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Why is Turmeric and other Herbal Cancer Fighting Therapies not Endorsed by Standard Medicine?

This question was sent in by a reader who uses Turmeric in his cancer prevention program.  I just talked to a young man who spent time in Peru with Shaman healers. He was studying Amazon plants in relation to health. He told me he witnessed amazing recoveries from cancer under these shaman doctors. I am going to present an interview with him on this blog for the future. He shared with me some amazing stories.

In other countries such as Japan, China, and Germany they are utilizing herbal medicine for many diseases including cancer. Often the best of both standard medicine and herbal medicine are used together to bring the patient to wellness. In Germany, most herbs can only be bought by prescription. They are expensive. The German drug companies control herbal production and sale in those countries. They also control the legal drugs as well.  They have been striving for years to control the herbal market in the US and other countries. Their organization they work through is CODEX and it is coming here as well. Laws are defeated every year, whose goal is to align our rights to buy vitamins with CODEX. Who would benefit? Drug companies, doctors, and pharmacies.

In China and India, they have been using herbal medicine for thousands of years. They are experts at using herbal medicine for both preventive medicine and in disease treatment. Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine go back to ancient times.

At one time both Acupuncture and Chiropractic were called quack therapies. Eventually, their effectiveness has been both proved and accepted. Some insurance companies even pay for the treatments. Their acceptance did not come quickly or easily. It came at a cost. Those doctors who treated with those therapies were ridiculed by their peers, called quacks, and after years of fighting for recognition, finally did get it.

It seems these alternative medicine therapies are only excepted when there is overwhelming evidence to their effectiveness...that cannot be ignored or shut down.  This is also true of standard medicine doctors, in their failure to change treatment protocols even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. An example is giving women synthetic estrogen that comes from horses urine. It was sold to women as the 'savior' for their hormonal problems.It did relieve symptoms but at a heavy cost-increased cancer rates. Even when the truth was known, doctors kept pushing women to take it.

It was not until there was overwhelming research evidence proving it as a serious causative factor in the development of breast cancer, that they finally stopped prescribing it for most women. How many women died from breast cancer because of the estrogen that doctors were pushing them to take....even after research that proved its cancer connection.   They did not want to admit they were wrong to thousands of women who trusted them. They would willing to cause death to women rather than admit they were wrong and there was evidence to prove it. The first goal of a doctor is to 'Do No Harm".

The overuse of antibiotics is another one. For years they pushed antibiotics for everything. I was told by doctors when my youngest was sick, that she could not become immune to the effects. They had no answer when she did not get well after many rounds of different antibiotics. They would not admit it even when there was evidence of systemic yeast infection in her little body. When all antibiotics had been tried they threw up their hands. I had already began my quest to find the answer for her health problems in herbs and homeopathy. Those in alternative medicine knew years before the damage that the overuse and abuse  of antibiotics causes. They saw it happening in patients that turned away from standard medicine and wanted their help to get well. I turned away from the doctors I worked for and believed in when it was clear their answers were wrong and were making her sicker. Yet, until there was overwhelming evidence years later that could not be suppressed, they continued the practice.  Standard medicine is focused on one viewpoint....there viewpoint, the use of surgery and drugs for every problem. Preventive medicine is taught by only a few enlightened doctors who have learned it on their own time.

Why is this so... you ask?
Why do they say there are no answers for cancer out there?
Why is Turmeric and Ezzeac and other cancer fighting herbs suppressed by the FDA, the AMA, and our trusted doctors?

Follow the money! Radiation and chemotherapy bring in huge sums of money to the doctors, surgeons, and other staff. Below is some cost averages from a report on the subject:

"A report prepared by the actuarial and consulting firm Milliman, using Medstat 2007 data , found that the average annual cost for chemotherapy drugs per user was US$ 22,353, based on a grouping of the ten common cancers where chemotherapy is a key treatment modality. They also found large regional differences, with high-utilizing regions averaging US$ 27,494 while low utilizing regions averaged US$ 17,212. Per patient per month costs for drugs ranged from $4,000 for colon cancer to $1,100 for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, with cost being dependant on the choice of drug therapies, number of lines of therapy, and the duration of each round of therapy."

The companies who sell the chemicals that are used in those therapies are getting rich and happy. The research companies who say there are no cures, get your donations. This supports the research companies and their employees.  There are a lot of money flowing into many pockets that would be hurt by the use of alternative medicine which is cheaper and less traumatizing to the patient and their body. They cannot make the money using herbal treatments that they do with these highly expensive chemo and radiation treatments.This is the truth folks.

The FDA and AMA have been bought out by the drug companies. They have powerful lobbyists in congress fighting to keep that power. It started in Germany years ago with companies like Bayer. Did you know that Bayre who sells you aspirin, was responsible for producing the gas that killed 6 million Jews.  They knew it was being used to kill the Jews but money was their object. It was very lucrative. The head of Bayer was put in prison for a few years after the war ended for his role in their death.  Years later, he got the company back and was in business again. There in a dirty history connected to most drug companies. This dirty history goes back the German drug companies and continues today. Research lab after lab is found guilty of fraud in their drug studies.

You need to Get This.........Drug companies do not care that they hide the research facts that show death and horrible side effects from their new drug....they are in the business to make money. Doctors get huge kickbacks for pushing the drugs from these companies. There are some doctors who make $50,000 and more per year doing just that. Below is an excerpt from one report on the subject:

"According to watchdog group ProPublica: “All told, 384 of the approximately 17,700 individuals in ProPublica’s physician database [of those on the take] earned more than $100,000 for their promotional and consulting work on behalf of one or more of seven companies in 2009 and 2010. Nearly all were physicians, but a handful of pharmacists, nurse practitioners and dietitians also made the list. Forty-three physicians made more than $200,000—including two who topped $300,000.”

According to a lawsuit by a former Cephalon sales manager, the company rewarded even bad speakers if they heavily prescribed Actiq, a narcotic lollipop for cancer pain relief. (Narcotic lollipop—now there’s an appropriate symbol!) On the other hand, “even good public speakers have been dropped by Cephalon if experience later showed that they did not themselves write substantial off-label prescriptions.” Cephalon pleaded guilty in 2008 to a misdemeanor count of selling misbranded drugs and paid $425 million in penalties, according to ProPublica. 

ProPublica says several of those medical experts had blemished records and questionable credentials. An article a year ago cited the case of Dr. Donald Ray Taylor, kicked off the staff at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia, just up the street from Life University."

Research it......It is all there. Your doctor benefits from pushing his patients to take drugs.  He makes money off these toxic cancer therapies. His staff and fellow doctors, researchers, and medical personnel make money treating you. They all would lose money using lesser expensive alternative herbs and therapies.  Then the undertaker makes a few thousand from your family as they bury you.

So why is Turmeric and other herbal cancer therapies suppressed? Money and Greed earned off your treatment and death. This is the hard, cold truth of the answer. How is it going to change for the better. God only knows.

It is up to you to educate yourself and research the information I have given you. It is up to you to take control of your health and the options you have for treatment. I personally stay as far away from the doctors as possible. When I have a health issue, I take care of it with alternative medicine. If I am unfamiliar with the subject, I research it until I find the answer. I involve the standard medicine profession, only as a emergency when I have no other choice. That has been on two main occasions: when I needed my teeth pulled after experiencing Mercury poisoning  and when I broke my ankle.  I had all three of my children naturally with my son being born at home. That was even before I got into alternative medicine. I might add that the doctor who delivered my son was Seventh Day Adventist. No matter what your opinion on their religion, they live nutrition and keeping the body as a healthy temple. They eat vegetarian and are some the healthiest people according to health insurance stats.

So don't depend on the government or your doctor to give you treatment options that are not influenced by money, greed, and power. It is not the way it is now!  You can say I am fanatic....research it honestly and you will learn I am right. They are books written by men who worked as drug reps. They blew the whistle on their companies and the fraud. The drug companies pay trillions in fines for their fraud and deception. But they made much more than the fines off the destruction of your health and life....they made money despite the fines.

I do pray that some of you who read this, actually take this information in and see the light. I can only do my best to show you the truth. If you choose to have a closed is your future and death.

Kate, The Herbladyisin, Medical researcher, writer and herbalist
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5 Reasons to Give Your Pets Moringa

In my last blog, I missed a point that is important. For those of you who know the benefits of eating Moringa, you know the answer.  However, there are many new readers to this blog who are not familiar with Moringa. They are still exploring the subject. So this is more for my readers who are new to Moringa.

Moringa is a super nutritious food which contains 46 antioxidants, 90 nutrients including high quality protein, calcium, trace minerals, iron, all essential amino acids and even iron.  So it is a valuable addition to your diet and your pets diet.

#1:  Most commercial pet foods are full of junk meat, meat by products, GMO corn, synthetic vitamins, and are poor quality. Even the better quality dog foods may be missing trace minerals and other needed nutrients. Any cooked dog food will not contain Vitamin C.  So you need to feed your pets Moringa to give them some of the nutrients their commercial food lacks. As you are eating corn for your meal, know that 90% of corn is GMO now.  We have taken corn out of our diet for that reason. Corn syrup is in almost every processed food you eat. You and your pet need to eat less processed foods!

#2:   Our pets often develop arthritis because of poor quality commercial food. Feeding them Moringa will help feed joints and muscles to help prevent this problem. The exceptional nutrients in Moringa will feed all the different organs and body systems to help your pet remain healthier for a longer time.

#3:  Moringa and its nutrition will help support your animal's immune system. This is important with winter coming on. Give them Moringa as a supplement for this reason if for no other.

#4:  Give your pets  Moringa to boost their energy. This applies especially to older animals. They need some extra support.

#5:  Pregnant or nursing animals benefit from a supplement of Moringa. It will help them produce more and better quality milk. The nutrients in Moringa will give the pregnant and nursing animals an extra boost. nutrition wise. to help them during the pregnancy and while they are feeding that litter of pups or kittens. This would apply as well for pregnant farm animals such as cows, goats, and pigs. 

Our pets are developing some of same diseases that humans have: obesity, arthritis, clogged arteries, and a general problem of poor nutrition.  This poor nutrition leads to diseases and dying before their time. Poor food and lack of exercise is killing our pets early.

I hope this gives you the answers on why both you and your pets need to supplement with Moringa.

Thanks for reading my blogs and for your support.

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Pet Rats- Pets In General: How Much Moringa Should I Give Them

A reader asked me this question, so I will try to answer it.  First of all Moringa is not a medicinal herb but a highly nutritious food. I give Moringa to all my animals either in the fresh form or powder. Each animal is different so you have to be creative and experiment in some cases. I think Cats and small dogs who are picky eaters are the most challenge.

Farm Animals:  I would feed my goats, rabbits, and chickens a lot more fresh Moringa leaves if I had enough. Since at this point I only have a few young trees, they get it as a treat. Next year when I have more Moringa and Comfrey leaves, they all will get more. Moringa leaves are great natural fodder for farm animals because of the protein and other nutrients. It would benefit goats and cows to give more and better milk quality. It would be great to give cows or goats who are nursing their young.  I am growing Moringa, Comfrey, Kale, and Swiss Chard  as alternative foods, in case of emergency, where their typical food it hard to come by. Moringa leaves are a survival food and should be kept on hard for your family as well.

Goats: I feed them either the fresh or dried Moringa leaves. I give them a handful. They also get Comfrey leaves as well as a treat. They love all of it. They also love squash and the finished squash leaves. I was amazed how much they love squash and the plant itself. 

Rabbits:  I give them a handful of either the fresh or dried leaves. There is not an easy way to give rabbits the powdered Moringa. I would have to make it into a pellet or biscuit form.  They eat vegetables, hay, Moringa leaves, Comfrey leaves, and other forage.

Chickens:  After looking at the ingredients, mostly GMO, in their laying pellets, I have been feeding them soaked dog food.  I infuse it with garlic and Moringa powder.  They will eat the fresh leaves too. The chickens seem to lay well, got well from being sick, and their feathers have grown back faster with the higher protein level. I do have to soak it first so it is soft.  The garlic helps their immune system and kills any internal paracites as well.   It has healthier ingredients than the lay pellets. 

Dogs:   I feed our dogs part lamb and rice dog food then add Moringa powder and Spirulina too. I would say I put in about a 1/2 tsp to a tsp of Moringa powder and mix it in.  It depends on how picky your dog is when he eats.  Some times I feed them rice, real meat, and the extras. Our Laso is as bad as a cat. It is hard to get him to eat anything but real chicken or hamburger along with rice. He has teeth missing in front so hard dog food is hard for him to eat.  Yogurt infused with Moringa powder would be another option for dogs. Yogurt is good for their digestion and as a treat.  Tuna also might work. My Laso loves tuna fish.

Cats:  1/4 tsp mixed in with their cat food.  Some may not eat it that way so don't put too much in until you know if they will eat it that way. You could also mix it in with a vitamin gel that is available for cats.

Cat's love fresh Moringa leaves. My cats have eaten several of my seedlings in the middle of the night. I have a plastic fence around the trees now to protect them. I have lost at least 8 baby trees to our cats. I have also has other reader who reported their cats eat their new tree. They demolished four of my ginkgo trees. They ate the leaves of those as well. 

Rats:  I have not had rats in years. I know they eat many different kinds of food from commercial rat food to veggies and other foods. If they will lick homemade yogurt (not the commercial sugar stuff), I would add a pinch to the yogurt.  Peanut butter would be something to mix it in as well. I would use a pinch or less to start out. If you have the fresh leaves, give them a few leaves to try.  It is a food and you should always start animals out slowly on a new food.  I know with dogs if you change dog good, they will sometimes get the runs for several days.  It is just better to go slow so their digestive system adapts. I hope this helps.  I have not given Moringa to small rodents other than my rabbits.

Remember Moringa is a food....a highly nutritious food. As a food, it could cause digestive upset when they are not used to it.  Go slowly to start out. Find a way to put it into another food they will eat. Grow a tree or so for yourself and your pets. You can grow it in the house as a small tree. You can grow it as a seasonal crop like the rest of your vegetable garden. It can be grown on a sunny patio or in a sunny sun room. Since winter is coming, it must be protected from frosts. If the temperature in your house or outside is under 70 degrees, they will lose their leaves and shut down until it warms up. If it freezes, you will lose your tree. They are a tropical tree which ideally loves areas like Florida and Hawaii.  They can be grown in other areas but not outside in the winter.  I have 10 trees in our living room.  We hardly use the living room except for watching a little TV. My children are too far away to visit so we have a living room dedicated to my Moringa and my other fragile plants.  It is all in what gives you happiness.

I hope this answers your questions on animals and Moringa.

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin
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I Need Your Comments On The Revision of My Website....Pleaseeeeee!

 New Classes to start this month! Read this blog to learn more!

Some of your may know, I have maintained two websites, one for years.  The one, Womens Health-Natual Solutions began in 2000.  I had never taken classes or training in web design.  I just knew I wanted a website for my business and did not have the money to pay for web design. My business did not seem to fit a template.  So I created my own templates which back then were not very good.  It got redesigned several times in 12 years as I gained experience but was too big to redesign properly. It had some major flaws, search engine wise, and just contained too much information.  I might add that Moringa and Healing Herbs is not a prefab template but designed from scratch from my efforts. It is harder to update but is original. There is no other website up there like mine. It is unique. Then my path led to Moringa...the Love for Moringa.

After I discovered Moringa, my passion ended up spent on the Moringa website and this blog.  This past week, I made a hard decision. Rather than try and redesign any more on the older website, I would blend in the most important pages into the Moringa website.  My business is Moringa and Healing Herbs. I am a Master herbalist, researcher, and writer. Many years ago I taught classes, taught in adult education, and spent most of my time counseling people privately on improving their health problems. In these last years, I feel I can reach more people with my writing, than individually.  It seemed natural to add to the Moringa site so that all of you could receive more valuable information in one spot.  It makes for a more efficient use of my time and energy.

You will find all the same links to all the Moringa subjects such as growing and receipes, as before.

If you scroll down on the home page, you will now find a holistic resources directory, women's health holistic resources, women's health articles, herb articles. information on the problems with vaccines, and the legal threats to your right to buy vitamins.

Some of you may come here just for the Moringa information but there is other information that you need to follow that.  Moringa is a food...a incredible food but not a cure-all. Moringa does not take the place of a nutritious diet, exercise, stress management. It does not stop the damage from negative life style issues such as smoking and drinking. Moringa is part of a life style that improves health and nutrition.  This is why I brought the two together. There is no herb or supplement that is so important that you can neglect your diet and other healthy life style choices.

Many of my readers are women who also love Moringa or want more knowledge on Moringa.  For you I offer some great articles, resources, and I will be teaching a series of classes on Cortisol balance, thyroid balance, and how to avoid hysterectomies and fibroid tumors. One of my most read articles concerns Moringa and if it affects hormones.

There is a link on the revised site for Orthomolecular Medicine which is treating patients with physical and mental illness with amino acids, nutrition, and alternative medicine. I studied it for years to help a family member. I know more about it than 90 percent of the standard medicine doctors out there. It is alternative medicine you should ALL know about. There is a bias by the media so it is hard to find the information. I give you information that can lead you to a better path than drugs for mental illness.

Classes To Begin In Two Weeks......Learn more on WHY you need to take these classes. 

The classes are not free because I will be giving you the benefit of my experience and research on these topics. This is how I help my family financially. I decided against a book because often they never get read.

The classes will be over a 10 week period sent to your email box or sent by mail if you have no internet access.

The class course will cost $15.00 for 10 classes. This is the cost of an adult education class in some places. That is pretty inexpensive for learning alternative therapies for women's health problems with cortisol reduction and fibroids being two of the main areas covered. I avoided an hysterectomy with diet and alternative medicine.  I walked the walk to give this set of classes.

Orthomolecular Medicine Classes Begin In Novemeber as well!

So Sign ups will begin by the end of this week for the women's health classes. One lesson a week in your email box or by mail. The mail lessons will cost $20.00 total to cover postage.  One lesson will also cover on how Moringa leaves benefit female health issues such as nursing.

I will also be teaching a class on Orthomolecular medicine shortly. I cannot use it to work with patients because I am not a doctor but I can present the information on the subject after researching it for years and using it. 

My website for those who have not been there is at

I Need Your Comments.....

Leave me comments here after this blog about the new revised website. Let me know if you are confused by any of it, if a link does not work, and any comments on topics you would like covered in the Revised site.  All the pages related to Moringa and how to grow and use it, are still there. They have not changed. 

Thank you again in advance for your taking a look at the new revised site.
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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