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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Milk, Cream, or Aspartame Please ? New Dairy Petition You Need To Know About....and Protest

One of the goals for my blog this year, is to bring to your attention some of the government moves that are  being passed behind closed doors. These bad laws, that take away our rights are being slipped into the law books because people are not well informed nor paying attention. It takes work to keep up with these government actions. Hundreds of them affect our food and the herbs we take.  I will bring up these moves by the government in my blogs so that you can then protest them. You will also know how your health is being impacted by the government without your knowledge. This is going on in hundreds of ways with every new month. Each year we lose more rights with greater government intrusion. We are letting this happen because of apathy. At least if you send in a letter protesting a law, you will have done your tried.

You need to start paying attention and reading articles by experts like Dr. Mercola. He brings out the truth that the biased advertising media will not print. He investigates these subjects and tells you the cold hard truth. It is your life and health. If you do not do something to stop what is going on in this country, your rights will be lost, and you will wake up one day wondering how that happened. You will not learn this information watching ABC or most of the paid for media outlets. Most of them are paid puppets, supported by  the companies who fund their stations or the government. You are not getting the truth.

Today's Blog.....Injecting Our Milk Products with Artificial Sweeteners

The government's move to deceive us goes on and on.   Next in line for consumer deception is coming to your supermarket milk cooler in your town soon.  Adulteration of  milk and milk products with artificial sweeteners....not disclosed on the label.  This is being motivated by the powerful dairy industry.

Here are the facts on the coming deception. 

Dairy Products and the Law NOW:   

The FDA now allows the dairy product to use a label that states 'unmodified milk', even when they add sugar or high frutose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup may be in your milk product and not stated on the label. I bet you didn't know that. Most people don't.  So for those of us who avoid high fructose corn syrup, you may be getting it anyway if you drink milk.

Artificial sweeterns  are allowed but must CURRENTLY we listed on the label.

New Petition Being Introduced by The Dairy Industry Now: 

The Dairy industry has petitioned the FDA to "amend the standard idenity" for milk and 17 other dairy products including yogurt and cream. They want it amended so that they can add artificial sweetners to their products without requring this to be stated on the label.  So you and your children will be drinking artificial sweetners like aspartame and sucralose and not know it.  According to the FDA this is good for us not to know this information. Right......

They rationalize this petition because sugar can to added to the milk now without this being stated on the label.  So unstated, unlabeled artificial sweeteners should be ok too....wrong!  

Here is the link to read this for yourself and to protest this move. You only have until the end of May to get your protests in.  The FDA is taking public comments now on this petition.

Please read Dr. Mercola's article on this subject, he quotes below, 

"Aspartame is the number one source of side-effect complaints to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with over 10,000 complaints filed and over 91 symptoms documented that are related to its consumption. With that many reports of adverse effects, it's hard to believe aspartame is still allowed on the market — let alone being weaseled in as an unlabeled ingredient in dairy products of all kinds."

Dr. Mercola Article on this subject

I'm Closing for now, have a good day folks.
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin 



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