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One Unorthodox Treatment for Cancer and Illness That Has Achieved Miracles

I often talk in my blogs about herbs or alternative treatments for cancer. There is one that I have not talked about, that I use on a daily basis.  I have seen it work time and time again over the years with family, friends, and others. It does not require a huge outlay of money or a trip to the health food store. Any one can use this method at any time.  What is this unique method I see that helps people to get well?

Prayer and Healing Services

My husband and I belong to a non-denominational church which welcomes all into its doors. It is a big church with a big heart.  The church has been praying for one of the members with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that had metastasized into the rest of his body. Chemo and other treatments had failed to stop its destruction of death. The doctors gave up and told him he only had a few weeks to live. The church got together in a massive prayer group to pray for his recovery. Today he was in church. His doctors cannot figure it out but the massive grape fruit sized tumor is gone and the cancer tests show no signs of the deadly tumor. This has happened twice in our congregation with late stage pancreatic cancer.  Other amazing healings have occurred as well with several people on the edge of death, given up on by the doctors, then recovered in a matter of days have healing prayer vigils.  For those of you who don't believe in God or prayer, perhaps you ought to sincerely think about the idea.

When you pray for people it must be sincere, soul felt, and honest. Prayers must have faith and belief in the outcome as well. You cannot pray with effectiveness without belief. It is a known fact that your belief in the therapy used, whether it be alternative, standard medicine, or prayer makes all the difference in the world in the outcome of your cancer. AIDS patients live longer, stronger, and healthier when they go on with their lives as if they will be healthy. When you tell yourself, you are going to die or get sicker, your subconscious will help you to meet than deathly goal.  Attitude helps you to live longer with any kind of serious deadly disease. This does not mean always that the cancer patient ultimately lives, but their lives often will be longer and with less pain. They are more at peace with their life.

Why doesn't prayer work at times? Why do people still die? We don't have an answer to that. Perhaps it is because they are ready to die, tired of their struggles in the world? Perhaps it is because for whatever reasons, their time on earth was not meant to be a long one? Perhaps somewhere down deep, they have reasons ...blockages to getting well. An example was my father who used his asthma and being sick to avoid solving our family problems. He enjoyed the attention he got when going to the hospital. When mom would try to talk to him about the family financial problems, he would declare he was too sick to deal with it and go to bed. He waited for 15 years to die while losing the joy of everyday in his attitude. Mom worked to support us, to put food on the table, to keep us afloat despite her health problems. She worked until her eyes went so she couldn't. She did not give up or give excuses. So sometimes, we unconsciously develop health problems to avoid some part of life.  In some cases, our sour attitude, anger, hate, and resentment causes illness and imbalance. To get well we must give up negative emotions and hate.  I do know that prayer does work but it often requires more than one prayer. It may take dedicated prayer over weeks or months. I will give you two examples;

We had a vet in our church who was blind. The doctors gave him no hope for restoring his sight. He became depressed and wanted to kill himself. He ended up in our church, having been invited there by some friends. He felt no hope at all before that. The church began praying for him.  His view on life began to change and he become positive even though it seemed the prayers were not helping. He began to thank God for his life, even though he was still blind. The church continued to pray for his sight. A year later, he had a convulsion, was rushed to the hospital. In that convulsion, his sight was restored completely in both eyes. The doctors had no explanation for it. Two years later, he still is fine. His attitude changed before his vision was restored. He had already begun to thank God for his life, even though he was blind.

One of our members, years ago, had a daughter who was involved in a hit and run accident. The accident caused not only severe physical damage but almost total mental damage. She was violent, self destructive, had to be placed in a padded cell with a straight jacket, and knew no one. She was given up on by all the doctors. Her father became angry at God and gave up on prayer. They gave into hopelessness. One day when he was going to visit his daughter, months later, he heard God's voice telling him to give up his anger and be thankful. He cursed at God and said," Why? You have abandoned my daughter and us. The words kept pounding at him as he drove on. He stopped the car and began crying.  At that moment he gave up the anger and began thanking God for her life even though it seemed hopeless. When he got to the hospital ward area, where his daughter's room was located, he heard singing. When they opened the locked padded door, it was his daughter who was singing. She saw him and said," Hi, daddy."That day was the beginning of her recovery. She still had weeks and months to go but this was a remarkable positive change in her state of illness. How often does anger replace prayer when things don't improve in our time frame?

My youngest daughter was sick for several years. I never gave up hope that she would be well. I never stopped believing in her ultimate recovery, even when there were days that seemed to lead to no progress. I knew God would make her well and give me the strength to find the way to help her get there. She is the strong person she is today, because of her health struggles for several years. We often give up when the answers do not come in a few hours or days. We throw in the towel with impatience. We give in to despair and hopelessness too early.  We want healing NOW and on our terms.

Why does death come slowly to some? I did a lot of caregiving years ago. I went through a lot of deaths that were not quick. Why? Often, either the people who are dying or their loved ones, are going through soul issues as they take the path of death. Often families have anger, resentments, and hurt relationships with the person dying. Perhaps the one dying has not led a very positive life. Perhaps they were mean to people. While they are dying they have a chance to reflect on their life and behavior. They have the chance to forgive or ask for forgiveness. There is opportunity to mend years of broken relationships because of pride. There is a lot going on in those last days in the soul and heart for both the one dying and family. They are not ready in their soul and heart for death. There have been cases where they recover instead. Perhaps getting rid of all that life garbage, led the way for healing instead. I have known of cases where people held on until they could see some one or they wanted to last past Christmas or their birthday. They almost will themselves to live to a certain point important to them.

Prayer works even when the person you are praying for, does not know you are praying. Several research studies have shown that prayer helps patients recover more quickly and with less complications. There have been double blind studies where one group was prayed for and the other was not. The group who were prayed for did better.  Many doctors use prayer on their patients , although they do not speak much about it. Research shows that a group praying often seems to have more effectiveness than just one person praying. That is why people put their loved ones on a list for the church to pray for. Our church often will have all of the people present in the service pray for that individual.

You cannot lose anything by praying. It can only help.

Prayer and Thankfulness go together for healing.  In the worst of times, there are always things to be thankful for. When you are feeling down, pray. Make a list of what you are thankful for including food, clothes, and all the little things we take for granted. The more you think about it, the more things you will find to be thankful for. There are people in other countries who live in dirt houses, go days without eating, and when they do eat it is rice with little else. In America, even in the worst situations, we live better than many people in other countries.  Being Thankful is extremely important for your health and recovery from illness. It is important for the quality of life you are living. When things seem really bad, become more thankful, for they can indeed be worse. We need to be more thankful. Think about what I have said about prayer. I have seen it work miracles often in my life.

Blessings to you all!

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