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Garlic- One of the Most Effective Herbal Antibiotics

What is in your medicine cabinet? 

I will tell you what is in ours...herbs. We keep herbs on hand so that at the first sign of that 'off feeling', we hit it hard before the bad bug sets in.  So what do we use in our family for colds, flu, or infections. Two of my standards are garlic and oregano.  I feel they are the herbal kings as natural, potent, effective bug killers. These are the bugs that cause colds, infections, and flu. Garlic is one herbs that works on the viruses, that antibiotics are ineffective on. When doctors say there is nothing to do for the flu that will kill the bug, they are uninformed and uneducated. Your first immediate step should be taking garlic. Fluids and rest are also indicated to get well fast.

So Garlic is the subject of today's blog. Oregano will be next. These herbs have so much research behind them, that I wanted to discuss each one in full. You need to know the history and research behind these herbs. Then understanding on how to use them. So here is Garlic 101!

Garlic is backed by 7000 years of historical use and modern research!

There are whole books on the subject of garlic and its benefits. It is probably one of the most researched herbs in the world. There are over 1,200 research studies on garlic, with another 700 chemical studies as well on this well known food and herb. Most of these studies come from Russia, China, Japan, and Germany. These are  double blind, government backed research studies, that are solid and extensive in their findings. In one study they gave two sets of rats mild poison. One set of rats was given garlic as well. The others were not treated with garlic. The rats given the mild poison and garlic too, survived with few affects from the poison. The other rats got ill quickly, lost their hair, suffered and died. This was an awful test on the poor rats but it did prove how garlic protected the rats from the effects of these chemicals.

Garlic's use as medicine dates back to Egypt and the kings. Garlic was found in the king's tombs. Hippocrates, Galen, Pliny the Elder, and Dioscorides all utilized garlic in their treatment of illness. Even long ago, it was used to kill parasites, used in lung infections, and other illness. In the Greek and Roman cultures, it was used by all the classes for food and illness. In China its medicinal use dates back to 2000 BC. Garlic was used in the great plague of 1665, for small pox by English doctors, and proven in 1858 by Pasteur to kill infection. Albert Schweier used it in Africa to cure typhoid fever and cholera.

In World War I it was used by doctors on the battle field on open, dirty wounds and infection. It was also used for dysentery. The fresh garlic was applied directly to dirty, infected wounds with success. In World War II, it was used by the Russians for the treatment of battle wounds. It was called "Russian penicillin".  This was discontinued when antibiotics were created later. The only problem is that they did not know the long term damage from antibiotic use. They had no idea that the use of antibiotics creates resistant super germs. Antibiotics are also hard on the liver and kidneys. The antibiotics not only kill the bad germs, but destroy the good bacteria in our gut lining and stomach. They overall upset the balance of the body.

If your look at the use of garlic on battle wounds, that was research being proven in the field under horrible conditions. So the antibiotic effects of Garlic have been proven by ancient history, proven by its use in two world wars, and by thousands of scientific studies. There is overwhelming proof of its effectiveness in the treatment of illness and infection.

 Garlic is known as Allium sativum and is part of the onion family. Onions also have benefits for colds and flu, but not as strong as garlic. You might be surprised to know that China is the main grower of garlic producing 77% of the world's garlic. That amounts to 23 billion pounds per year.  In the US garlic is produced in Gilroy, CA. It is known as the garlic capitol of the United States. Unless it states on the garlic package, grown in California, it is probably imported from China. Costco sells garlic from Gilroy and it is good stuff. You can buy it online on Amazon. 

Why does garlic work on illness and what kinds of bugs does it kill?

Allicin is the main factor is garlic that kills infection.This is also what gives garlic its odor as well.  No Allicin means no benefits. The quality of the garlic you buy is extremely important to begin with.  To get rid of the strong smell, some companies age the garlic. This may kill the effectiveness of the allicin if not done correctly. Kyolic garlic is the only odorless brand I use.  There have been clinical tests to prove that their method of aging the garlic leaves the Allicin intact and its potency.

Garlic is very effective on a broad list of bacteria and organisms. It has been proved to be antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-protozoan, and antiviral.  It has been proved effective against Candida, E-Coli, Salmonella, Influenza B, HIV, HCMV, Crytococcus neoformas, vesticular stomatitis virus, staph, and strep just to name some of the ones that most people are familiar with. If you are going to visit a foreign country, garlic should be on your list for the trip. 

Why is garlic better than antibiotics in the treatment of bacteria and viruses?  

Garlic is a great choice in any infection because it does not cause a development of resistance in the bacteria or organism, as antibiotics do.  It works against MSRA infections and other antibiotic resistant germs such as staphylococcus, salmonella, mycobacterium, and Proteus.  To make this clear, garlic will not create super bugs that do not respond to antibiotic treatment. It is effective both topically on a wound and taken orally by mouth.  On children, you can rub garlic oil on the soles of their feet and you will smell it on their breathe within an hour. When my youngest child was sick, I gave her caps to chew. The problem with garlic caps is often they are mostly oil with very little quality garlic in them.  I don't suggest garlic caps because of the problem in quality. They are useful with children and animals. I use liquid Kyolic garlic on animals. It is the standard treatment I use on any sick animals. When my chickens were ill, I gave them garlic. I put garlic on their feed on a daily basis.

Why do I use the Kyolic brand of  garlic?  

I feel it is the most effective brand of garlic with clinical studies to back up its effectiveness. 

Here below is an explanation of their method, "  Kyolic Liquid is Organic. Kyolic Liquid begins with time-tested organic farming techniques. Organic cultivation is essential to grow naturally balanced garlic bulbs. Kyolic liquid is rich is essential nutrients, free from pesticides or herbicides.

Kyolic Liquid is the Original Liquid Formula. Kyolic originated with a liquid formula Aged Garlic Extract over 40 years ago. Kyolic is the world's best-selling garlic supplement. One of the benefits of the liquid form is that it is absorbed and assimilated by the body faster than other forms.

Kyolic Liquid is Standardized with SAC. Kyolic is the only product standardized with SAC (S-allyl cysteine), a water-soluble compound naturally derived from garlic. It's the SAC in Aged Garlic Extract that assures the high quality of Kyolic Liquid.Kyolic Kocktail: Add one half teaspoon Kyolic Liquid Aged Garlic Extract to 8 oz of your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.Stir Kyolic into a glass of juice. Add ice cubes, lemon juice to taste and your favorite garnish. Kyolic Liquid is the Unique Aged Garlic Extract.

The organically grown garlic cloves undergo a unique natural aging process to bioconvert harsh and odoriferous crude compounds, such as allicin, into stable and beneficial ones. This process guarantees no garlic odor. Kyolic is the only true Aged Garlic Extract produced without heat through an exclusive 20-month aging process. Aged Garlic Extract is the antioxidant form of garlic according to in vitro tests."

Kyolic garlic comes in the form of powder in capsule form, liquid extract enclosed in caps, or liquid extract that you put into water, V-8 juice, or grape juice. I prefer the extract in juice.  The extract or powder could be used on a wound. You can also take mashed, fresh garlic and apply to a wound. Fresh garlic can be quite uncomfortable on a raw wound but it is very potent. Some people experience stomach distress when taking raw, fresh garlic. It is interesting to note that in many foreign countries such as Russia and Italy, garlic is eaten raw all the time. So test a little out first to make sure your stomach can handle it. I would not suggest eating raw garlic on your way to work either. It can turn away friends and customers. I make chicken soup overwhelmed with garlic when the family is sick. If you don't eat meat, make vegetarian broth smothered with onions and garlic. Drink the broth throughout the day. When you are sick, you should not be kissing or getting close with others anyway, so if your breathe smells, no one cares.  If you have to work while sick, use the Kyolic garlic because it will not cause your breathe to smell.

Garlic is indicated with colds, flu, respiratory infections, wounds, sores, and fungal infections.  If you have a sore throat, I would use the liquid extract. Put a teaspoon in your mouth and gargle with the solution, holding the garlic in your mouth for a few minutes, then swallow it. This also works for mouth and gum infections. It does not taste bad.  If you have a gum infection, pack some garlic powder paste around the infected gum area.  Take it internally as well several times a day.

For general infections such as a cold, I would take several teaspoons or caps a day. Three to four times daily is needed to keep the infection from gaining ground.  Take is when the cold begins until you are fully well, without symptoms.

For a wound, take the powder or liquid and place into or over the wound area. Apply the garlic often until the wound is well. This should be applied several times a day. Make sure you wash the wound first and keep a bandage over it until it heals some.

For a fungal skin infection, saturate the area with liquid garlic or make a garlic paste. Apply over days or weeks until it is gone. Garlic is very effective for Candida infections or thrush. Fungal infections can take a long time to get corrected. Externally they can be stubborn. Internally Candida infections gets entrenched into the system and gut. Along with garlic, you need to cut out all sugar and carbs. These foods feed the Candida yeast organism. This is a normal organism found in the gut flora, that overwhelms the body when certain factors such as a high sugar diet are present. HIV is another disease where fungal infections are present. If you have been on a round of antibiotic therapy, you are subject to a systemic yeast infection in the future. Probiotics are important during the treatment. Men get Candida infections as well. One of the symptoms is a thick white coating on the surface of the tongue. You will see that in hospital patients after antibiotics. There are many symptoms that occur with a systemic Candida infections that are misdiagnosed as other health problems.

For animals give small doses  frequently.  I use the liquid extract. The liquid Kyolic garlic comes in a bottle that has a hard plastic cap that dispenses the liquid. You can use it directly into their mouth. This is especially easy to use with cats and other animals that are uncooperative during treatment. Be sure not to use that same bottle with other animals or people. You could also use a plastic syringe sold for that purpose. The syringe is minus the needle. The severity of the illness dictates the amount you use and how long you take it. It is important with all herbs to take enough herb to secure the desired effect.  Taking a dose several times a day, keeps it in your blood steam killing the bad bugs.

Garlic is also good for heart health, circulation, healthy cholesterol, healthy blood sugar, and immune function.  It is an amazing herb! Again the brand you buy is very important. There is a lot of junk garlic supplements sold in the stores. Some of it has no medicinal value because of the method by which it was processed. It is easy to grow so try some this spring. When all else fails, use the chicken broth smothered with onions and garlic treatment. Do not use onions with dogs, it is not good for them. I hope this helps your understanding of the king of natural, antibiotic herbs-garlic.

Next column will address Oregano, the second herb of choice when I am sick.
God bless you all.
Kate Freer, The herbladyisin

Update: We now live in Indian Mound, TN as of 1-15-2015

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