Monday, February 25, 2013

Update on My Dwarf Moringa Trees Experiment

An almost perfect dwarf Moringa tree

This is one of my 10 trees growing in our back room. This one is planted in a 20 gal black plastic container. There is another tree beside it in the same container that is not leafed out yet. I have three more in another 20 gal container below. It is leafing out along the trunk with nice healthy leaves. I stripped all of the leaves off the trees awhile back due to a problem with aphids.  I have since found that Neem oil dissolved in warm water works well against the aphids. This tree was topped off at about two feet high.  I have several other trees in 33 gal trash cans with drainage holes drilled in to the bottom.  They were topped off at 4 feet.  You keep them at those heights when grown in the house. You want lots of leaves for salads and teas.

The goal again, when growing them in the house is lots of leaves since the trees cannot grow as large as when planted into the ground outside. These are leafing out right now without a heater on at night. They would probably grow more quickly with the heater on, but so would our electric bill.  After a year of living here, this window is the best area for getting results. This room is warmer than the rest of the house as well. The two left in the living room area did not survive. You must experiment to determine which area of your house has the most warmth and sunlight for their survival. I have moved them around a lot, starting with all of them in our living room.  So now all of them will stay right here year around.

You can grow three trees in a 20 gal container or 33 gal trash can. Space them as far apart from each other as you can. The easiest time to move them is when they are dormant and look like green sticks. Make sure you do not injure the long main tap root at the base of the trunk. These all were just moved to bigger containers. Give them a B-1 watering which is used to help with transplant shock. All you do is mix a tablespoon of B-1 liquid into a one gallon container and water them after transplanting the tree.

Here is another one leafing out but not as perfect
I will upload pictures as we go along in the season.  I have new seeds started right now. The best new ones will be added into these containers where there is only one tree at present. I have room for several more containers as well in that room. When they are small trees, you need more trees to keep you in a supply of leaves.

I checked my cold frame outside and all the Swiss chard are growing new leaves.  The kale are just holding their own.  The Comfrey plants which froze hard is growing new shoots from the base of the plant. I am really happy with how well the cold frame did.  It was a simple wood frame with three layers of 3 mil plastic over the frame.  The plants survived a week of snow and temperatures that went down to 5 degrees. It is still freezing every high. 

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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