Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kellogg's Recalls Mini-Wheat Cereal ! Glad I Don't Eat Them......

 Well here in America we not only have to worry about foreign food but food here as well. It seems we have another recall of cereal. This time it is not E-coli or other bacteria but metal mesh from the factory machinery. This recall applies to all box sizes nationwide.  You children or you could get heavy metal poisoning in the real...real metal mesh. If you kid says his cereal tastes wierd, take him seriously.  It will cost the company 30 million to recall the cereal which is no small change. If you want more details on the cereal being recalled go to the Kellogg’s company website.

When people ask me how do you know if the Moringa powder is safe? I ask you how do we know today if any thing we eat is safe. We assume it is, if produced in America but that is not true. There is recall after recall each month on something from produce to cereal. When you are producing millions of anything, you lose some control. Someone is not feeling well, didn't get enough sleep, has a hang over, is distracted worrying about losing their house, or if their check is going to bounce before they get paid. When ones mind is distracted, you make mistakes and we have recalls.  It may be due to the company cutting costs by cutting food safety. 

So you should be asking this question on everything you eat. Pay attention if it does not taste or smell right. Pay attention if you have stomach upset after eating a food, you normally have no trouble with. 

This is a short blog but important! Their cereal is pretty popular. 

Goodnight, Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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