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Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Much Moringa Powder Should I Take Daily?

I received two very critical comments concerning my lack of specifics for Moringa dosage. I need to address this issue to those readers.

If there is a lack of specifics, there is a reason I don't give specifics. One of them may be lack of research to support that issue. Most of the time, it is because of legal issues or lack of information on the subject. I attempt to be as frank and honest as possible in these blogs.

It is my mission to give you honest information on these subjects. It is also my mission to avoid legal action from the FDA and AMA. That line is a fine one with every blog.  I must find a way to give you information about Moringa and herbs that you can use, without getting shut down.

In America, being an herbalist is dangerous and growing more so with each year. The drug companies don't want you using herbal medicine. They want you to take the drugs that they bombard you with every night on television and in magazines. If you take herbs, they lose money. They do not like those of us who support alternative medicine and herbs. Even doctors are being threatened who support alternative medicine.

So below are the reasons WHY I don't give you specifics on how to take Moringa for health conditions:

#1: Moringa is a food, not a drug. The term 'dosage' applies to medicinal herbs,OTC drugs, and prescription drugs.. In the countries where it grows naturally, it is eaten on a daily basis as as food. They pick the leaves off the trees that grow in their yards or neighborhood. Those fresh leaves are added to the soup or dishes they are preparing for the family. It is used as a food, as we in America prepare out nightly salad. Some people like more Moringa leaves or less depending on the dish or taste of the individual. Fresh Moringa leaves go bad just like lettuce, so the excess leaves are dried and stored for use later. The pods are used in some dishes. The flowers are used, as well as the stems.

Why do we need dried leaves? Well except in a few states such as Florida, you cannot grow the tree all year long. It goes dormant in the winter once the temperature dips into the 60's.  It is a tree that needs a climate such as Florida or Hawaii.  Unless you live in cities like San Diego where there is a large population of Asians and Asian markets, you will not find fresh leaves. Dried or canned Moringa products are the only option in most of the US. Moringa leaves are foreign to most buyers in the US.  The average American has never heard or read about Moringa. They have no idea on how to use them. Anything new takes time to catch on in a market. Dried leaves and leaf powder in capsules are used for more convenience. People can take the caps at work during lunch. Many people will not take the time to use the bulk product in food. Americans are into convenience. Moringa leaves are still a food no matter whether they are taken by caps or as a bulk product.

Moringa and Curing Disease; Moringa is used to prevent diseases in Ayurvedic medicine because of its exceptional nutritional status. It does have some medicinal properties as well. So does garlic, onions, and other foods we eat on a daily basis. Turmeric is used in cooking but is also a potent herb for health. There are hundreds of research papers on the subject but it is still used as a food product in dishes.  Moringa is a food that supports the body and its nutritional needs in a very exceptional way. It supports the immune system with its dense nutrient value. It feeds your body so your body can operate as God intended.

In countries like India and China, herbs are used by the people everyday. Herbs are used as their medicine. They are prescribed by doctors to their patients. Herbal medicine is the norm.  This is not true in the United States. Here herbs are regulated as a food, so you can not put anything in the label or in the literature, that gives dosages or suggests that  it can prevent or treat disease.

If you do state that, your Moringa product then becomes a drug, according to the FDA. Then that product must be taken through a process of testing, double blind studies, and a drug application process that takes years and a huge amount of money. Then if approved,  it would be sold as either an OTC drug or a prescription drug.  This is the way it is now in Europe. The drug companies control the sale of herbs. In Europe they are very expensive, available by prescription, and many are not available there at all. Even the herbs on the shelves are more expensive than here. With the current trend of companies wanting to advertise Moringa for diabetes and other diseases, this will in the long run take it off the market as a food. It is used in those countries such as India  for those diseases, but here making those statements,  makes it a drug.

I am not a doctor folks: I am not allowed by law to give you specific dosages, especially for illness or disease problems. If I do that, I am then practicing medicine without a license. I am not a doctor. I can be taken to court on that issue.  The FDA can come in and shut down  my blog and site for doing that. I can give you general guidelines on the subject. I have to be careful or I can be shut down by our government. That is why I offer you research studies on the subjects. I can report the findings of research studies on the subject. I can report to you how it is being used in other countries as an example.

Other Factors That Influence Dosage:  Herbs and their effects on individuals is not precise. Herbs help the body by feeding it, by cleaning the toxins out, by supporting weak organs and tissues, and by feeding those tissues and organs so they can work more effectively and efficiently.  This can takes days, weeks, or months to show results. Why is it that Americans seem to want healing yesterday. Their health problems may be caused by genetics or years of bad diet and life style habits, but they expect to be healed in days or hours. Herbs and Moringa are not magic understand that.

Age and General Health: Your age and general overall health are factors in how quickly you get well. When you are generally healthy, you will heal more quickly than someone who is in very sick.  Often when we age, our immune system may be aging as well. That slows down healing in many cases.

Genetics:  If your have serious genetic factors in your health history, then that increases your chances for a certain disease. Then if you add negative life style factors to bad genetics, that increases your chances to an even greater degree.

Life Style Factors: Obesity, bad diet, junk food, smoking, drinking, drugs, lack of exercise, excessive stress, and bad attitude are all factors that influence your ability to heal, the rate at which you heal, and your prognosis for total healing. 

Drugs You Take: Prescription drugs cause side effects, deficiencies, and imbalances in the body. They conflict with herbs in many cases. They affect your program of wellness.  Herbs do not go well with many drugs.  You can suffer an overdose using herbs and drugs at the same time for depression, heart problems, and other health issues. It is dangerous business without a doctor's supervision.

Diagnosis:  The severity of your health condition, dictates how much of an herb you need to take. It also influences how long you must take the herbs. You must take the right herb or combination of herbs for the right problem to secure wellness. You must often experiment and change the herbs used or how much is used to secure wellness. Examples:  A minor cold versus pneumonia; Stage 1 versus Stage 5 of a cancer; pre-diabetes versus long term diabetes requiring insulin; mild high blood pressure versus dangerous high blood pressure; and sick for years versus sick for weeks. When you are in the emergency room, with clogged arteries that are shutting off your blood supply, that is not the time to start an herbal program. When you have had months of chemo and radiation treatments, herbs may not work. If you are in the doctors office given the diagnosis of weeks to live, herbs may be too late.  When you are nearly dead, herbs may be too late. In some cases, herbs have worked under the above circumstances, but is not the ideal time to start a program.  Often that is the case. People go on a herbal program after standard medicine such as chemo has wasted their immune system or after a diagnosis of weeks to live.

So again, why don't I give you specifics for taking Moringa and other herbs.......

When you ask me these specific health questions, I have no access to any of the above information or lab tests.

Even if I did, I would be prescribing or diagnosing disease, which is illegal for me to do. You want something, I cannot give you by law.  You need to understand this. You need to consult a holistic doctor or a doctor open to alternative therapies to help you with this. Again I am NOT a doctor.  

Signing off for now,
Kate Freer, Master Herbalist and researcher.

I have exceptional Moringa Leaf powder for sale in capsules. I do not sell bulk product at this point.


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