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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Garlic- Other Health Applications; How To Make Your Own Garlic Oil

I published a blog earlier today on garlic but there were several points that I did not include because it was getting too long. So read the post first that was published tonight as well. That goes into depth on garlic and its use as an proven, potent herbal antibiotic.

Garlic and Aids: Garlic has been used successfully in China to treat AIDS patients for Cryptosporidium and toxoplasmosis.  Fungal infections in AIDS patients is another application for garlic treatment.

Garlic and Blood Sugar: Garlic has been shown in many research studies to lower homocysteine levels which are involved in diabetes. Garlic does help normalize blood sugar levels. If you are taking insulin for Diabetes, you must be supervised by a doctor. The use of garlic and other herbs may lessen your dosage requirements. Remember that herbs can potentate or lessen the effect of drugs. They also can normalize the imbalance, thereby making the drug unnecessary. In that instance, the drug dosage would have to cut down or eliminated.

Garlic and High Blood Pressure: In 2010 one double blind study proved it lowered high blood pressure more effectively than the current medicine used for that health problem. There have been many more studies that proved this as well. If you were in China, Japan, or Russia, your doctor would prescribe garlic over drugs for these problems. And yes, doctors do prescribe herbs to their patients in those countries. Doesn't it make you wonder, why garlic is not prescribed here. Could it be the fortune that drug companies make off the sale of high blood pressure and high cholesterol drugs that hurt your liver and kidneys in the long term?

Making Your Own Garlic Oil: 

Peal and mash 10 to 15 fresh cloves of garlic. Put a cup of virgin olive oil into a small canning jar. Next put the mashed garlic cloves into the jar of oil. Place the jar in a cool, dark place. Shake it everyday, then put it back into the dark area. In a week or so the mixture should smell very strong. Filter the garlic pieces out of the oil and you have your own home made garlic oil.  Make sure you filter it well if it is to be used in the dog's ears. 

Use a few drops of the oil in your dog's ears for mites or for a fungal infection in the ear. Many dogs such as labs are prone to these infections because of their water play.  It works in rabbits ears also for fungal infections.

 You could also use the oil by massaging it into the sole of your child's foot when they are sick. Garlic oil is not as strong as garlic powder or garlic extract but is very useful with children who are too young to swallow caps or powder.  Making your own is more effective than most of the garlic oil caps you will buy. 

So goodnight and God bless you. We all could use a blessing or two in these hard times.
Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

Update: We now live in Indian Mound, TN as of 1-15-2015

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