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Friday, November 2, 2012

Merck Pays $220 Million In Drug Fraud Lawsuit

 How drug companies make money on your death!

 Merck is another example of how drug companies and the doctors who pimp for them, cost the lives of Americans. These companies hide research data on side effects and life threatening adverse reactions such as doubling the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

 Vioxx prescribed for arthritis was taken off the market in 2004 but has not had to pay up until now. The $220 million is only a drop in the bucket to what they made in profit off the sale of that drug.  That profit was made on the backs of people who suffered heart attacks and strokes as a side effect....deaths occurred as well.  So they were suffering from arthritis but ended up with a heart attack, stroke, or dead.  The drug doubled their risk to die!

The FDA is also responsible for people deaths as it runs these drugs through the approval system without the proper time and due diligence to make sure the drug is safe. 

How are the doctors to blame? Doctors know, these drugs time and time again are taken off the market several years later for their lethal side effects.   They receive money for pushing these drugs on you!   Many of these doctors make from $50,000 to $100,000 a year lecturing on the benefits of these drugs in medical schools and physician training seminars.

There are OTHER alternative therapies to solve health problems!

They should be sending them to a nutritionist to help them adopt a preventive approach but it is so easy instead to prescribe them drugs. 

Fraud in Drug Research is rampant and a disgrace in this country!

Drug research even when it is carried out properly is only carried for a few weeks under controlled circumstances with controlled patients.  The drugs lethal effects on the heart, kidneys, and other organs takes place over weeks or months. It slowly weakens how the organ works or it causes abnormalities in the function.  Most patients are on several drugs, often on more than one drug for the same illness. These side effects are potentated with the patient taking several drugs. Side effects on top of side effects.  These drugs also create nutritional deficiencies in the patient as well.  This in turn has an effect on the balance in the body and how the organs work. Whole systems become imbalanced with these drugs.  It is a vicious lethal-death causing cycle.  You need to understand that drugs and multiple drugs shorten your life often. They may solve one problem while creating 5 more just as serious problems. Often drugs cause personality changes including thoughts of killing yourself or others.  Almost every serial killer has been on prescription drugs for mental illness.  The drugs often make the patient worse not better. There is therapy but drug treatment is cheaper. 
Insurance companies are taking the easy way out. Doctors are taking the easy way out.....a drug versus preventive therapy and nutrition.  It is not the easy way in the long run.

I challenge you to think about what I have written in this blog. If you want to try a different approach than drugs, find a holistic doctor who can monitor your progress. He will also help you with the right alternative approach to your illness.  I have a physician directory on my website to help you find a holistic doctor in your area. The page is HERE. 

Here is the article from today's headlines Here

God bless you all.....Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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