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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Horrific Winds- We May Get Blown to Texas!

Well they advised winds, only we got 60 mile winds rather than 20mph.  The winds blew all day. While my husband was home, we worked to save the cold frame. We didn't even notice one panel on the chicken coop roof was missing. After he left for work, I saw it.  It was a choice of leaving it and watching it tear up the rest of the roof or trying to fix it in the winds.  It was pretty dangerous up there but the winds were blowing at my back which helped. The only thing I could do was try to put plastic sheeting up from the inside to block the hole. The wind began ripping it off. So I took an old window screen to the top of the roof and over the plastic to keep it down. Rocks, a board, and bricks were put over that to keep all of it down. As darkness crept up, the temporary fix was still holding.  The chickens and the ducks were all pretty scared. It blew anything that was not tied down all over the property. All day the mountains were covered by the wind blowing sand our way. I came in with a layer of sand all over my face and eyes.

The next weather assault will be snow and 14 degree temperatures.  I doubt the cold frame can protect the plants down to that degree of cold.  Even commercial cold frame covers only state they protect 8 degrees. But they are miracles and the cold frame could use one. I have no idea what this winter will be but it is starting with some nasty weather. We can't wash away but we blow away. There are occasional 100 mile an hour winds in this area.  With the strange weather patterns that could get worse. We are positioned on a hill with no protection from the winds sweeping down from the mountains. Someone before us let the trees planted as a windbreak die, so it could get pretty bad. We do get less snow than the Carson City area or Reno. We moved here because of this factor. My husband and I are not in shape for digging out from snow drifts.

On the bright side, the animal sheds are built pretty sturdy. We can add heat to the sheds if it gets that cold.  I can report too that the Moringa is the laundry/greenhouse are doing well. The humidifier and heater are doing well. They are still growing slowly and they look great. So far, this is working.  I have grow lights on them repositioned so they all get some needed light.

Coldframe from the back. you open it up to pick the Swiss chard and Comfrey. You can also water it this way. The front is left closed up.   

Comfrey in the ground under the coldframe
Swiss Chard and kale doing well down to 27 degrees
14 degrees on Sat and snow is the next test....I'm adding prayer to this step

Well all for tonight. If you don't hear from me again...we got blown to Texas over the next few days. I fly better than I swim....just kidding. Will be signing off for tonight. God bless you all!
Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin


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