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Winter Temps Are Here- Growing Moringa In the House Update

The largest of the Moringa Trees that are not in 33 gal containers in the laundry room/green house experiment. I trimmed them this week as well.  There are more by another window in this room.

Well Tuesday marks the first predicted freeze. It will freeze three days in a row. This is about the time is happened last year as well.  There is a lot here to do in Nevada to prepare for winter. . In the summer here you must open up the chicken and rabbit house so that it does not get too hot.  Now today we had to go in and make it warmer for the animals. I treat my livestock well.  I sleep better at night knowing they are well taken care of.

The goats get a heating element attached to their metal water trough. It keeps the water from freezing. Last year, it did not run up the electric bill much.  They also have a stall with warm hay inside. 

The rabbits have a big shed plus fenced outside area. Inside the shed is two dog houses for the cold nights. They also have angora coats to keep them warm. 

The rabbits and chickens get heated water bowls. I do have heat lamps if we have a severe winter
 The chicken house was originally designed as a green house, so the chickens have a great house for the winter. The building was then turned into a shed. It is ideal because it has light that comes in through the roof, heavy wood walls, a window or two in the sides that can be opened or closed depending on the time of year.  The door going into it does not however have a hinged door.  So I rigged up a heavy duty tarp across the door opening with some room for them to go in at the bottom. This is taken off in the summer, to cool it down. Their roost has hay to help keep their feet warm. 

The only ones not taken care of yet is the ducks. They roam the property and hang out under some trees. I built them an enclosure which they seem to be afraid of. They don't want to be confined even it its warmer in there.  We will see when the cold hits on Tuesday if they will use it or not. The only other solution is running them into the chicken coop. I have tried that several evenings but they split up in one than one direction. Since I am alone with Marty gone at work when it gets dark.....that does not get them in.  Originally they would go in by themselves but have decided they don't want to be penned in. There are 20 of them to herd in. They have eaten the weeds, the bugs, and have been invaluable to keep the area weed free. The chickens help too.  Their water enriched with duck do, is dumped underneath the elm trees every day. Those particular elm trees grew the fastest. They were half dead when we moved here because the house had been vacant for a long time. The duck water also was great for the garden. Diluted it never burned the plants.  So we still have a duck dilemma until I figure it out.

One patio Tomato, one aloe, one Pau d'arco, and several baby Moringa trees in the laundry room.

The Moringa Experiment......

I have observed that the Moringa trees in our spare bedroom-laundry room are still growing slowing. I have also noticed it is warmer there and is getting some sun. So we moved all but the 33 gal Moringa trees into that room.  I set up a humidifier and heater set to 70 degrees. This room can more easily be heated and filled with moist warm air.  We also brought in the two patio tomatoes with a ton of green tomatoes on them. At least we can keep the plants alive until the current fruit gets ripe.  I hope this experiment will show, that I can keep the Moringa trees growing, even if it is slowly all winter. The ones in the laundry room have not gone dormant. They will also get the warmth from the dryer and the wall heater which serves the office, bedroom, and laundry room. There is one in the living room under the grow lights that is still growing as well.  The biggest ones, are  so tall, it makes it difficult to put a grow light on. There are so very heavy that my husband and I cannot move them by ourselves. Originally we paid two big strong kids to move them in from the U Hall.  When you take 33 gallon trash cans then fill them with potting soil, you have a lot of weight. They may just have to stay where they are. It gets sun but will be hard to heat. There is no central heater in the living room.

So we will see how this works. I have about 10 trees from babies to several 3 footers in the laundry room.

I hope by next year to have enough experience growing them in cold areas, to be able to give you more concrete advice. I am still experimenting to see what will work and what will not.  A greenhouse, unless it is heated, will not keep them from freezing in very cold areas. In mild areas like Southern California  you may get away without heat.  The cold winds which started back up here today, will also destroy the trees.  I see them as a survival tree and so to me it is important to figure out how to keep them going through the winter. One woman suggested Christmas led lights around the trees. That is an interesting idea since the Christmas season is almost here. That is not going to save them outside in cold areas. 

So will show you pictures as we go along.  This will be a long winter. On the plus side, we moved here to Stagecoach from Mina....which mostly had disadvantages. There is beauty here in Stagecoach with a million dollar view of the mountains. The area is cheap to live in, inexpensive water, close to civilization if you need it, and we have over an acre of land to our self.  We pay for a house and land, what many are paying for a one bedroom apt in some cases.  This house is $600 for over 1800 sq feet and it is in good shape with a new roof....there are reasons to live in the remoter areas. The neighbors are five star as well.  Our pet sitter lives on one side of our property and will milk the goats later, if we needed to be gone....We are greatly blessed this year! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Help- My Moringa Tree Seems to Be Dying

These are not this years trees. These are the originals from California, then taken to Nevada. They did well until they froze.   These trees were also much older...two they were much, much bigger.

This is in answer to an email I got.  Your Moringa may be dying but more likely it is shutting down for the year. Unless you live in Florida or Hawaii, your weather is cooling down. They thrive and grow at temperatures over 70 degrees min.  Mine are hardly growing here with the temps at night down to 40. I have a few with leaves that are finished. I have two or three growing a little.  Even to grow them in the house, you must have sunlight or grow lights. You must have the house warm.

Other Factors:   Is the tree soil too wet? They HATE soggy soil and wet roots.  You can kill them easily giving them too much water.

Sunlight:  They have to have sunlight to grow well.  Grow lights is the only other option.

Temperature:  Moringa is a tropical tree that normally grows in places like the the Philipines, Asia, Africa.  They don't like winter....temps under 70 degrees. They freeze and die.  Above freezing they go dormant, look dead, but are not.  It will take the warmth of summer for them to start growing again. Do not give up on them because they look dead. If the root ball is firm, they should come out of it. If the the root ball is soggy, mushy....they rotted.

Humidity: They grow better in more humid areas. We live in Nevada with no immunity and so that is a problem.

Container:  Keep them in a small container and they will die. They are a tree and need at least a 20 gal container for best results. One gallon or 5 gal containers will not hold them happily after they are three feet tall.  They have a deep, large root system. The container is better that is deeper rather than wider. Make sure the container drains well. Make sure the soil drains well. Clay soil that holds water will kill the tree. Drainage....drainage.....keep that on the top of your list for factors.

Mulch: Wet mulch will rot the root. Believe me I learned that the hard way. Mulching them in the winter in wet areas, keeps the mulch wet over the rots.

Wrapping the Bark:   Do not wrap the trunk to keep it from freezing. It rots the bark underneath. I tried that as well and it does not work.

Fertilizer: they love organic stuff not Miracle Grow.   Give them rich organic fertilizer.

White Spots on leaves: They are telling you they are not getting their ideal environment.  

If you raising them anywhere but Florida, Hawaii, Southern may get failure to thrive problems.  You will just have to experiment with your area and climate on raising them.  It is not easy. This is our first year of growing them totally in the house. The experiment here in Nevada is not done. We have winter to go through.  I have to see how they come back up next year.  Right now mine are shutting down....

All for now, Kate Freer, The herbladyisin
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Downplayed Dark Side of Drugs such as Plavix

Learn About alternatives to Plavix

 We got an email from a family member who just experienced By-Pass surgery. He had 3 blocked arteries. The operation went well but one of the several drugs he was prescribed is giving him great pain. Plavix is more likely the problem medication. What is Plavix for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.

Now there are many patients who do not experience many side effects while using Plavix. I feel drugs should be used as the last step, not the first step in prevention. Diet and life style changes should come first. Herbs should be tried first in preventive therapy.  When it is known that the arteries are becoming compromised, when there is time to undo the damage due to life style habits, if there is genetic links to heart disease or blood clots.....early in the game....turn on the preventive measures.

It is a too late, when in the middle of a heart attack or clot.  When your bleeding out internally, dying within minutes, it is too late. I think all patients who are smoking and eating to obesity should all watch a patient dying of a heart the patient in the emergency room as they try to save his or her life.  There needs to be a shock given to these patients before they destroy their arteries.

"What is Plavix

Plavix has active ingredients of clopidogrel bisulfate. It is used in stent, blood clots, heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease. Common side effects of Plavix include heart attack, weakness, chest pain, breathing difficulty, nausea."

Note: it is given to patients to prevent a heart attack, yet it can cause a heart attack and some of the same symptoms associated with a heart attack.  Does that sound rational to prescribe a medicine to prevent a heart attack that can cause one?

Muscle pain associated with Plavix

It is a common side effect of Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, Aspirin, Baycol. Muscle pain can be treated by Flexeril, Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride, Ibuprofen,""
I am quoting the family email  with the mistakes in spelling, but taking his name out,

"This drug is making ------- into glass. The nerve glands appears to be attacked w/ this drug. I've read the side effects, the pharmacist and I clearly pointed at Plavix. This can cause Muscloskele (spelling)symptoms, not permanent like those are meant for as disease. He stopped taking Plavix today n trying to flush this drug out w/ H20.  Tmw I'm looking for replacement drug while Buddy is bed-ridden for 5th day. He can't move his legs due to acute pain at #10. I can't even move the bed or else the "Green Hulk" speaks again, crazy..  Keep u posted further on --------- progress. This ill-effects is from post heart surgery prescriptions. His heart n surgery is great but not the medicines.    Love-Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile"

It is Plavix that is causing the pain? Good question since he is on several drugs after the operation. The problem is when taking multiple drugs, that the side effects can be potentated. There are no drug studies on the side effect problems from multiple drug interactions. Since your tolerance to these drugs is individualized, there is no way to tell who will experience side effects, to what extent, and how the combination of different drugs affects the individual.   But muscle pain is one of the chief common side effects on Plavix along with headaches, 

 Here is a graph on the muscle pain part of the side effects from Plavix:  His family member is over 70 years.

Age of people who have Muscle pain when taking Plavix * :

Muscle pain0.00%0.17%0.08%0.00%1.68%6.80%20.47%70.81%

Severity of Muscle pain when taking Plavix * :

leastmoderateseveremost severe
Muscle pain0.00%50.00%40.00%10.00%

How people recovered from Muscle pain * :

while on the drugafter off the drugnot yet
Muscle pain0.00%0.00%100.00%

Is Plavix worth the side effects? Will taking it really cut down on deaths? Not so according to several studies, "

"New research is raising doubts about the usefulness of Plavix in preventing a recurrent stroke.  According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the combination of Plavix and aspirin is no better at preventing second strokes in people who’ve suffered a previous lacunar stroke compared to aspirin alone.  The addition of Plavix to an aspirin regimen also upped the likelihood of serious gastrointestinal bleeding and death, according to the study."

" Another Plavix lawsuit has been filed on behalf of 64 Plavix patients who allege bleeding side effects. Plavix (clopidogrel) is a blood thinner prescribed for the prevention of blood clots and heart attacks, and has been linked to serious side effects, such as the heart attacks and strokes it is supposed to prevent, as well as gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding ulcers, cerebral bleeding, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), and other problems."

'However, Plavix has also been linked to serious side effects, including gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebral hemorrhaging, heart attacks, strokes and death at an increasingly alarming rate. Another complications reported among people taking Plavix include TTP a condition which is marked by small clots through the entire circulatory system. In April 2005, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) updated the Plavix label to warn that rare reports of TTP had been associated with its use, sometimes after only a short exposure (less than two weeks).'

Folks there are herbal blood thinners. I take them daily because I have a genetic weakness for clots. I do not have a bad heart however. My heart is fine. My blood pressure is fine.

Research Hawthorne berries and cayenne...and its effects on the heart and arteries. I have never taken a prescription blood thinner.  I am 61 with my first blood clot occuring in my leg in 1983. I have had several since then, taken care of by herbs. You need to take the herbs before your arteries are so blocked you are in the emergency room.  You need to take steps to prevent that.  Read the Warnings on using herbal medicine for blood clots at the end of this blog. Do not stop reading this article until you read the warnings!

Oral Chelation is another option and a good one.  Look up oral chelation in the alternative medicine sites not the standard medicine sites.   

Fish Oil:   Visit Dr. Johnathan Wright's site where he talks about Fish oil to thin the blood here

 "Heart rhythm disturbances, reduce the risk of sudden death

An editorial in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that increasing dietary omega-3 fatty acids, and decreasing omega-6 fatty acids, found in plant seed oils such as corn, safflower, and sunflower, is a way to reduce the risk of sudden death from irregular heart rhythms or heart attacks. 

"One cause of sudden death is ventricular fibrillation, in which the heart contracts in a fast and chaotic rhythm that makes it unable to pump blood to the rest of the body. A number of factors including cigarette use, fasting, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or heart attack can trigger the release of fatty acids from adipose tissue. Fats that we eat are stored in adipose (fat) tissue. When these fats are released from their storage sites, they become free fatty acids. But not all fatty acids are equal in their propensity to cause arrhythmias. High levels of omega-6 fatty acids may encourage arrhythmias if their levels aren’t balanced by omega-3 fatty acids.
Fish oil could potentially save more lives than cardiac defibrillators. 

A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, October 2006, tried to estimate the potential public health impact of raising adults' omega-3 levels with fish oil supplements. Using a computer-simulated community of 100,000 Americans and data from past medical studies, the researchers calculated that raising omega-3 levels would save 58 lives each year. This amounts to a 6 percent total death reduction -- mostly by preventing sudden cardiac death in apparently people, according to the study authors, led by Dr. Thomas E. Kottke of the Heart Center at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Even if automated external defibrillators (AEDs) were available in every home and public area, the devices would lower a community's annual death rate by less than 1 percent. If fish oil is as effective against fatal heart arrhythmias as evidence suggests, it would have more widespread benefits than either AEDs or implanted defibrillators."


Magnesium plays an important role in preventing blood clots and keeping the blood thin by directly influencing platelet aggregation. Magnesium works in similar fashion to aspirin but without the negative side effects or drug interactions, as cited in "The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, and Herbs," by Nicola Reavley. Magnesium also promotes relaxation of blood vessels, which can increase blood oxygenation by improving cardiac contractibility.


Over many decades, Garlic (Allium sativum) is believed to have several cardiovascular benefits, such as blood pressure lowering, cholesterol lowering, and anti-stroke activity. Additionally, garlic oil can also reduce blood coagulation. 
A researcher had indicated that when essential garlic oil was mixed with blood samples from healthy individuals, cells were less likely to clump together (coagulate) in a laboratory setting. Although there had been no documented reports of any serious interaction effects when taking both Coumadin and garlic, studies had implied that a serious reaction might be possible. 


According to Cayenne Pepper Guide, cayenne is used from everything from low blood pressure to reducing HDL from the body. Cayenne has capsicum in it that thins the blood and improves circulation. Taken internally on food or in capsules, cayenne purges toxins from the system and reduces inflammation.

Coenzyme Q10

"Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound made naturally in the human body, plant and animals. This compound is involved in electron transport and may be a free-radical scavenger, an antioxidant and a potent membrane stabilizer. CoQ10 is highly reputed for treating heart disease patients. It can also help to stabilize high blood pressure and angina."  Dr. Lam's site

How to proceed to use alternative medicine instead of drugs......... Important to Read

If you have heart problems or have had bypass surgery, do not undertake alternative medicine without seeing a holistic doctor first. You need a holistic doctor to follow your health and surgery.  You must have supervision to know if you are taking enough of the herb and the right herbal combination.  This is extremely important to follow.  I am talking about a HOLISTIC DOCTOR!   If you go to my website, you will find a directory with links to do just that.....find a holistic doctor.

Find Links to Holistic doctors here on my site. 

DO NOT take herbal blood thinners and prescription blood thinners together. The herbs will potentiate the effects.........


Do not go off your prescription medicines without the supervision of a holistic doctor. The side effects of going off drugs, cold turkey, without a doctor's supervision could be fatal.  This is one area where going it on your own is dangerous and could be fatal unless you have expertise in that field.  

I hope this blog encourages you to investigate alternatives to Plavix and why you need to prevent a visit to the emergency room for clogged arteries.  That is the key.....PREVENTION.   

Do the work on exercise, your diet, your stress level to prevent a bypass and heart attack.  It is prevention or the alternative is death, drugs, and a lower quality of life for the rest of your life. 

God Bless you all....Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin, ....medical researcher

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Moringa, Its Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

One of my readers who lives in Asia, commented that they have seen the value of Moringa is those diagnosed with cancer. One of the reasons that Moringa leaves help cancer patients is because of the exceptional nutrition that feeds the many systems of the body including the immune system. You cannot get sick or get cancer without an immune system problem. We are surrounded by germs every minute of our life. We are around people who are sick. We handle money and phones infected with strep, staph, and other bacteria and viruses. We do not get sick because our immune function, as God created it, works.  When we do get ill it is because our body is not well enough to fight it off.

Nutrition is one important factor in immune health. The majority of Americans who exist on fast food, processed foods, and junk food do not give our body the proper ingredients to support healthy immune function. That is the glaring truth. Just look at the obesity and diabetes problems that are rampant. It has been said by many doctors and researchers, that if we fed our body properly, we could avoid at least 50% of the illness and disease out there. So looking at that statement, how does Moringa fit in.

Moringa leaves contain 46 antioxidants, trace minerals, vitamins, all essential amino acids, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and so much more. Moringa leaves are full of easily utilized nutrition and antioxidants. When you supplement with Moringa leaves fresh, caps, are giving your body what your diet is probably missing.  What is more important, in a form that it can take in and use.  That is why in AIDS projects, they
give these patients who are wasting away from infections associated with AIDS, Moringa leaves. Moringa does not cure AIDS but helps feed their compromised body. The nutrition in the leaves help to build up and support the stricken immune system, helps them to gain strength, and gain weight. It helps them to live longer with more fight. The immune system was designed by our creater to keep us healthy against the onslaught of all the diseases and germs. It works well most of the time, when given support.

Are there any medical properties in Moringa Leaves proven to help against cancer?

There have not been a lot of studies on Moringa and its effect on cancer cells. There is some research evidence to show Moringa's role in Cancer prevention and treatment. This next excerpt is from the Trees Of Life Research page, "

"Cancer Prevention. Since Moringa species have long been recognized by folk medicine practitioners as having value in tumor therapy (61), we examined compounds [1] and [2] for their cancer preventive potential (39). Recently, [1] and the related compound [3] were shown to be potent inhibitors of phorbol ester (TPA)-induced Epstein-Barr virus early antigen activation in lymphoblastoid (Burkitt’s lymphoma) cells (57,104). In one of these studies, [3] also inhibited tumor promotion in a mouse two-stage DMBA-TPA tumor model (104). In an even more recent study, Bharali and colleagues have examined skin tumor prevention following ingestion of drumstick (Moringa seedpod) extracts (12). In this mouse model, which included appropriate positive and negative controls, a dramatic reduction in skin papillomas was demonstrated. "

The next quote is from Memorian Sloan-kettering Institute who have done some extensive research on Moringa. " Article on Moringa health properties research from which below quote was taken from:
"Mechanism of Action
Moringa oleifera exhibits anticancer effects via apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells (3) (4) and by inhibiting NF-kappaB (5). In an animal model, MO extract helped prevent chemical-induced tumor formation by increasing glutathione activity (6). The antioxidant (7) (8), hypolipidemic and antiatherosclerotic activities are thought to help prevent cardiovascular diseases (9). MO also showed hepatoprotective effects (10) and protected the liver from acetaminophen toxicity by maintaining glutathione level (11). MO can reduce blood glucose levels (12) which suggests hypoglycemic effects. The fiber content of the leaves can mediate quercetin-3-glucoside to improve glucose tolerance (7). The phenolic glycosides from the fruit show anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting nitric oxide (13). Compounds isolated from roots also have anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects and may benefit those with arthritis (14). The ethanolic seed extract demonstrated immunosuppressive/anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting leukocyte and splenocyte (15) and by inhibiting histamine release from mast cells (16). It also reduced airway inflammation suggesting it may have benefit as asthma treatment (17). The phenolic components of MO may be responsible for its antisickling activities (37)."

The main evidence concerning Moringa and cancer is probably in its Native use over centuries. When something works for a ailment, you use it over and over. When a herbal plant remedy does not work, Natives try another herb plant. By the use of experience and observation, Native people learned what worked.  This is how herbal medicine gained its evidence...on humans who were sick. There were no prescriptions, only herbs. By the way, there are hundreds of drugs that are based on herbs. The problem is in the native plant there are properties that help soften the harsher elements of that plant. Modern labs take the main active property, concentrate it, and make it many times stronger than the original plant.  That is why whole herbs remedies have few side effects as compared to drugs.  The plant is balanced with harsher properties and others that soften those properties.

I am sure, as research is performed on Moringa leaves, that the cancer preventive properties will be shown with more concrete evidence.  If I had cancer I would include several generous portions of  Moringa leaves daily but would supplement with herbs such as Turmeric with an abundance of research that proves its Cancer benefits. I would also take Ezzeac with Cats Claw as well.

In my opinion, Moringa is one important part of the program.  Diet changes such as green drinks, fresh vegetable juice, getting rid of processed foods, caffeine, sugar, white flour, and junk food would be extremely important to extend your life if nothing else. One of the factors in cancer is rejection, grief, pain, anger, and other negative emotions.  It is a known fact that the immune system is affected during grief. Often one spouse will die of cancer, within a year of the first one's death. They get depressed, their life is shattered and so is their immune system. They may not want to live with the other one dead. They lose the will to live and the body helps to execute that wish. Stress and grief, although emotional impact the whole body including the immune function.  So the state of your mind and heart is extremely important to your health and every function of your body.  Those of you who tend to hold it in and stuff your emotions, need to find a positive way to let that negative stuff out. It is bad for your health.

All for today, Kate Freer the Herbladyisin

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Kellogg's Recalls Mini-Wheat Cereal ! Glad I Don't Eat Them......

 Well here in America we not only have to worry about foreign food but food here as well. It seems we have another recall of cereal. This time it is not E-coli or other bacteria but metal mesh from the factory machinery. This recall applies to all box sizes nationwide.  You children or you could get heavy metal poisoning in the real...real metal mesh. If you kid says his cereal tastes wierd, take him seriously.  It will cost the company 30 million to recall the cereal which is no small change. If you want more details on the cereal being recalled go to the Kellogg’s company website.

When people ask me how do you know if the Moringa powder is safe? I ask you how do we know today if any thing we eat is safe. We assume it is, if produced in America but that is not true. There is recall after recall each month on something from produce to cereal. When you are producing millions of anything, you lose some control. Someone is not feeling well, didn't get enough sleep, has a hang over, is distracted worrying about losing their house, or if their check is going to bounce before they get paid. When ones mind is distracted, you make mistakes and we have recalls.  It may be due to the company cutting costs by cutting food safety. 

So you should be asking this question on everything you eat. Pay attention if it does not taste or smell right. Pay attention if you have stomach upset after eating a food, you normally have no trouble with. 

This is a short blog but important! Their cereal is pretty popular. 

Goodnight, Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

New Study: Turmeric Prevents Different Kinds of Cancers, Knee pain, and Inflammation.

Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help stabilize blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, help in arthritis, and beneficial to other diseases.  Research is now proving its effectiveness as a preventative in the development of cancer. There have been over 700 research studies on Turmeric. Its main active ingredient is Curcumin.

Turmeric has been proved effective in animal lab experiments to prevent and treat colon cancer, mammary cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer in rats, esophageal cancer and oral cancer. You will find this information in Dukes, Phytochemicals: Mechanisms of Action book.  James A. Duke, Phd. has published many books on herbs. He is well known and respected. He is an ethnobotanist and researcher. Many studies he has brought to light in his books shows that Turmeric out performs many of the prescription drugs used in chronic diseases. 

An new published research study by Ludwiz-Maximilians-Universitat in Munich, Germany shows how Turmeric inhibits the formation of metastases ( cancer that spreads throughout the body and tissues).

Bachmeier's Research  showed how curcumin reduced the formation lung metastases in animals with breast cancer.

Both prostate and breast cancer have at least one point in common.  In both cancers, latent or chronic inflammatory reactions are a large part of their growth.  Tumor cells in both kinds of cancer produce pre-inflammatory immunomodulators. This mean that inflammation is part of the puzzle in cancer development.

Curcumin decreases these pro-inflammatory immunomodulators and the metastasis. This applied to prostate cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer. These researchers feel that Curcumin should be included in cancer prevention protocols It should also be used to prevent cancers from metastasizing.

Turmeric is amazing with knee pain, arthritis, and other inflammatory health problems: 

These researches state that a daily intake of 8 grams of curcumin is safe and its anti-inflammatory properties has been proved over the years in Ayurvedic medicine. My husband and I take Turmeric with Bromelain daily. The combination of both Turmeric and Bromelain helps your body to absorb the Turmeric more effectively. We buy it on Amazon. It is an extremely effective formulation. It is amazing for knee pain. I have bad knees from a car accident and my husband from 30 years as a mail carrier. How do we know it is working on the knee pain? When we have been out it several times, the knee pain began to come back after two or three days. It it one of the important herbs in our daily regimen. It also helps reduce the pain he has developed in his hands since going to work as a checker. The constant act of scanning products caused the pain in his hands to go up to 7. It is now down to one and he is doing the job 38 hours a week with some 8 hour days. He did not have pain in his hands before he took the job.

The article and study is here at this link on

Alzheimer's: Another article on shows how Turmeric helps to prevent  Alzheimers . Turmeric "blocks the formation of beta-amyloid, the substance responsible for the plaques that slowly obstruct cerebral function in Alzheimer's disease."

Arthritis:  " Turmeric contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds, including six different COX-2-inhibitors (the COX-2 enzyme promotes pain, swelling and inflammation; inhibitors selectively block that enzyme). By itself, writes Duke, curcumin - the component in turmeric most often cited for its healthful effects - is a multifaceted anti-inflammatory agent, and studies of the efficacy of curcumin have demonstrated positive changes in arthritic symptoms."

Weight Loss :
"Dietary curcumin can stall the spread of fat-tissue by inhibiting new blood vessel growth, called angiogenesis, which is necessary to build fat tissue. Curcumin-treated groups have been found to have less blood vessel growth in fat tissue. Blood glucose, triglyceride, fatty acid, cholesterol and liver fat levels also were lower."

This is the Turmeric brand my husband and I have used for several years. You can find this at health food stores as well. I find it cheaper online even with shipping.  No matter where you buy it, I feel this is the most effective brand on the market. Brands with Turmeric only are not as well absorbed.  Again, there is a huge difference in the effectiveness of brands. There are a lot of junk herbs out there...not worth the money spent on them.

Quotes in this Article should be credited to the researcher below and the website,

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy  Please get familiar with the website
It is a great site to visit weekly to get the new research on herbs and herbal medicine.

Have a great Sunday evening. God Bless you all. Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin
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