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Monday, October 15, 2012

Moringa, Its Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

One of my readers who lives in Asia, commented that they have seen the value of Moringa is those diagnosed with cancer. One of the reasons that Moringa leaves help cancer patients is because of the exceptional nutrition that feeds the many systems of the body including the immune system. You cannot get sick or get cancer without an immune system problem. We are surrounded by germs every minute of our life. We are around people who are sick. We handle money and phones infected with strep, staph, and other bacteria and viruses. We do not get sick because our immune function, as God created it, works.  When we do get ill it is because our body is not well enough to fight it off.

Nutrition is one important factor in immune health. The majority of Americans who exist on fast food, processed foods, and junk food do not give our body the proper ingredients to support healthy immune function. That is the glaring truth. Just look at the obesity and diabetes problems that are rampant. It has been said by many doctors and researchers, that if we fed our body properly, we could avoid at least 50% of the illness and disease out there. So looking at that statement, how does Moringa fit in.

Moringa leaves contain 46 antioxidants, trace minerals, vitamins, all essential amino acids, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and so much more. Moringa leaves are full of easily utilized nutrition and antioxidants. When you supplement with Moringa leaves fresh, caps, are giving your body what your diet is probably missing.  What is more important, in a form that it can take in and use.  That is why in AIDS projects, they
give these patients who are wasting away from infections associated with AIDS, Moringa leaves. Moringa does not cure AIDS but helps feed their compromised body. The nutrition in the leaves help to build up and support the stricken immune system, helps them to gain strength, and gain weight. It helps them to live longer with more fight. The immune system was designed by our creater to keep us healthy against the onslaught of all the diseases and germs. It works well most of the time, when given support.

Are there any medical properties in Moringa Leaves proven to help against cancer?

There have not been a lot of studies on Moringa and its effect on cancer cells. There is some research evidence to show Moringa's role in Cancer prevention and treatment. This next excerpt is from the Trees Of Life Research page, "

"Cancer Prevention. Since Moringa species have long been recognized by folk medicine practitioners as having value in tumor therapy (61), we examined compounds [1] and [2] for their cancer preventive potential (39). Recently, [1] and the related compound [3] were shown to be potent inhibitors of phorbol ester (TPA)-induced Epstein-Barr virus early antigen activation in lymphoblastoid (Burkitt’s lymphoma) cells (57,104). In one of these studies, [3] also inhibited tumor promotion in a mouse two-stage DMBA-TPA tumor model (104). In an even more recent study, Bharali and colleagues have examined skin tumor prevention following ingestion of drumstick (Moringa seedpod) extracts (12). In this mouse model, which included appropriate positive and negative controls, a dramatic reduction in skin papillomas was demonstrated. "

The next quote is from Memorian Sloan-kettering Institute who have done some extensive research on Moringa. " Article on Moringa health properties research from which below quote was taken from:
"Mechanism of Action
Moringa oleifera exhibits anticancer effects via apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells (3) (4) and by inhibiting NF-kappaB (5). In an animal model, MO extract helped prevent chemical-induced tumor formation by increasing glutathione activity (6). The antioxidant (7) (8), hypolipidemic and antiatherosclerotic activities are thought to help prevent cardiovascular diseases (9). MO also showed hepatoprotective effects (10) and protected the liver from acetaminophen toxicity by maintaining glutathione level (11). MO can reduce blood glucose levels (12) which suggests hypoglycemic effects. The fiber content of the leaves can mediate quercetin-3-glucoside to improve glucose tolerance (7). The phenolic glycosides from the fruit show anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting nitric oxide (13). Compounds isolated from roots also have anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects and may benefit those with arthritis (14). The ethanolic seed extract demonstrated immunosuppressive/anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting leukocyte and splenocyte (15) and by inhibiting histamine release from mast cells (16). It also reduced airway inflammation suggesting it may have benefit as asthma treatment (17). The phenolic components of MO may be responsible for its antisickling activities (37)."

The main evidence concerning Moringa and cancer is probably in its Native use over centuries. When something works for a ailment, you use it over and over. When a herbal plant remedy does not work, Natives try another herb plant. By the use of experience and observation, Native people learned what worked.  This is how herbal medicine gained its evidence...on humans who were sick. There were no prescriptions, only herbs. By the way, there are hundreds of drugs that are based on herbs. The problem is in the native plant there are properties that help soften the harsher elements of that plant. Modern labs take the main active property, concentrate it, and make it many times stronger than the original plant.  That is why whole herbs remedies have few side effects as compared to drugs.  The plant is balanced with harsher properties and others that soften those properties.

I am sure, as research is performed on Moringa leaves, that the cancer preventive properties will be shown with more concrete evidence.  If I had cancer I would include several generous portions of  Moringa leaves daily but would supplement with herbs such as Turmeric with an abundance of research that proves its Cancer benefits. I would also take Ezzeac with Cats Claw as well.

In my opinion, Moringa is one important part of the program.  Diet changes such as green drinks, fresh vegetable juice, getting rid of processed foods, caffeine, sugar, white flour, and junk food would be extremely important to extend your life if nothing else. One of the factors in cancer is rejection, grief, pain, anger, and other negative emotions.  It is a known fact that the immune system is affected during grief. Often one spouse will die of cancer, within a year of the first one's death. They get depressed, their life is shattered and so is their immune system. They may not want to live with the other one dead. They lose the will to live and the body helps to execute that wish. Stress and grief, although emotional impact the whole body including the immune function.  So the state of your mind and heart is extremely important to your health and every function of your body.  Those of you who tend to hold it in and stuff your emotions, need to find a positive way to let that negative stuff out. It is bad for your health.

All for today, Kate Freer the Herbladyisin

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    The leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals. Moringa leaves contain 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium of bananas and 2 times the protein of yogurt.The leaves and the herbs also have the effect to cure Cancer

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