Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update on Jack; Thoughts on Life and Death and Why

Jack and My Husband

Last post, I relayed how our Aussie suffered an unexplained seizure several days ago and the aftermath of that seizure.  I have had several readers ask for an update. Well the critical time is the first 24 hours and then the next 30 days.  He did not have another seizure again but I have slept little since then. Like when your child or husband is sick, you keep one ear open while you are trying to sleep. You hear them snore or make a funny noise so you get up to see if they are alright. Last night was the first good night's sleep I have had since it happened. His personality has been fine so that is a sigh of relief.  But still there is a part of me that wonders if it will occur again and when.  To get things done, I just pray for him. I have to put him in God's hands on this.  We called the vet and he suggested to wait on any tests. They could range from a couple of hundred to a thousand or more. At this stage of his life with Dysplasia, the vet did not suggest getting those tests.  There is a time when it is time to say goodbye for the sake of the dog.  So if he does not have more seizures, and he remains with a quality of life regarding the Dysplasia...we will let him live more days of his life. Right now he can walk and run at times to play with Pringles, he walks the property being the excellent watch dog he is, he patiently waits by the gait for my husband to come home, he sits out in the yard and basks in the sun....his life has quality at this point. We both understand that this could last for another year or just another month.

There are times in life for those humans we love, and the animals in our lives, that there are no answers. So we must enjoy everyday we have with them, loving them. For Jack, who nearly had to  be put down three years ago, each day has been a blessing. The homeopathic medicine we give him has given him an extended three years of quality life. The vet then gave him no hope.  We did and with God's direction and blessing.

Most families have someone beloved that is in the end of their life or going that direction.  You must focus on the little joys that are left, rather than the impending death. If you don't you are missing out on the gifts they have during the last stage of life.  Often, whether its people or animals, they teach you how to die with honor and dignity. They demonstrate how to laugh, how to die with peace.

I have spent much time in the past by the bedside of those dying and with the elderly who are on that last chapter.  I have shared many long talks on how they felt going down that last path on earth. Most were at peace and ready for the next step.  I also watched a few come to grip with dying and how they had lived. These few had some fears and regrets. They had relationships that needed mending while they could still do it.  They had said things to those they love that were mean or cruel.  They needed to try and repair the damage they had done in those last days or months.

We all ask why dying can't be quick and peaceful?  The reason is that in many cases, that time period while they are dying is needed.  It is needed for the people to be at peace within themselves and death, needed for their families to accept their coming death, and needed by all to have time for those talks that should have come years before. A time to tell those they love how proud they are of them, how much they love them, and how sorry they are for those harsh words. The tragedy is that we don't tell those we love these important things while they are full of life. It would make such a difference in relationships, if we would do that while we have lots of years left. So many children would have loved to have heard those words...I love you...I am proud of are a fine son or a fine daughter......growing up and as a young adult.....not just at the death bed. How much better would your life be now if you told that family member, I am was just a stupid fight.....please forgive me.  Perhaps you need to say to someone, I forgive you. Think about it friends.  It is a huge weight to carry around....anger, resentment, hate, and unforgiveness. It takes away from the quality of your life right now.

With animals it is the same thing. Jack is more my husband's dog. Aussies tend to be more devoted to one person. He was raised by a man who had to give him up. My husband so loves Jack and Jack is devoted to my husband. After the seizure, my husband now has time to deal with the possibility that Jack is on his last chapter of life. If he had died in the seizure, it would have been a real shock to him. Now he has time to mentally begin to  deal with it.  I am also more ready for that fact too. We have known that the homeopathic medicine we give him only slows down the process, it does not cure Dysplasia.  There will be a time, when it no longer works. I am thankful for the additional three years we have had with him...and perhaps another year. There is a time for all of us to go. We are only here on this earth for a short time. My personal belief is that dogs go to heaven too. I also believe that our life here is just one chapter, that there is life after death in a better place with God. I don't see that afterlife without the presence of  dogs, cats, and other creatures. Make good use of every day you have with those you love.  That goes for the animals in our life too.

So go give your dog some love and a special walk.  Time is short.
This is all for today, God bless all of you.
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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