Friday, November 2, 2012

93 Year Old Body Builder .....His Secret for Youth

I read a wonderful story about a man today, Dr. Charles Eugster, in Britain who at 87 decided he wanted to be healthy. At 87 this retired dentist found himself overweight and his health slowly going downhill. So he joined a gym and hired a former Mr. Universe to train him.  He admits he is vane with humor. Now at 93 he can do more push ups than most of us in record time.  He says he is going after sexy 70 year old women...he wants a mate. He also wants to make sure that they know he is going to be alive for a few more years.  He works out three to four times a week.  This is pretty impressive for a man who did not start his exercise program until 87. At 87 most seniors are in wheel chairs or using a walking stick.  I have met in my life three people like him, one being a Seventh Day Adventist deacon.  Everyday he rode his bike several miles, then jumped in his pool for a lap or two.  He was 85 and had the energy and vitality of a man half his age.  You don't have to grow old and end up in a nursing home.  What are the qualities of these people?

Attitude: They are positive and think young. They see age as a blessing not an excuse to throw in the towel. They often hang out with younger people and are extremely active socially and in business. They work their mind at every opportunity. They live life to the fullest.

Laughter:  One of the factors in longevity is laughter. People who live a healthy long life know how to laugh. They know how to have fun and see the fun side of life. They laugh often and long. Comediennes like Bob Hope lived their life laughing and making others laugh right up to the time they died. Learn to see the lighter side of things. I say this as a serious German who did not know how to smile until I was grown. I was so serious even as a child, it was awful. I carried the world on my shoulders as a young child. It was not until I went to work along side a night crew shift in Alpha Beta at 21, that I learned to smile. I still have to work at the lighter side. I wish my mother who was serious as well, would have married an Irish man. His humor would have balanced out my mother's serious side. As it was, I got a double dose of serious in my personality. My husband who is always joking about everything has mellowed me. I had a short fuse for a long time at being teased. Now I even get him back at times. I no longer get upset. He has been great to balance my too-serious nature. It is healthy to laugh and joke. If you are too serious, as I was, learn to laugh. Learn how to have fun. It does not come naturally to all of us. It is important for a long healthy life. It also helps you to have more friends and to be more fun to be around. Laughter is worth cultivating!

Eating Healthy: This is so important for longevity.  You have choices....healthy or later drugs, wheelchairs, and walkers.  The longer you can avoid these options the better.  My father-in-law plays golf at 87. He only plays 9 holes at times, but he plays three times a week. It is his hobby, his life blood, and is keeping him going. Even though he drinks a bit too much, eats the wrong things at times, he overall is in better shape than most his age. He is a tough retired commander who I love.

Being Tough: This quality helps one to survive heart attacks, surgery, and other health events that would put most people in the grave or a rest home. This toughness plays out in a shorter recovery period and a better quality of life.  I have taken care of a few of them. They defy the odds, the doctors, and the insurance stats.

Physical Exercise:  It is needed to live a long, healthy life!  Even if you start older, it is better than never, always.  Physical exercise helps prevent Alzheimer's and other memory problems. Walk yourself, your neighbor, your husband, your kids, or your goats.....just walk! 

Mental Exercise: Use your brain as in cross word puzzles, games, and other activities that promote memory and brain activity.  This blog and research helps me to keep my brain sharp! My husband plays bridge online.  Whatever it takes, to get you there!

If you want a feel good story in a sea of negative, nasty election articles, go visit this article and video

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Merck Pays $220 Million In Drug Fraud Lawsuit

 How drug companies make money on your death!

 Merck is another example of how drug companies and the doctors who pimp for them, cost the lives of Americans. These companies hide research data on side effects and life threatening adverse reactions such as doubling the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

 Vioxx prescribed for arthritis was taken off the market in 2004 but has not had to pay up until now. The $220 million is only a drop in the bucket to what they made in profit off the sale of that drug.  That profit was made on the backs of people who suffered heart attacks and strokes as a side effect....deaths occurred as well.  So they were suffering from arthritis but ended up with a heart attack, stroke, or dead.  The drug doubled their risk to die!

The FDA is also responsible for people deaths as it runs these drugs through the approval system without the proper time and due diligence to make sure the drug is safe. 

How are the doctors to blame? Doctors know, these drugs time and time again are taken off the market several years later for their lethal side effects.   They receive money for pushing these drugs on you!   Many of these doctors make from $50,000 to $100,000 a year lecturing on the benefits of these drugs in medical schools and physician training seminars.

There are OTHER alternative therapies to solve health problems!

They should be sending them to a nutritionist to help them adopt a preventive approach but it is so easy instead to prescribe them drugs. 

Fraud in Drug Research is rampant and a disgrace in this country!

Drug research even when it is carried out properly is only carried for a few weeks under controlled circumstances with controlled patients.  The drugs lethal effects on the heart, kidneys, and other organs takes place over weeks or months. It slowly weakens how the organ works or it causes abnormalities in the function.  Most patients are on several drugs, often on more than one drug for the same illness. These side effects are potentated with the patient taking several drugs. Side effects on top of side effects.  These drugs also create nutritional deficiencies in the patient as well.  This in turn has an effect on the balance in the body and how the organs work. Whole systems become imbalanced with these drugs.  It is a vicious lethal-death causing cycle.  You need to understand that drugs and multiple drugs shorten your life often. They may solve one problem while creating 5 more just as serious problems. Often drugs cause personality changes including thoughts of killing yourself or others.  Almost every serial killer has been on prescription drugs for mental illness.  The drugs often make the patient worse not better. There is therapy but drug treatment is cheaper. 
Insurance companies are taking the easy way out. Doctors are taking the easy way out.....a drug versus preventive therapy and nutrition.  It is not the easy way in the long run.

I challenge you to think about what I have written in this blog. If you want to try a different approach than drugs, find a holistic doctor who can monitor your progress. He will also help you with the right alternative approach to your illness.  I have a physician directory on my website to help you find a holistic doctor in your area. The page is HERE. 

Here is the article from today's headlines Here

God bless you all.....Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Shade or Sun Drying Methods Are Not Effective Methods for Drying Moringa Leaves.

This question comes up a lot in emails. It is one of the most important questions you can ask.  Often a company will not tell you.  Most companies shade dry their product. This is why our product is not sun or shade dried. You need to know how your product is prepared.  This information can be researched in the book, 21st Century Greens: Leaf Vegetables in Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture

 The author is an expert on how to dry herbs and plants to retain the most nutritional value.

Traditional Sun Drying Method Problems
There are many problems when Moringa leaves are sun dried. Chlorophyll is reduced in the process. Sun drying  destroys Vitamin A and Vitamin C levels.  Folic Acid, B1, B2 are among the nutrients lost by sun drying. That is just fact.

If it is not dried in a clean place safe from flies, gnats, bugs, and have contamination again by these elements.

 It your Moringa powder brown? It should be green.

Shade Drying Method Problems:

Shade drying takes place over a week to 10 days.

Unless the shade drying area is in a clean, enclosed building, this process may subject the leaves to bugs, rodents, animals, dust, and disease.

Even in shade drying, there is enough sunlight to destroy some Vitamin A in the leaves.

The drying over days subjects the leaves to mold, mildew, bacteria, and salmonella.  Read about is on page 85 of his book.

Unless the shelves it is dried on are properly cleaned and disinfected, each shipment could contaminate the next batch of leaves.

Shade drying offers many problems and is not the healthiest way to dry herbs or Moringa leaves.

What is the best way to dry Moringa leaves to preserve their nutrients?

In his book, he states drying should take place in a special solar oven, oven in a clean facility or house, or dehydrator under low temperatures ( less than 130 degrees) and over a short time of several hours not days.
Excessive heat will also kill the nutrients in the powder. Page 84 in his book. I have read this elsewhere as well.

The cleanliness of the oven is extremely important for the quality of the product. How the oven is cleaned, by what method, is one important factor.

Chemicals to clean the oven can end up in the product.

Most of the India companies have told me they shade dry their product. This buildings often are open and dirty.  

Many of the companies do not have commerical equipment and methods for washing and drying the product. 

You need to have clean conditions for holding the plant material, storing the plant material, and while drying and packaging the Moringa Leaves.  That is why most companies gamma irradiate the product before sale.

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