Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bunnies and Livestock Love Fresh Moringa Leaves

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This blog was reposted from an earlier date.  We live in Stagecoach, Nevada now where there still is not grass. I grow kale, swiss chard, comfrey and Moringa to give them vital nutrients not found in their regular pellet food. They also get fresh hay as well. Our water bill now is 50 bucks for 25,000 gallons of water. That is really important when you leave the water on all night by mistake. Our rent for this big house on over an acre is only $600.00 per month...and that is quite a good deal!  So there are places to live that are great for retires.  We have a million dollar view from our back yard of the mountains without a million dollar price tag. We have great neighbors on every side with lots of breathing room in between.  It is still tough to grow things, but I am learning how. We will build a green house this fall before winter.  Overall, it is a good place to put down roots and grow what I love.

Original Post from when we lived in Mina, Nevada.

We went down to San Diego for a combination birthday, anniversary, his fathers birthday, and more. We had a great time with too much to do in too little time. I love San Diego but the traffic and frantic pace was stressful. It has been a few days since my last blog for that reason. I had no computer access or time while visiting down there. I must say I don't miss much of San Diego except for the family we have there. Even though its greener, the water cost and restrictions make it almost impossible to grow much. We have a water bill of $39.00 for over 2000 gallons of water. There is would be $100 bucks or more. We would also have the water police on our back.  So there are advantages to living in the middle of the Nevada desert. Even our electric bill including the use of several fans and a swamp cooler is only $80.00 bucks. That is not bad. The nights are cool here not hot as in Imperial Valley, Ca or much of Arizona. We have few rules here so I can have chickens and a goat in town. We stop in the middle of town to chat....the few cars that pass just go around you. We have not seen a dog pound truck yet. Life is simple but so is the stress. Our rent here averages $400 a month, so what does yours cost you. Its a nice place to retire and have some peace. This is some of the reason why we are here in this tiny little town of wonderful people. One of the things on the list to do in San Diego, is add to our family here. In our plan to be self-sufficient is to raise rabbits, chickens, and a milk goat or two. Rabbits ended up the first livestock to add to our homestead here.

I have fallen in love with angora rabbits. I have had rabbits in the past but not Angora rabbits. I raised Lops and New Zealand before. These new ones are young but not little babies. I have not raised rabbits for a few years so felt I should refresh my memory and information. They now stress to feed them dried grass, fresh veggies, and a more nature-based diet, not just pellets.

Since there is no grass in Mina being the desert, I decided to try the bunnies on Moringa leaves. Its heavy in nutrition and I have lots of leaves to share with them. Sure enough they munched them right down. I still give them carrots and hay but the rest is comfrey and Moringa leaves. This does save money and I dare say will create super-healthy bunnies. Their droppings go right  back as fertilizer for the trees and the garden. On top of that, I can sell their wool later on Ebay. You can eat their offspring if you wish as well.

Moringa leaves has been used for animal fodder in the areas that grow the trees. They use them to feed cows and goats. Since I will be getting a milk goat later, they too will get Moringa leaves to enhance their health and milk quality. Goats to give great milk, need to be given grain and high quality hay and greens. Junk food equals milk that does not taste good. So for those of you with other livestock, give them Moringa leaves. That would include pets such as rats, mice, ferrets, and other small pets. Give them a small sample first to let their digestive tracks get used to the new greens. I have not tried them on horses but intend to try that so I can let you know how that works.

Bye for now, Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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