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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Example of Why Gun Control Is Not The Answer: The 1928 Mass School Shooting

Why does this country avoid the real issue is mass killings?

We do not own a gun. I don't know how to shoot. I state this so you know we are not big time gun owners. I do believe in owning them.  In one of my last blogs, I stated that if the shooter had no access to his mother's guns, he would have found other means. Here is an example from our history, long forgotten.

In the year 1927, in Bath, Michigan,  a school care taker that seemed like a real nice guy carefully planned out the attack on the school he worked at. He went to church and everyone thought he was an nice guy.  The kids never expected him to hurt them. He spent months placing bombs in various areas of the school...months.  Then he thoughtfully killed his wife first. He then went to the school and blew it up. 45 people were killed including 38 children. Another 58 people were wounded including two first responders at the scene. The town carried the pain for many years. There was not much news coverage after the first week.  He did not use a gun, he blew the school up.  People who are twisted and nuts will use any means to accomplish their goals. The care taker was thought of as a nice man. No one could believe that he spent months in his effort to do this horrible act. 

Gun control is not the answer. Europe proves this, where with strict gun control, there are still mass murders.

What is the answer? One of them is real mental health evaluation and treatment in our schools systems. We need adequate mental health evaluation for all people as a standard. You should be able to access evaluation and treatment in community clinics. Right now there is no money given to support these programs. There is not staff to even evaluate someones mental state. This is one program that needs funding in every state. There are other programs getting funds, that are far less needed. Another is better background checks on our employees at the work place.

We always go to gun control but avoid the real problem. That shooter should have had evaluation and treatment on a regular basis.  At 10 his mother told the babysitter to watch him. He was instructed not to let the kid out of his sight. She told people that she didn't like to leave him alone, yet she had guns in the house and taught him out to use them.  She felt teaching him to use a gun would be good. It would teach him responsibility.  She should have gotten him into some type of community service or have him help out at the local animal shelter. Therapy dogs might have helped him to deal with his shyness, his unwillingness to deal with people and life.   He certainly needed more than gun therapy. She did not have a real grasp on his problems or the severity of them.  That is apparent since he shot her 4 times in the head. The fact is he needed help that he did not get...from his mother no matter how much she loved him or society.  Just because you love your child, does not mean in all cases that you know how to help him. It does not mean you are the best one to evaluate his problems or needs. 

We are avoiding the real issue here....mental health treatment in this country.  There is a tragic lack of treatment options other than drugs or help for families dealing with violent children.  Mentally ill teens do not belong in jail, they belong in a treatment program and or locked facility that treats mental health issues in children. Drugs that have not been tested on children are not the answer. Drugs are not the answer unless treatment does not work.  I am sick of seeing the real problem be covered over and left unfixed. There will be more killings unless this is dealt with.......

This will be my last blog for several days. I am having family visit.
All for now, Kate Freer, the herbladyisin


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