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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Antibiotics In My Organic Apples and Pears? Impossible! Your Wrong!

Hi Folks,

I often talk on the subject of Organic products and your belief system. You think that because it is labeled organic, it is safe and good to eat. There is so many ways consumers are misled on this subject.  I am going to give you two examples today  to  prove this point.  There will be more blogs on this subject. 

Organic Pears and Apples:  For years the National Organic Program (NOP) has allowed organic pears and apples to be sprayed with both streptomycin and tetracycline to destroy the tree killing bacterial disease called Fire Blight. This disease kills the blossoms, shoots, limbs, and at times the entire tree. Their excuse, was that there was no other treatment for Fire Blight that worked, that is why it was allowed. Really?

This is an interesting rationalization since the European Union does not allow any antibiotics to be used  in agriculture crops.  So if there is no other treatment for Fire Blight, how does Europe successfully grow their crops with strict laws that ban the use of any antibiotics in agriculture? If you are an American selling your fruit now to Europe markets, you cannot use antibiotics on your trees.  So there are some growers not using antibiotics here in the US.  So something smells bad on this past argument by The Organic Standards Board.

Backtracking on the use of antibiotics in apples and pears: 

Since the overuse of antibiotics is creating super bugs and super-resistant plant diseases and insects, NOSB in 2011 changed their policy and is requiring that antibiotics be phased out by Oct 2014.  The large and powerful organic grower organizations in this country are fighting this action, trying to get the date moved up to 2016.

Does that surprise you?  Does any of what I just told you shock you? Our sacred organic fruits and vegetables are NOT what they are represented to be. You the public are being misled. This is only one instance of this deception. 

So when you eat that organic apple or pear, you are subjecting your immune system and intestines to antibiotics. This is the sad truth.

Send your protests to NOSB (National Organic Standards Board) here

Organic Rice and Arsenic: 

There is no US standards set for the amount of Arsenic for foods just water.  The organic rice from California  I just bought does contain Arsenic. They admit it and it has been proven by Consumer Reports and their rice investigation. Rice grown in California just contains Arsenic in lower amounts than product that was grown from the Southern United States and from foreign countries.  Arsenic is found naturally in most all the soil. It is also found in your water if not treated. If rice is grown in the south, where cotton was grown for years, with the heavy use of pesticides, it is high in Arsenic. In fact according to Customer Report, after testing hundreds of rice samples, organic and non-organic, rice grown in southern US states, is higher in Arsenic than Asian samples.  You must read their report below:

"People who ate rice had arsenic levels that were 44 percent greater than those who had not, according to our analysis of federal health data. And certain ethnic groups were more highly affected, including Mexicans, other Hispanics, and a broad category that includes Asians."

So here is two examples of organic foods and the misconceptions about eating them. I am closing for now. Please visit the link on the will really open your eyes on things.

All for now,

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