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Caffeine- How It Affected My Health; Why I Stopping Drinking Caffeine Beverages

Years ago when I was young in my early 20's,  I was not into health or eating well.  My stress level was horrendous with a a bad marriage and little kids. I worked at a supermarket for two years.  I was a box girl no less, lifting heavy dog food bags and cleaning out the back area of the store. I was one of the first girls hired to do that job. The boss thought I would last a week but I kept at it.  It was at a cost. To keep enough energy going, I began drinking hot chocolate with coffee in it. I didn't like the taste of straight coffee.  I loved that stuff. At that time I did not notice any effects....

Later on several years later, while going through a divorce, I began cleaning houses to help make ends meet. I was cleaning houses, working another job, and not doing well. I was so tired, I could hardly function. So I began drinking ice tea in the huge containers. I would drink one in the middle of the jobs, to keep going. At that time, I began to get pain and swelling in my hands...quite severe. I passed it off on the chemicals from cleaning houses or the work I was doing.  About that time, I fell on a job, hurt my back. I could hardly move, much less do housework.  I lay in bed hurting. I also did not drink tea since I was not working.  After a few days, I realized my hands didn't hurt.  I went back to cleaning houses a month later, back to drinking tea, and the pain came back. As an experiment, because I did not believe it was the ice tea, I stopped drinking it. The pain went away despite the fact I was still doing the work.  After I stopped drinking the tea, I had no more trouble after that with my hands. Cause and effect was pretty evident.

I was not into natural healing at that time in my life. That was before any of that. In 1982 was when I got into alternative medicine. That was when I began my education. 

Fast forward into 1985. I was still struggling as a single mom with kids. I was working at establishing my health consulting business part time and working running a paper in Imperial Valley, Ca. I was working 7 days a week between both.  I was trying to do it all without help and began to suffer from exhaustion. So I began a bad habit to get through, drinking coffee with lots of cream. I knew it was not good for me, but I had to keep going.  I knew better but.......! This went on for a few months until one night......

I was delivering newspapers on a route we had, out in the sticks. There was a little coffee place open at 4 am for the truck drivers. He would give me a free cup of coffee as I drove through. I drank the coffee and went on my way. About a half hour later, I was doubled over in stomach pain. It  was an hour before I could drive again.  After that night, even a shot of coffee would cause pain. I tried two or three times again to drink it...with stomach pain as a result. So that was the last coffee I drank.

We drink coffee because we are working too hard.  We are working long, hard hours or going to school and studying into the night.  It is understandable but sooner or later it will cause problems in the acid/alkaline balance of the body. With many people, it may cause stomach pain, acid stomach, or pain in the joints.  Even if there are other causes, it will make them worse for many people.

Everyone has a food they love, but that loved food, doesn't like them.  I never drank soda, even as a kid.  We did have ice tea a lot in my family. I grew up with a mom who drank coffee so strong, you could stand a spoon up in it. It was as strong as one can make. I never liked coffee unless I added a lot of cream and sugar...which makes it worse for you. My mom was not into eating good, healthy food, It was your typical southern fare with lots of gravy. We ate what was cheap except for good bread. We always had only German black bread or hearty grain bread. I learned about health much later in life.  Even for those of us who generally eat well and take care of our health, occasionally to get on a back track. It is human nature, to stray from what we know is good health. We do something that is not good for us, despite our knowledge on good foods versus bad foods. Caffeine is mostly overdone, not done in moderation by most people.

Your reaction to caffeine also depends on your stress level. Excessive stress causes acid release as well. So when you are stressed, caffeine is what you crave, not what is good for you. You crave it because your body and adrenal glands are tired and overworked. They are failing under the strain of your life style. This you must realize.

Some people have a constitution of a tractor....nothing bothers them, so they say. These are also sometimes the people who never miss a day of work, but drop dead at some point.  Those life style habits that are negative, may not show their destruction until months or years later. It depends on genetics. I know a man who has been drinking for 40 years ....a alcoholic. He had amazing genetics. Other than memory loss, he has no problems with his liver or other organs. He may out live those around him. If the majority drank like that, they would suffer health problems such as cirrhosis of the liver. With amazing genetics, you can abuse yourself for years. Does that mean that drinking a case of beer a day is good health. No. 

Excessive caffeine is not good for anyone, even if you are not seeing any ill effects at this point and time. Cancer and other health problems do not develop overnight. Cancer may take months or years to grow. Imbalance may not be noticed for a long time. It may be excessive stress that finally tips the scale to a health problem.

So this is my story on the caffeine issue and why I don't drink any of it.  I learned the hard way about the effects of caffeine. I do understand why you are drinking it.  I was there years ago. I am not there now. I love the fact that I do not have to drink a cup of coffee at a certain time or get a headache. I am going on my own energy.....the best way to health.

Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

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