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Chemotherapy- Choices We Make in Living and Dying

New Research Study on Chemotherapy out this week:

A new research study confirms what we all have known in holistic medicine, that chemotherapy backfires by damaging healthy cells causing them to secrete a protein WNT16B b that feeds tumor growth and tumor resistance to treatment.  In a nutshell chemotherapy kills the first cancer cells, damages healthy cells which then secrete a protein which feeds new tumor growth and resistance to treatment.....causing a new cancer more deadly. Often the patient does not survive the second cancer.

It is like most of the drugs that help one disease such as arthritis but destroy your immunity, kidney and liver. That is not even logical but these drugs are given to many thousands of patients every month. I am sure they won't be in pain perhaps, just subject to worse diseases or dialysis from kidney damage. 

Here is one direct quote from the article here

 ""WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumour cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy," said Nelson."  They tested it with breast and ovarian cancer tumors and found the same thing.

 So you go through the hell of radiation, chemo, bone marrow transplants, then get a second or third bout of cancer, often untreatable, caused by the first treatments for the first cancer......sounds like standard medicine to me.

Here is an excerpt from a 13 year old, Talia Joy Castellano, who has fought the battle against neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nerve cells, since 2007.  She has already gone through chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation, and a stem cell transplant. She has also undergone a bone marrow transplant as well. She is the poster child for courage that helps others in their cancer battle. She uploads videos on U-tube on how to apply make up and giving courage to patients who fight cancer.

"On Tuesday, through a blog entitled "idk what to say" she delivered the heartbreaking news that she's just been diagnosed with a second form of cancer,  preleukemia, a disease that attacks the bone marrow. It may not be curable.

"I'm only 13, I shouldn't have to be doing this," she says. "No one should have to be doing this." Facing a choice that would leave most adults shattered, she calmly explains, "I'm going to decide whether or not I want to do the bone marrow transplant, or whether or not I just don't do it and live the time I have remaining."

Chemotherapy may give you the quality of that time in many cases worth the hell?   I have been a caregiver for people going through it, often pushed by the family. The patient does not want chemo but the husband or family does. One patient told me, she was ready to die, rather than go through chemo again.  She felt like her bones were being torn apart, the pain was so horrible.  She simply chose to die.  No one offered her anything else to try. Even when patients refuse standard treatment, they will not give them any alternatives other than to die. If they mention alternative medicine, they are told it won't work.  After chemo and radiation treatments that kill the immune function, they may be right that nothing much else will work.  Patients were never given any options in the beginning and now they are given days or weeks to live.  

Would those of you who have gone through chemo have agreed to the treatment if you knew you would probably get a new cancer from the treatment later?

Would you have agreed to chemo or radiation, if you had been given the option of an alternative treatment that did not destroy your immune system, kidney, and healthy cells....and had good odds of working?
In 2007, I nearly died one night from a clot through the heart.  I was in Denver, helping my daughter out. To make ends meet for my stay there, I did some care giving.  I had been abnormally tired for a month, a little out of breath at times, and my chest was sore at times. With no health insurance, I began taking herbs for my heart.  One night I woke up abruptly from sleeping and could not move nor talk......I had no ability to do anything....but pray. It felt like I was being held down and couldn't move...I knew I was dying, I saw myself dead, and the only thing I could do in my mind was to ask God to take it away. There was a blackness, a void , like being suspended in time.  I called out to God.  Seconds or minutes later it was over. I sat up not sure what had taken place. When I laid back down, pressure immediately began to take place in the chest area that had been sore.  I got up took 2 cayenne,  5000 omega 3's, and Hawthorne berries in a massive dose.  I stayed sitting up......because my chest hurt when I laid down. I prayed for one thing that night. The first thing was not to die on the job which would have been traumatic for the caregiver taking my place in the morning.  I prayed God would let me live for another two weeks to get past Christmas. I did not want to ruin Christmas for my family. I also wanted to talk to all my children and grand children once more. I did not ask for more than that.

A week later, at home, I got some sharp pain suddenly in my chest, it hurt to breathe. I called my daughter, whose roommate was a nurse. They came over a few minutes later and the nurse determined by my pulse, that it was probably a clot. I let my daughter and her nurse-friend take me to emergency,  instead of calling the ambulance. I had already taken a massive dose of cayenne, and more blood thinning herbs at the onset of the pain starting.   Hours later, and many tests later, they confirmed that it was not a heart attack but a clot....but it had passed through. I was one of the lucky ones.   They sent me home, $10,000 dollars of charges later (6 hours) , with a diagnosis that it had been a clot but had passed through. My chest was still hurting. They said they could not do anything more unless I got worse. They wanted me to take blood thinners from their arsenal. I said no and kept on taking the cayenne and other herbs that thin the blood.  I think it was just that the good Lord, couldn't handle another German, giving him advice on how to maintain heaven,s he kept me here. The 10,000 bill did nothing more than prove I didn't have a heart attack, that my heart was fine, that I had no damage to the lungs at that point, that it was a blood clot that had passed through by the time they got the tests run, and that the herbs had broken up the clot and saved my life. The bill included an EKG, a chest x-ray, and a MRI of my chest and heart, plus the emergency room costs.

I am not afraid of death. I am partial to blood clots genetically. My mother died from a blood clot.  It is interesting that my husbands mom died of a blood clot. I have experienced three clots in my legs over the last 20 years. The first one I went to the doctor. Instead of going to the hospital as he advised, I went home and I used herbs...cayenne and liquid chlorophyll. Liquid chlorophyll thins the blood.  I drank it straight. Every time I used the leg, it burned as the blood hit the constricted area. I drank the liquid chlorophyll every couple of hours. The leg got better within hours. I took the chance of dying well people die by the thousands under the hands of doctors and standard treatments. I knew the danger and I put my money on alternative medicine. I have not had a incident since. I do have to keep my blood thin because of problems in my right leg...all genetic.  Each time and on a continuing basis I use herbs to thin my blood, along with diet, and compression socks to lower the clot-death risk

We have choice on  how we will die at times....and by what means we will take to avoid dying as well.

I cherish life and the extension of my contract.......and try to live my life to make the most of every year.  I make sure I get rid of negative stuff like anger.  When you know your life may be cut short, you make that decision to clear out the negatives and petty stuff.

My point in telling you this is you have the choice at times to decide what you will do to stay alive? You have the decision on how you live your life in the present.  How you will treat people and those you love. How you will use that time, precious minutes and days, to make life count.  You have the right to choose how you want to die in some cases.

The huge tragedy is most patients are never told they have a choice ........they are only given standard medicine options...that is it.  Insurance won't pay for options other than chemo and radiation. Patients are railroaded by the system to take one road only.  In some cases it works, but often it is just a road that leads to another dead end...some time later with another cancer recurrence.

Signing off, Kate Free, The Herbladyisin

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Do Alternative Therapies Work for Cancer? Show Me Some Proof

These are customer reviews from a book on treating cancer with nutrition and alternative medicine. Some of the consumers who wrote reviews had used alternative therapies to minimize the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. These are reviews that people wrote,  who read the book or used its principals. I am printing these comments because these people just wanted to share their story with other people. They had no monetary reason to share...just wanted to tell it. I am reprinting these comments. If they did not want their story told, they would not have commented on the book. 

Alternative therapies do not always work but neither does chemotherapy and radiation. Alternative medicine, however, has many advantages, in that it does not destroy the immune system, nor healthy cells in the process. You do not lose your hair or feel some of the horrific side effects that patients go through on chemo or radiation. In some cases, patients use alternative medicine to reduce the effects of chemo and radiation. They also use it to recover from the treatments faster.

I would at least like to show that there are success stories. I could find you many more, but these are examples. These testimonials do show that alternative therapies can and do work.

I personally have not had cancer. I nearly lost my life to a clot and have had several blood clots in my legs over the years, but not cancer. I am alive today using alternative therapies. My husband had prostate cancer long before I met him, and had it surgically removed. He did not have chemo or radiation and is alive 10 years later. I think the best service his doctor did him, but to influence him not to have chemo or radiation, that he did not feel is valuable or needed.

We have had discussions on if he gets a cancer again at some point. I think at this point he would have enough faith seeing what it has done for his blood pressure and headaches, that he would go alternative. I for one would not choose any other path, because it has saved my life to this point, and I believe in it with all my heart and mind.
The stories below are reprinted from book reviews for Beating Cancer with Nutrition. I doubt your doctor would tell you there are success stories beating cancer with alternative therapies.

"Another book that is valuable to read is Knockout, Interviews with Doctors who are curing cancer  by Suzanne Somers, who has experienced cancer and is alive still to write the book. The tragic fact is that most people have insurance that will only pay for standard therapy. They have no money to pursue alternative medicine. Not having money, as most Americans, they have no choice. I talked to a man whose wife has just been diagnosed with melanoma cancer. They are on social security with no backup. They will, because of a lack of money, be forced to deal with her cancer with standard medicine. Obama's healthcare plan will not give you that option either.  That is the real tragedy.  Money = options medically.  Even if a family does have financial resources, they are told by their doctors they have no choice.

I think people with a cancer diagnosis should be able to told both sides, then be given the choice of how they want to treat their cancer. The book does advertise a product he developed for the immune system. It is very expensive. One reader that called found fault with that. Is the author-doctor supposed to give away his expertise and product for free when it is saving lives? Your doctor is charging your insurance a fortune for your chemo or radiation therapies. Your doctor will charge your insurance a fortune for your surgery to remove the cancer, and the resulting months of treatment. Why then should not a doctor who uses alternative medicine charge? He has to pay for office charges, payroll, malpractice insurance, and fight the AMA as well. He has to support his family, as does your surgeon and doctors. The only difference is that your insurance pays for a lot of the expense for standard medicine in some cases,  Add up your insurance premiums for the year with private insurance and see what that comes too. In our case, almost $300 a month comes out of my husbands retirement from the post office plus another hundred for medicare costs as well. That makes $400 we pay per month to medical insurance. If we cut the policy premium down, I would have no emergency services at all. So alternative therapies are not free  and may be quite expensive, but .........

Here are some people and their experiences: None of their comments have been altered and are full of spelling errors and such. Real people giving their story.

104 of 106 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This book saved my life, September 16, 2005
My husband bought an earlier version of this book almost 7 years ago when I was given 8 weeks to live. The uterine cancer had metastasized to my lungs and bones. I had a large tumor on my pelvic bone which caused excruciating pain when I walked and even at rest. We followed the book exactly and yes, we bought the Immunopower which was very expensive, but you can't put a price on your life. The only thing I did differently was avoid all meat entirely. I still do not eat meat. My oncologist calls me his "miracle" patient. I've been cancer free for 7 years even though my oncologist said I had a very "aggressive" cancer and it definitely would return. Organic veggies, a juicer, Essiac tea, Immunopower and lots of prayer saved my life.

5.0 out of 5 stars Beating Cancer With Nutrition, September 21, 2003
This book is the lifeline for anyone diagnosed with cancer. My father was diagnosed in January 2003 with renal cell carcinoma, metastatic. The doctors gave him less than 6 months to live. We tried a variety of the things mentioned in the book, including essiac tea, vitamins, and a nutritional diet. It had spread to his liver, spleen, and lung. Since reading and following the wonderful examples and advice in this book, my father is now working and living a productive life. The doctor was amazed and said not to change a thing that he was doing. Since he had had heart surgery and was a diabetic, many treatment options were not available. Other than interferon, he only utilized the information in Dr. Quillins book. That was enough to stop the cancer growth and give him another chance at life. Thank you Dr. Quillin for this wonderful book and the invaluable lifesaving information within.

By A Customer
I have one word for this book... incredible! The information given in this book is not only for the cancer patient, for but anyone who wants to stay healthy (thus preventing cancer). Dr. Quillin shares information for a healthy life in such a way that no one else ever has. One's spiritual life is renewed, as well as the physical. This is a MUST HAVE for every household. I was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer in October of 1999 at the age of 22. Told by numerous doctors that there was "no hope." Severe back pain and a total lack of energy kept me in bed for most of the day... weight loss was rapid. I began chemo in spite of little precedence for success in using chemo in liver cancer. One month after diagnosis, began using Immunopower (the nutritional supplement developed by Dr. Patrick Quillin). Within one month my health took a dramatic upward turn. By January of 2000 the tumor had shrunk by 50%. Two months later, it had diminished by half again. I am now totally healed... a cancer survivor. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Quillin for such an incredible book! BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION played an important role in my healing.

5.0 out of 5 stars An Invaluable Resource, December 9, 2002
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As a practicing physician myself, I've recommended Dr. Quillin's book, Beating Cancer With Nutrition, to hundred's of my patients since the first edition came out in 1994, and am pleased to continue to suggest his new edition to all of my patients suffering from any form of cancer. As an author, I've found this book to be accurate, complete, up-to-date, easy to read and use, and both practical and sufficiently comprehensive in scope. There is no better book on the subject of cancer and nutrition and every cancer patient, family member of a cancer victim, and all doctors that work with cancer patients should own a copy of this invaluable book.

5.0 out of 5 stars A must have for the battle against cancer, July 13, 2000
This will be my fourth purchase of this book. I am purchasing this for an uncle who was just diagnosed yesterday. All of the test results are not in yet, so I do not know very many details.I purchased this for my dad 3 years ago when he was diagnosed with Phase IV Lymphoma with a grave prognosis. He had this book in his hands prior to beginning chemotherapy. He totally changed his eating habits based on Patrick Quillins recommendations. Dad has been in remission 2 years and still follows the diet plan. He has eliminated sugar, sodas and coffee from his diet. He has added soy, carrot juice, and all the fresh produce he can find.

I have many people in my family with cancer. I have added many of the Quillins recommendations to my own diet to hopefully help prevent cancer. I haven't given up soda or sugar, but I have cut back. I have added soy and try to have a diet rich in fresh produce and grains. I try stay away from any products listed below the "FAIR" list in the book. Our families have incorporated some of the recipes provided in the book into our regular routines.

This book is really technical, but it is worth reading through because the information is well researched and NUTRITION really does make a difference. So, get past the technical language and the basics are really easy to understand. I think the author is so brilliant he sometimes forgot the audience might have no prior medical knowledge. Mr. Quillin, I'm a GREAT proofreader, I'd love to be your editor!
I'm thankful for this book and the Quillins. It was with this book and prayers and faith in God that I still have my dad around!

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME BOOK!, March 24, 2007
I loved this book and could not put it down! Great research was done and references to other books to read was helpful, all the research was done for you.

Very practical ideas to do......cancer can be prevented, anyone should read this book with cancer or not!

I have cancer or should I say had! My tumor was removed in October 2006 and scans a few weeks ago showed the all clear. I refused post surgical Chemo, I had Radiation and Chemo before surgery and that did my body in. I was Stage III and 40 years doctor told me I was his ONLY patient to refuse Chemo, what does that tell us?! He is a great medical doctor and I will stay with him to monitor me.....but I will SURVIVE and show him there are other ways.

I am now getting a degree in Holistic Nutrition because of my readings about cancer.

5.0 out of 5 stars Beating Cancer with Nutrition, May 30, 2007
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am 30 years old and the summer of 2006 I was diagnosed with two cancers a Stage 1B Cervical Cancer and an advanced adenocarcinoma tumor that was just a short ways away from metastizing. I was told that I was going to have to have a radical historectomy and there was a chance that the adenocarcinoma could have already invaded my lymph nodes. Not wanting a radical surgery I had a minor surgery to remove the tumor burden and then went about changing my life style and diet using this book. It is now one year later, I am cancer free and the doctor recinded her recomindation to have the radical surgery. This wasn't easy to do the journey was long but for anyone with the will to try it is definatly a great way to go. One thing I like about Dr. Quillin is he is not out to prove the medical establishment as wrong but to approach the cure in a whole person way and not just with dramatic surgery and chemo. He also talks about nutrition to support a body going through chemo. Oh another side effect of changing my life is I have gone from 217 lbs (in May 2006) to 147 lbs (this May) I feel better than I have in many years and my doctor says I don't look like I have ever been sick. Oh one last thing I made an actually appointment to speak to the author over the phone, he was resonabled priced and very helpful, he actually seemed concerned with making sure I understood what his book was telling me. He only makes appointment one day a month (at least that was the case a year ago.) but I was fortunate to get that day close to when I needed it.
Thank you Dr. Quillian for helping me live a better life.

5.0 out of 5 stars Cancer can be beaten-this is the way, October 13, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am a 48 year old former engineer who knew little about cancer when my wife was diagnosed with RCC in 2008. Like others we followed the docs instructions and rushed into surgery. Had I known then what I know now, we probably would have avoided the nephrectomy. Two months after surgery the cancer had metastasized to the lung and within three months it was in the liver and lymph nodes. Our experience with conventional treatment was a horrifying journey. My wife took a drug for just four days and I thought I was watching her die before me. That's when I began trying to find a way to save her. 'Beating cancer with nutrition' was an invaluable tool in our future. It is packed with valuable insight into the cancer epidemic and the industry that it developed as well as the importance of lifestyle choices that allowed cancer cells to overpower your immune system. The book is designed to educate the reader on optimal nutrition to improve the outcome in medically treated cancer patients. Patrick Quillin presents a mountain of useful information and recipes to boost the immune system and strengthen the body with diet. It's a very valuable resource and a good read, I can't emphasize this enough. I used what I learned from this book to further my research into natural therapy and combined what I had learned from the book as adjuvant therapy with natural supplementation for my wife. Between May 2009 and March 2010, my wifes tumor growth was reversed and she is now cancer free without suffering the horrible side effects of synthetic drug treatments or any permanent cellular damage. Our experience taught us so much that I have a book in publishing now called 'Cancer shouldn't kill you just make you smarter' and hope to have it at soon. I thank Patrick Quillin whole-heartedly for his book, it was the first step in my wifes cancer making me smarter, being able to reverse RCC and changing our lifestyle to prevent its reoccurance. If you yourself or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you MUST get this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Sharing personal experience in using nutrition to beat cancer, March 12, 2012
Dear Dr Patrick Quillin

It was my intention in June 2004 after having finished reading your book " Beating Cancer with Nutrition" that I must be writing to you some day in 5 years time if I were able to live longer. I am writing you this letter while I have been still following your guidance given in the book " Beating Cancer with Nutrition" on my 8th year of pancreas cancer survivor.I therefore would like to share the result of my practice in accordance with chapter 7, 8 and 9.

Reading another book of yours; The Diabetes Improvement Program and seeing that on the second page of Introduction,you encourage the ones using nutrition as part of the treatment to share the personal experience in this matter.I am then confident that mine, as a case study for those readers, will be welcome.

I was diagnosed on 10th January 2004 that I got pancreas cancer. Seeing that there were
tumor in form of flower on the head of the pancreas by CT scan. I was consequently given
6 sessions of chemotherapy. I was given one of your book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition"
after I completed 6th session in June that year.

Once finished reading chapter 9 I, at that time, had a will power that I wouldn't go through radiation plan
advised by the hospital but rather choos to beat my pancreas cancer with nutrition instead.
I also got fully support and was encouraged by a Thai Physician: Dr Aree Wachiramano ,
who also beat his prostate cancer with nutrition .
I applied those guideline given in your book into my daily life style.

(1) Giving up all diet which feed cancer cell and limit the intake of
sodium, sugar, fat and protein from neither animal nor plant.

(2) Detoxification ( by using caffeine in pure coffee twice a day:
early morning and in the evening)
( after taking 4 months of detoxification, it brought SGPT and SGOT
down from 78 and 67 respectively to 34 and 31

(3) Revitalize immune system in my body to heal themselves
by taking 3.1 Selenium one capsule of 70 microgram
Natural E one capsule of 400 IU
Omega 3 4 capsules of 1000
Wobenzym one capsule
before meals then taking
3.2 Viamin C 5 capsules of 1000
Beta carotene one capsule of
Spirulina 5 tablets
Naicin one capsule
Potassium one tablet
Magnesium one tablet
Kelp -3 tablets
Chromium picolinate one capsule
Grape seed - one capsule
Zinc picolinate
Folic 5mg

after meals

(4) Taking 45-55 mins. for daily exercising : walking on work days and taking a bike on weekends

(5) Managing and controlling my own tension

And to monitor my biochem, I had blood test monthly during June 2004-Dec 2009 and quarterly during 2010-2011.
the laboratory reports turned me with satisfaction since 4th month of fully applying to these guidelines.
The details you gave in chapter 1-6 help strengthening my daily life style as I have been well aware why the discipline is ultimately needed

While healing myself during these years, I have been able to lead my normal life by going to work at the British Embassy in Bangkok with
neither sick leave nor getting cold up until the day I last worked there in March 2011( and not at all even at present ). Going to see
physician is no more !

In previous years there were many suffering from various types of cancer came to consult me from time to time. For those who believe and have
will power to apply the guideline shared in the book, they all survive and are able to maintain their normal lives these days.

As a result, I am able to confirm that the guideline given on Beating Cancer with Nutrition works and is right according to my personal experience.
Dr Patrick Quillin, I am grateful for what you have written.

Yours sincerely,
Thanomsiree Sumalee

5.0 out of 5 stars THIS BOOK IS MY BIBLE, June 9, 2010
Martin L. Rayner (Pacific Palisades, CA, USA) - See all my reviews
When I found that my prostate cancer had spread, I began a desperate search for good, credible information to help me.
Like many others before me, I had to sift through a lot of pseudo science and focus on what made sense and was grounded in fact.
And I was lucky, because I pulled Patrick Quillin's book randomly from many others in the bookstore, not knowing that what I had in my hands was to become my bible. So let me save you having to be lucky and tell you that this book is so thoroughly researched, so based in scientific knowledge and so clearly written, that it will lift your spirits to know you are in such good hands. Apart from the fundamentals that make for a healthy body and a strong immune system, this book is packed with information on anything and everything that has been shown to impact cancer.

Once you have your ducks in a row as far as good eating habits are concerned, you can go back to add endless extra weapons to your arsenal. A year after finding this gem, I am still doing just that. I take it wherever I go and I tell people about it. If all those suffering from the evils of cancer could get a hold of this book, cancer statistics would change dramatically and for the better!

I say this because mine did. In the first three months using 'Beating Cancer With Nutrition', I cut my PSA (cancer score) in half! And at nine months it is still going down! I should be on hormones according to my doctors, but I am not because my immune system, given the chance, can fight cancer. And I gave it that chance by following the ideas in this book.

There is no silver bullet 'cure' for my disease, but Patrick Quillin gives you all you need to know for your body to fight as it was designed to do. He also provides delicious recipes that incorporate the basic tenets, and astute scientific comments on all the foods you may be wondering whether you should eat. Do I recommend it? Does it work? I say a big yes and yes. Thank you Dr Quillin for turning dark despair into a spirited, hope-filled attack on cancer. We all need to spread the word about this wonderful book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Nutrition Education for Cancer patients and the Healthy Individuals!, September 9, 2010
Dr. Quillin's book was an eye opening and educational experience in nutrition. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in July 2007. It was difficult in deciding where to start and Beating Cancer with Nutrition was where I started. The Audio CD is a easy high point overview but one must read the book from cover to cover to get all the fine detail. The book help me understand the basic fundamental of good nutrition. I learned so much about ingredients and what to avoid when purchasing processed food. Dr. Quillin mentioned many things that are unhealthy for our bodies and how the bodies cannot process man made chemicals, preservatives and substitutes. The useful receipes are used in some of our meals and I keep the book close by the kitchen for reference. The whole family eat healthy now that we've acquired the valuable knowledge.

During my journey to remission, use the nutrition philosphy written and spoken (Audio CD) by Dr. Quillin and still practice them today in a healthier diet. I'm CANCER FREE three years later, well informed on nutrition and will practice what I've learned forever.

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Dear Dr. Quillin,

The purpose of this email is firstly to thank you for writing "Beating Cancer with Nutrition". I am a prostate cancer survivor and have found that the material in your book along with much prayer has been my life saver. I elected not to have surgery and have had a reduced PSA for about 3 years. I can honestly say that cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

And now for the second reason: As a result of my experience with cancer and the approach of trusting God and nutrition I have been frequently approached by folk who want to hear my story. I have always found it totally relevant to recommend your book and have had really good feedback about it and the CD. This has even carried to family overseas.

I am now at the stage where groups are asking that I would share a presentation to explain how the process of healing by nutrition works. I feel I should do this as there is just such a huge need for this information. So much of what you teach in your book is essential to what I need to say. I hope it is ok for me to quote from your book. I would in all cases suggest that folk purchase it as an ongoing reference source as they learn how to use the so very powerful tool of nutrition. I also wondered if it would be allowed to show some of your charts in a PowerPoint presentation.

I am very grateful for the testimony that I have of being cured of cancer and hope I can share this favorable experience with many other people.

My background is engineering and I have spent about 32 years in the food processing business. For many years it has amazed me how badly we destroy the foods that we process. So, I have in many ways an extra appreciation for making the most of foods as close to the natural state as possible.
Rich Irish

I had gotten this book back in January of 2007, when my mother-in-law had colon cancer. I was the one taking care of her after her surgery and this book was very informative and very helpful. The diet that was given to my mother-in-law after surgery was terrible. Lots of canned food and hidden surgars. They wanted her to gain weight, but the way they were trying to achieve this was absolutely horrible. This book came in handy for me and I was able to change her diet completely. The only thing that she hasn't been able to give up is ice-cream, but other than that we used this book as a bible to help her get healthy.

The doctors wanted her to have kemo and radiation since her cancer marker were so high before the surgery and were still above the mark that they reccomend for treatment, but my mother-in-law decided that since her lymph nodes and all the tissure around the tumor was negative of cancer, she opted out. With diet we were able to bring her markers under the mark that they recommend treatment. I gave her the book and then recently bought another for me to have here at home. They test her blood every three months and every six she has other tests and so far she is doing remarkably well. The doctors are very impressed with her. She also is now walking about six miles a day. She says that walking really makes her feel good and she has her routine that she does, rain or shine.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Book That Saved My Life!, January 3, 2009
This is the best book that I have ever read! It can save your life, Patrick Quillin explains the good and bad foods to eat when you have Cancer or any other disease. He also tells you what supplements are good to take when you are fighting Cancer. His book is loaded with excellent information that is not only good for people with a disease but if you just want to be healthy. His wife has also added healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. The book comes with a CD that is an added bonus, you can listen to it before you read the book! I found his book when I was fighting Cancer, I wanted a book that was more of a natural thing so I purchased his. I now use Food as my Medicine, I have had Cancer twice and Seven surgeries. The second time I got Breast Cancer I refused Chemo and did the 100% lifestyle change, Today I am a very Healthy and Happy person. My doctors are amazed that after refusing Chemo that my tumor markers are all normal. Thank you Dr. Quillin, for writing such a life saving book, Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.!

I am so thrilled to be around for my two boys and see them grow up! If you have Cancer, this is one of the most important books that you can buy. It is well worth every penny for it! I have purchased this book for friends that have Cancer. I am also thrilled that now I am writing my own book to tell you my life story! "

If you want more testimonials go this site below. There are testimonials of people who have used Ezzeac tea.  I use a different brand that I feel is even more effective but you should read some of them to give you more proof that chemo and radiation is not your only choice:

So I end this blog for today on Cancer and Alternative Therapies.  Next blog, will be on the nutrition aspect of fighting cancer.

Signing off, Kate Freer, the herbladyisin