Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Moringa Trees Move To Stagecoach Nevada

Hi Folks, A New Life Chapter Begins!

 Our life has really changed since I last wrote. In Dec when we were in San Diego for a death in the family, we learned the people who owned the trailer were moving back to Mina and wanted to live in their trailer again. Surprise, surprise.  They wanted to move back in March. We did not want to end up moving at the last minute so began looking right away.

Have Your New House Vision In Mind First: Our criteria was a house with at least one acre where we could raise herbs and livestock. A landlord who agreed was a must. We couldn't buy the house now but wanted at least a long term rental with options to buy later. My husband wanted more civilization and I wanted rural with less rules. Civilization was an important criteria for getting our nursery and herb business going.  With gas prices, we needed to be closer to a buying audience and farmers markets. We also wanted to keep the rent low. Living in a low key neighborhood which didn't mind our roosters was a goal. Our new property, has a mule, goats, and many roosters as neighbors. If there is a mule nearby, no one is going to say much about a crow or two. Goats are not quiet either. Since getting a milk goat is on the list, that is great too. When you have a sense of something wrong, pay attention. One house we looked at was great but the owners were very particular. My senses said that living there would turn out to be a nightmare so we turned it down. Another was just too good to be true for the price. That one is where at the last, he informed us he didn't believe in a lease. When we objected, he turned into a very nasty man. A nice landlord is pretty important. They can make your home, a nightmare. In the end, we did not get a well and that was a huge consideration. The water is cheap here....up to 25,000 gallons for $50.00 a month. There are no water police or water restrictions in this town. The water source is very reliable. All the houses with wells had no other amenities and if your well breaks down, it is an expensive deal. In the end, we choose a property without a well but cheap water prices. Even a well does cost electricity to run. If the electricity shuts down, you must have a generator to power it or a solar set up. I have lived on properties twice in my life where the well went dry. Another well lost the pump. It was two weeks before the owner got it up and running again.

Reno to Stagecoach, NV......the  Winding Road to A Almost Perfect Place.  Marty was leaning toward Reno. I thought it was ugly with snow that we would have to shovel. So his niece suggested Dayton that was cheaper with less snow. We looked at a house but the whole feel of the area was negative. Dayton has water restrictions and water police. So we headed toward Fallon which raises crops and livestock. We went over the hill down to an area called Stagecoach and I saw barns and horses. I got a good feel. We stopped in a local feed store and found out there are a lot of people who sell herbs, and livestock. There on a community board was a flyer for a house.  We called the guy and went to look. It was beautiful. It seemed to be perfect. We spent three days on extensive paperwork he wanted only to find out he didn't believe in leases. We were devastated. After three days of sulking, we knew that God had shut a door but would open a better door. There are times when you must keep the faith and your resolve. We headed to Fallon and looked at a number of houses, all were not what we wanted. The pet deposits were  horrific.  Where now? Wait for a month?

Persistence and Resolve:

I am stubborn and made more calls. Marty still wanted the Silver Springs/Stagecoach area because it was a central location for Reno, Carson, Dayton, Fernley, and Fallon. After an hour of calling, I found a real estate company with rentals in Silver Springs.  They had six houses for rent. So up we went. The only house with a fenced yard, had two other people ready to look at it. That one was first on the list for view. Now to be frank, I was not impressed because the owner had not cleaned it well. The kitchen sink did not work, nor the bathroom. The property was what we wanted with two buildings easily converted for the rabbits and the chickens. It did not have a garage. I was not in love with it.

Then we went to look at the rest. All of them were houses on a bare fence, nothing.  We went back to the this house. It was the best house and property for the price and conditions we wanted. There was no pet deposits and we got a good deal if we cleaned it our self. We left a deposit. The other couple didn't leave any money so we were first in line. We got the house. When we went over to see it again, I realized our back neighbors raised meat goats, a donkey, and other livestock. Guess what goat manure is great for worms and your garden. Free soil amendment. Much of it, thrown over on our side was well aged and perfect. I had always wanted a donkey so here was one I could enjoy without the cost. It was God's way of letting me know that this was a great new home. It was the right move. In looking back at our time in Mina. Had we never have moved to Mina, we would never have ended up in Stagecoach. Sometimes life is a resting spot for the next part of God's plans. You don't always appreciate the resting spot until you see where it was really leading. Turns in your life, don't always reveal themselves until a time in the future.

Sorry about the date stamp error.  By the way, once this is done in error, it can't be fixed easily.

Elbow Grease Reveals the Right Decision:

It is amazing how washing the walls and taking down cobwebs makes a huge difference in your view on a room. Once the plumbing was fixed also helped a lot. Even thought he blinds were not in good shape, it has windows all through the rooms. A lack of living room furniture, made lots of room for our trees. I bought 24 inch plant saucers off Ebay for the 8 Moringa trees. Getting them inside took hiring some help but they are all inside. As you can see the date stamp is and learn. When they leaf out, they will look beautiful. My tea tree came in as well, even though I don't think it survived the cold temps. Spring will tell us more. The Moringa trunks are green and pliable. Two may have lost the main trunk but the side branches are fine. I can add plant lights if needed. The sun should give them enough light to leaf out. 

Room For My Library of Books:

Its been a long time since I have been able to put up my full library of books. I even have room left. My books are my friends. Even though they make moving a nightmare, they are worth the effort. I read better off the internet. If the grid ever takes a vacation, I have my important books in print. I am now buying books for that reason. I believe at some point, it may be very important. If the government has its way, the knowledge about alternative medicine will be an underground movement. That knowledge will be outlawed on the net. Even now if you tell how herbs can be used for healing diseases and cancer, your website will be shut down by the FDA. They are doing that right now folks. You can sell the herbs but not tell people how to use them and what ailments they may help.  The FDA is not your friend but in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. The AMA is also in bed to sell drug prescriptions not preventive health.  Easy access to knowledge will not always be so. Mark my words people. 

Well will write some more on the new place next blog.  Now that the house is mostly settled in, I love it. I love having room, having my trees indoors, having room to grow things, and revive goals such as a green house and selling in the farmer's markets here. It took some faith to get there.  Life is about your faith and dedication to your dreams, even if your dreams much be shelved for a time. Patience is hard at times but needed to achieve steps in your dreams, even when you are 60. Will talk some more later. Have a great rest of the week.

Tip of the week......turn off the date stamp function. It helps when you find the book to help you do that. I spent over a day, trying to see if there was a way to change the date stamp. You can change the picture properties but not the date stamp.  Irritating to say the least.

Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

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