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Monday, April 8, 2013

Is Moringa Guten Free?

I have had two readers ask this question.   

Moringa leaves taken straight off the tree,  without any added ingredients, are gluten free.  

Saying this, Moringa is being made into many different drinks and products now. So the question becomes more complicated. This blog will answer those questions. 

What is gluten? Many people are confused on this subject. 

It is a combination of natural proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten develops when you add water to flour derived from these grains.  When you mix the flour and water, then knead the flour, the gluten literally stretches out and binds the bread together into a loaf. The longer you knead the bread, the more gluten is formed in the process. 


So gluten is a binding agent that is created. Gluten allows baked cookies and breads to retain their shape. It hardens when baked in the stove. Gluten is also used as a agent to thicken a product such as in gravy. It is used as a binding agent in some foods

Many foods you would not think contain gluten do. Here is a partial list below:

Pasta; Salad dressings may be thickened with gluten; graham crackers; pie crusts; broth, sauces and gravies are often thickened with wheat flour; lunch meat, bacon products, imitation seafood products use a starch from grains; croutons, stuffing, bread crumbs; yogurt (some brands) use a stabilizer which contains gluten; soy sauce and marinades that come in a jar; energy bars; cereals that contain malt, wheat, rye, or barley; some beer, ale, and lager beverages; bulgur and couscous:

If you buy Moringa products that are made into drinks or a food, that product could contain gluten. Contact the company who makes the product to see if it is gluten free.   Moringa leaves do not contain gluten. It could be found in a Moringa product if gluten is later added to the product as a filler or binder by the company.

Our products only contain one ingredient, Moringa leaf powder.  

Well that is it for tonight.  I hope you all have a great week.  Next blog will address the question of Moringa and side effects, Moringa and interaction with drugs. 

Thanks for your support,
Kate Freer


I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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