Monday, January 16, 2012

Moringa Questions and Answers From Reader Comments


Sorry I have not posted in awhile. There was a death in the family right before Christmas and things were rough for awhile. I have one comment and that is make a will....even if it is just to put down your medical health care directions. What ever items you have, give your directions on those too. It is hell for those you leave behind when you leave no will or directions. In this case the funeral and all that goes with it ended up to be over $12,000 and the kids involved did not realize they could not use the money for almost a month according to the rules. If you go into the hospital for a critical surgery, no matter how good the prognosis is.......get the legal stuff done. In this case, the patient died from getting upset during a treatment after the surgery went well. He aspirated fluid into his one remaining lung, creating a septic condition that ended his life. No surgery is without risk. No treatment is without risk. Anything can happen during a hospital stay with staph infections, mistakes by nurses and surgeons, and reactions that are not expected.

We will also be moving to Stagecoach, Nevada shortly. The folks who own this property are moving back to here we go on another adventure. We have located a property with a fenced one acre zoned for all animals and agriculture stuff. It has a lot of potential for growing herbs but will still require a greenhouse. This soil here has a sub layer of volcanic rock which makes it nasty for trying to grow things in.  We will have enough room and be close enough to cities to sell some of what we grow. Mina is two hours away from civilization and gas mades it too expensive to try and grow anything for resell. There are two nurseries and a farmers market within a few minutes of the new property. We could not find what we wanted with a well but the water is cheap in Stagecoach and there are no restrictions or water police so that is a plus. I will let you all know this week when our application is approved.

Update on things: The 20 by 60 shed did not work....pretty much all froze in there. Hence, we will need to heat what ever green house we construct. The pipe insulation seems to be working but moisture does build up inside where the limbs are bigger...with less air under the insulation. I moved the trees out to our enclosed rabbit pen which is better insulated than the shed was. They seem to be surviving at this point. Until we can get a greenhouse built on the new property, we are moving the trees to a self-storage. They don't need sunlight right now anyway. We will move them to the place when it warms up.

How long should you keep the powder? I would use your supply within 6 months and keep it in the refrigerator. I would keep it in a resealable container. If the powder you order looks old, then ask for a refund. If it contains dirt or other abnormal stuff, ask for a refund. The product quality from India varies with the company. Even organic certified can have problems.....

Customs:  One man wrote in that his seed pkg from which he bought on EBay was taken by customs. That is why I am not buying the product myself but selling it from Amazon. You can never tell for sure that your order will not be held or taken by customs. It is getting nastier out there for importing any food or nutritional product. You gamble and that is the way it is.  The seeds here in the United States are costly for a small amount but at least you can get them sent to you without problems. This problem will increase as we go along.

Moringa and Starvation:  Not all of  Africa has Moringa trees growing. In many places, they are planted by organizations who are trying to fight starvation there. So Moringa Trees are not available to all areas where starvation is occurring. In these countries, there are many thousands with AIDS. Moringa leaves are not a cure but a food that helps them live longer. In these diseases there is loss of weight, weakness, and inability to eat or hold food down. Moringa leaves helps to get some nutrition down them. In many cases, the Moringa leaves may not work at all because of their horrible state of health.

Moringa and Cancer:   Moringa is a super food but not a cure all. If you have stage 4 or 5 cancer, it may not help at all. In some cases, Moringa leaf tea may keep the patient alive longer since they can drink the tea. Often cancer patients cannot hold anything down or eat. If you are constantly throwing up, Moringa tea will get thrown up as well. There is a point where herbs cannot help, because the patient is too far gone. Chemo and radiation also destroy the immune system and the good cells as well. You have to have an immune system that is working to get well from anything. Many of the drugs today, reduce the immune system's effectiveness.

This is all for now.....send in questions and I will try to answer them.

Kate Freer, The herbladyisin

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