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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving- A Time of Reflection and Thanks

I want to wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving Day. It is just my husband and myself this year, which  feels a bit strange. Most years we have spent time with family in San Diego. This year my husband must work tonight but he will have most of the day to relax. We are thankful we has a job! I am fixing a full thanksgiving meal? Why? One reason is I won't have to cook much this week and there will be turkey for future meals. It is one time of the year when we have treats such as pie and my family yam recipe.  I love cooking thanksgiving dinner and always have. It brings back memories of my parents, of my mom cooking, of the house I grew up in, and I feel great joy in those memories. My mom cooked from scratch including the dressing. She made it from biscuits and cornbread she had baked herself. I loved those days. My parents are long gone but the memories remain as a warm place in my heart and mind. I hope you and your family are sharing lots of hugs, warmth, and food this day.

My husband and I are so very thankful this year. We are living  in Stagecoach and in a warm, well built house. Last year we were living in a worn down trailer that should have been demolished. It was a resting point to think about what God had planned for us in the step of our future.  It was not two months later, by a number of unexpected events, that we were able to move here. It was all in God's plan. Let me tell you when you have lived for months in a trailer with mold and mildew in the living room ceiling, you are thankful to be out of that. At the last the pipes broke underneath the main part of the trailer. We found it was too expensive and not worth fixing so things got interesting. To get water, we had to go outside in the cold to turn it on. We turned it on just long enough to do dishes, shower, or wash clothes, then turn in off again. We drew straws to see who would turn it off after showers in the cold weather.  All of that makes you extremely thankful for the normal things such as easily available water. So we are blessed to be here and in much better circumstances. Once again, I learned patience and giving it up to God  is the only thing you can do at times. We now have great neighbors on all sides, which is also a blessing. Our view from the back is the beautiful Nevada mountains. We have a million dollar view for very inexpensive rent and utilities. We get 25,000 gallons of water for a base rate of $50.00 and no water police and restrictions. We love writing the bills considering the same utilities in San Diego, where we used to live.

The chickens are well and laying again! Praise the Lord we don't have to buy store-bought eggs any longer, which I hate. Three of our ducks are laying too, as of a week ago. They got well with a combination of garlic, moringa, and Life Force which is a green powder with lots of green vegetables.  At the end, three of them had a funny sounding cackles from being sick but no other symptoms. I knew that their system was run down from being sick so I gave them Moringa and the green powder soaked into their mushy dog food. Sure enough when I started that, they all perked up. Within a week their cackle was normal and they all looked better than in weeks. I am going to continue to give them this special treatment through the winter to safeguard their health. I believe in the long run, it is more than worth it. Today as I picked up the eggs, the most in three months....I gave thanks. I could have lost the whole flock. As it was, I only lost two.

I am going to make this a short one today but do give thanks for your blessings today as we should every day.  God Bless you All
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin


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