Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cancer: Alternatives to Chemotherapy and Radiation

Part #1     Cancer versus Alternative Medicine for Cancer.... a series of discussions on cancer treatment.

My husband and I watched Brian's Song last night.  In that movie, based on a real story, is about the relationship ending in friendship of Chicago Bears running backs Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers. It shows how they helped each other through difficult times -- especially when Piccolo is stricken with terminal cancer.   

In his cancer the doctors kept taking one cancer out, then chemo, then another when it was found elsewhere, and finally in the end the cancer metastasized into the liver. His immune system was destroyed by various rounds of chemo, his condition so weak, he had nothing left to fight with. He died.

I told my husband, and this is my view folks, that I would not take that path. I believe in alternative medicine. It has kept me alive and out of the hospital through years of genetic problems with clotting, phlebitis, and nearly dying several years ago. A clot went through my heart and I nearly died.  I attribute my life to God and alternative medicine. I have kidney weakness left from a nasty accident. I use herbs to support my kidney function since 1999.  I have never taken drugs for any of it.  I am 61 this year and hanging in there pretty well.  So having gone through severe health problems up to this point without standard medicine, why would I use it for cancer. If I get hit by a semi or brake a leg, yes I would go to the doctor. I go get a physical so I know where the state of my health is so I can then use alternative medicine to correct any problems. Emergency medicine is a valid use for standard medicine. There are very expert at keeping your body parts together after a car accident.

When I met my husband he was on medicine for allergies, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.  He is not on any of it now. His doctor who sort of believes in alternative medicine is very happy with my program. He cannot say it does not work, since he gets lab tests that confirm the success of my regimen. I have to say living with Marty as his wife, helps to keep him compliant. I make sure we eat well, that he does not binge on things, that we get exercise, and that he takes vitamins and a supplement regimen that is safe and not toxic to his liver or kidneys.  When I met him he was on medicine for migraines, but still having headaches that kept him in bed days at a time. The medications were not working and even if they had, most of them are toxic to the liver and kidneys.  His headaches now are only due to not drinking coffee when he should. That is his only vise and I have let that be after not succeeding in getting him to quit.   You have to pick your fights when married.

Coffee is less of a problem than most other lifestyle factors. I personally am happy, that I am not controlled by coffee.  I don't like anything that takes control away from my life.  It is interesting that people who go on those survival weekends where you must leave your comforts home, fail at an alarming rate, because of severe caffeine withdrawal migraines. If you get a migraine when you don't drink your coffee for a half day, that is addiction folks. It is a legal addiction but nevertheless, an addiction. Marty went through cataract surgery, and his only problem was not being able to have coffee in preparation before the surgery. That was a real problem.

Why I will not contribute to the American Cancer Society. 

I do not give one cent to the American Cancer society because there are herbs and alternative medicine that works on cancer. There are therapies you can get in Europe but not here that are successful.  Thousands die every year from cancer, but standard medicine doctors will not even consider alternative therapies. They will let the patient die first.  If a patient even asks for alternative therapies, doctors will say they don't work, even when they have no answers for that patient. The medical system will force you to use standard medicine for your cancer. That is the destructive, killing views of most American doctors. Doctors don't have an answer but you cannot use alternative medicine.

Does alternative medicine work on cancer?    

Does radiation and chemotherapy really work? Mainstream medicine does not talk about deaths from 2nd and third cancers after these standard medicine treatments.  What is the quality of life going through chemo and radiation over and over again?

Alternative therapies for cancer do not always work, as standard medicine therapies do not in a majority of cases work. 

Most often standard medicine does stop the first cancer, but wastes the immune system, so that the patient DIES FROM another cancer recurrence later.  Below are some study research facts that confirm this statement. I could give you many more studies to look at.

View the whole article at https://www.caring4cancer.com/go/cancer/effects/lesscommon/secondary-malignancies.htm

 "Long-term survival was lower among those with second cancers. Conditional on surviving for 2 years, the survival at 5 years was under 50% and nearly 70%, respectively, for those with versus those without a second cancer in the first 2 years. These findings confirm the exceptionally high rate of second cancers (especially of the aerodigestive tract) following oral cancer, describe the clinical and pathological features of patients with multiple cancers and indicate the importance of preventive measures." Pub Med

 "Secondary malignancies are cancers caused by treatment with radiation or chemotherapy. They are unrelated to the first cancer that was treated, and may occur months or even years after initial treatment. Some treatments increase the risk of developing a second cancer, such as the chemotherapy drugs etoposide, radiation therapy for some lymphomas and childhood leukemia, and treatment with both radiation therapy and chemotherapy together. Preventing secondary malignancies involves avoiding these treatments that clearly increase the risk of second cancers and ensuring you do not receive too much treatment for your particular disease or risk factors." from Caring for Cancer

"Researchers have found that compared with the normal population, patients with Hodgkin’s disease are more likely to die from second cancers. Evaluation of long-term complications in more than 1,000 patients with Hodgkin’s disease revealed that these patients had a sevenfold increase in death from causes other than Hodgkin’s disease compared with the normal population. The specific risk of dying from a second cancer was increased 6 times compared to the normal population. In patients treated when they were younger than 21 years of age, the risk was even greater with a 14-fold increase in death from a second cancer. The risk of second cancers was the greatest in those patients who required the most treatment." Caring for Cancer

More than 80 percent of children with ALL are cured with current treatments and are at risk of developing secondary cancers. Treatment with radiation therapy appears to increase the risk of developing a second cancer. In an evaluation of 800 children who had survived at least 10 years after treatment for ALL, researchers concluded that there was no increased risk of second cancer in nonirradiated patients but that those treated with radiation appeared to have a 20-fold increase compared with the general population. The researchers observed 44 secondary cancers of which 41 were related to radiation therapy. Most of these cancers were classified as benign or of low malignant potential. " Caring for Cancer

Secondary cancers after testicular cancer - Patients with testicular cancers are usually treated with the combination of Platinol® (cisplatin), etoposide, and bleomycin (PEB) chemotherapy. Long-term complications from PEB chemotherapy include secondary cancers. Both etoposide and cisplatin increase the risk for developing leukemia in patients with testicular cancer. Furthermore, this risk appears to be related to the total dose of etoposide given. Patients with testicular cancer who are treated with a combination of radiation therapy plus chemotherapy are at the greatest risk of secondary cancers." Caring for Cancer

So seeing these stats, chemo and radiation, may buy you time, while you throw up, lose your hair, and feel like hell....and go through hell.  You go through all of that, then a year or two later, you go through that hell again.  You may go through it a third time. 

Is that quality of life? 

There are alternative therapies that do not destroy your immune system, that do not cause you to lose your hair, that do not cause you to throw your guts up for days, that do not poison your system and your healthy cells too.  But you are never given the choice or even told about alternatives. You are told there is nothing else that you can do...just die! 

? Alternative therapy after Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy

Alternative medicine will probably not work if you start the protocol, after you have been given only weeks or days to live, will not work well after chemo and radiation, and will not work well if you believe in your mind, it will not work.  I have talked to a few patients who used natural therapies after chemo and radiation and lived many years afterward....but it is better to use alternative medicine before destroying your immune system with radiation and chemotherapy.

Attitude and Survival Rates with or without Alternative Medicine

Your positive or negative attitude toward a therapy, either standard or alternative medicine, will influence the success or failure of that program.

If you have real belief that the therapy will work, it increases your chances of survival. AIDS and cancer patients live longer with a positive attitude about their life. If you take a cancer diagnosis as a death notice, your body will help support those thoughts.  If nothing else, patients live longer and with less pain, who have a positive mindset. 

How can you have a positive mind set....it takes courage, faith, guts, and heart. Some people wallow in self pity when given a death notice. Others determine they will make every minute of their last days count. They do things they have put off. They spend time having fun with the ones they love, they direct their energy into the minutes or days left.  Some of them actually don't die but get better. The ones who die, certainly have a better quality of life, as they are dying.

Would you rather die in a hospital bed or watching your family and loved ones, with those last days.  You can still get pain medicine at home to ease the pain. I am not against pain medicine when you are dying. I think that is one valid use for strong pain killers.  If you are dying, does it matter, that you are addicted to it? 

In the next few articles, unless I am taken away by the AMA, I will tell you about some alternative therapies shown to work on cancer based on research studies and therapies not available in the United States. I will give you some priceless information so you can make your own choice if you are diagnosed with cancer.  I will share how I would treat my own cancer diagnosis. I will tell you to seek a holistic doctor who has experience with cancer. I will even given you some resources to find a holistic doctor......to help you. I do think that getting help from a holistic doctor with experience in cancer, will increase your survival time.

I know many of you will not agree with this article. My advice to you is don't read it. If you do read it, it is your right to dismiss it or say it is garbage.....after your doctor knows best. He knows one thing, what is good for his bank account.  They feed it profusely with the sales of drugs that line their pockets, and based on fraudulent research in many cases. Drugs that destroy the liver and kidneys, with side effects that cause worse health problems than when you started. It is your right to stick your head in the sand at all of this. 

So read the next articles at the risk of opening your mind to alternative solutions.

Signing off, Kate Freer, Medical researcher, writer, and herbalist

Monday, July 30, 2012

Moringa Trees Growth Milestone-Why Moringa Leaves Turn Yellow

Largest one is growing properly for the season. Several others are close behind. The sicks around the sides keep he cats from jumping up into the container. They are inexpensive and work.
 End of July Milestone for new Trees

I am happy to report that one of my young trees in the house has reached 48 inches and will cut it off soon, so that it can grow more branches from the base. I have two that are about 2 1/2 feet and several more that are about a foot. Not all grow because of the improper climate. If the tree fails to begin to grow, I pull it and put one in that is bigger and stronger. My goal is to get about 10-15 trees that are doing well to carry over the winter. Some will be in the living room or nursery and some in our back room which gets sun and is very warm. I will add a humidifier and small heater later in Sept when it cools down. I want to see how long keeping them inside, I can keep their growing and keeping their leaves.  As I go along, I will keep you updated on this whole experiment.  If I can grow them in the house here in Nevada, then I can direct more people on how to do it and succeed.

New additions to he family....three red hen babies and three little Guineafowl kits. The little gray one got out of their new pen three times.  She is an adventurer!

Moringa Leaves Turning Yellow: 

One reader ask me what he was doing wrong...yellow leaves that fell off the trees.  There could be several factors:

Too much water....don't water log the roots.... don't let them sit in water.
Not enough water....they need to be kept moist but not wet.
Too Small a container.......they grow fast, have a long deep root.....so don't root them in with too small a container.

Not enough sun and warmth

Soil that does not have organic animal fertilizer ....poor soil or overused soil.  It could be soil lacking iron as well.  Yellow leaves can mean an iron deficiency in the soil.

Too dry....no humidity. 

I hope by going over these factors above, you will figure out which problem is causing your Moringa tree to develop yellow leaves.

Signing off, Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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