animals it improves milk production. By the way when I had my two goats, they loved eating the fresh Moringa leaves.  It is especially important to old or sick dogs that may not eat well because of ill health.  It can help them stay younger, longer.  One of the reasons I send free seeds with my orders, is that I want you to grow a few trees for yourself. I want you to experience taking the fresh leaves off the trees and dropping them into your salad. You can grow a few seedlings for the cats to eat, they will any way, and a few for you. Most of you will not live in areas where you can grow them all year but you can grow them as a seasonal crop as you do any crop like peas or beans.  They will grow beautifully in the heat.  They love hot weather but not wind and sand storms as we have in Nevada. The wind right now is redistributing anything in its way, all over the yard. I find things from all my neighbors as well.  It blows up to 60 miles an hour often here.

Smokey, our Moringa killer. At least he eats the seedlings after he pulls them up. He is quite skilled at opening the wire panel to get to my plants. We love him anyway.  My husband finally found a way to stop his raids when we go to bed.

Dogs and Cats: It depends on how picky your animals are. We have a little dog who turns up his nose to almost everything. I put it into my omelets, then hand feed him pieces. He then gets Moringa that way. Our big dog used to eat it mixed in his dog food. The powder is easier to get down a picky eater.

Veggies protected by either chicken wire or plastic fencing from all the creatures.

Cats: One way to get your cats to eat Moringa is to just grow the seedlings, then leave them unattended. I can guarantee that they will eat them. It does kill the tree but they get some good nutrition, so not all is lost. Our cats have eaten a few plants lately. Even though I had the area blocked off, our male cat got very skilled at moving the wire divider panel.  He ate three in one setting, before I caught him.  It is much better for them than cat grass. Don't let them near plants you want to keep growing. They will also dig in soil where the plants are growing, destroying them one way or another. I grow the trees in 20 or 33 gal containers. Then I put a fence around them so the cat cannot jump up.  

                                   Our Angora rabbits who love fresh stuff including Moringa leaves

Livestock: I feed fresh Moringa leaves, when I have enough, to my chickens and rabbits. I also give them my home grown kale, collards, and Swiss chard.  Fresh veggies have enzymes which pellet food does not. I am trying to grow enough food to wean my livestock off commercial food altogether. I have not accomplished that completely yet.  You can also tell when your rabbit is off their feed. If they don't run to eat the fresh stuff, then it is time to see what's wrong.

Goats, Donkeys, Cattle:  Livestock love Moringa leaves.  They also love a lots of your plants that you don't want them to eat as well.  I have seen blogs where it is shown how much donkeys and mules love it too. It is really tough to protect the trees from these guys. They are very intent on breaking down fencing. I got rid of my goats because I was not strong enough to really keep them controlled.  They ate everything....!  They needed a younger, stronger owner.

Chickens and Ducks:  If you leave Moringa trees with the chickens, they will not last long. I have all my veggies fenced off from my chickens, ducks, and the quail. They love fresh stuff. Here is Nevada there is not much in green stuff for them to forage so they go after the garden. I could fence them all up and not worry but I love watching them forage on the property. They eat the red ants and the bugs. They trim off the bottom of the Elm trees. They do a real good job at keeping things in balance.  So I just fence off what I want to save. 

Wild Things: Moringa is a food and all the little creatures such as chipmunks, wild rabbits, quail, and other creatures will eat your trees. So put protection around the area where ever you plant the trees. I am sure gophers would eat them too, although we don't have any here.This is one advantage gophers. The huge amount of quail make up for it. I love the quail. I could fence them out of the property altogether but that would be sad. I love watching them and hearing them call.

So I hope this answers your questions. I give Moringa is one form or another to all my animals.
God Bless you all
Kate Freer, the herbladyisin


I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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