Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Moringa Should Be At the Top Of Your Emergency List of Supplies

Today, after several days of 15 degree weather, it was warmer. It was a good day to peak under the plastic on the cold frame outside.  The Swiss Chard and Kale still look beautiful.  The one tomato looked sad but still alive. The Comfrey did well too.  So next year I will plant more beds of all of them.  It was extremely successful considering we did not get the green house up as planned.  Will keep you posted as the winter goes through its cycle.

Our Very Simple Cold Frame with 3 layers of 4mil plastic sheeting

With the political scene the way it is, I would suggest all of you put in a garden in Spring. If you only have a small area, plant in containers on your porch or patio. The news all state that because of the drought and other problems, food costs are going to accelerate.  You don't have to plant acres of crops but you can plant enough to get well. There are whole sites on how to garden living in the city whether it be an apartment or  condo. Start investigating and planning for Spring.

There is a lot of weird weather going on so keeping emergency supplies on hand, should be an important effort for every family. Even if you don't have dangerous weather like Sandy, you could find yourself out of work. That store of food might come in real handy in a hard time. Make a list of foods and other supplies you would need, then each month buy something on the emergency list.

Moringa is an important food to have on hand during emergencies. The leaf powder is considered a survival food containing Protein, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, 46 antioxidants, and all needed amino acids. It is extremely dense in its nutritional quality. Of the many foods on your list, Moringa powder should be in the top. I would have on hand two bottles per person in your family for each month or more. I would have enough on hand for three months, as your other emergency foods. It is something simple you can do that could really help to keep you healthy over time. Many of the foods in those emergency packs do not contain the antioxidants and nutrition that Moringa powder does. In our emergency pack we bought, there are a lot of soup packets. Those packets do not contain  complete nutrition by any means. Vitamin C is one of the nutrients missing.

Personal care items that you need daily should be listed as well. Simple things like toothpaste or denture supplies. Go to the dollar store where you can buy them for cheap. Depending on the dollar store, you can find items such as triple antibiotic, band-aids, bandage supplies, shampoo, and much more. It may not be the brand you normally buy but sure works fine in an emergency. Any items you use every day should be included in your supplies.

Water is another item that should be at the top of your priority list. It is amazing how much water is used to wash with, to cook with, and to flush the toilet.  We once lived on property with a well. The pump went out and it was a week before it was fixed. We had to haul in water for the animals, for us, and to flush with.  Here is this area of Nevada, we have been told by the neighbors that every summer, the lightening or winds blow down power lines. He has had to use his generator several times.  You just never know these days what's in store. So please if you have not, get that emergency list going. There is never a wrong time to start, unless you knee deep in water.

Think about how your family would do with no electricity. How would you cook? How would you light the house? How would you keep warm. I have a solar oven, solar flash lights, candles, and a wood stove in the living room. How does your family score up on emergency preparations? If you failed, you need to correct that situation. I hope this blog has given you some food for thought. I do hope after thinking on this subject, you make the steps to make your family safer.

Our Kate Under the Cold Frame....survived two days of 15 degrees

All for now. Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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