Friday, October 19, 2012

Help- My Moringa Tree Seems to Be Dying

These are not this years trees. These are the originals from California, then taken to Nevada. They did well until they froze.   These trees were also much older...two they were much, much bigger.

This is in answer to an email I got.  Your Moringa may be dying but more likely it is shutting down for the year. Unless you live in Florida or Hawaii, your weather is cooling down. They thrive and grow at temperatures over 70 degrees min.  Mine are hardly growing here with the temps at night down to 40. I have a few with leaves that are finished. I have two or three growing a little.  Even to grow them in the house, you must have sunlight or grow lights. You must have the house warm.

Other Factors:   Is the tree soil too wet? They HATE soggy soil and wet roots.  You can kill them easily giving them too much water.

Sunlight:  They have to have sunlight to grow well.  Grow lights is the only other option.

Temperature:  Moringa is a tropical tree that normally grows in places like the the Philipines, Asia, Africa.  They don't like winter....temps under 70 degrees. They freeze and die.  Above freezing they go dormant, look dead, but are not.  It will take the warmth of summer for them to start growing again. Do not give up on them because they look dead. If the root ball is firm, they should come out of it. If the the root ball is soggy, mushy....they rotted.

Humidity: They grow better in more humid areas. We live in Nevada with no immunity and so that is a problem.

Container:  Keep them in a small container and they will die. They are a tree and need at least a 20 gal container for best results. One gallon or 5 gal containers will not hold them happily after they are three feet tall.  They have a deep, large root system. The container is better that is deeper rather than wider. Make sure the container drains well. Make sure the soil drains well. Clay soil that holds water will kill the tree. Drainage....drainage.....keep that on the top of your list for factors.

Mulch: Wet mulch will rot the root. Believe me I learned that the hard way. Mulching them in the winter in wet areas, keeps the mulch wet over the rots.

Wrapping the Bark:   Do not wrap the trunk to keep it from freezing. It rots the bark underneath. I tried that as well and it does not work.

Fertilizer: they love organic stuff not Miracle Grow.   Give them rich organic fertilizer.

White Spots on leaves: They are telling you they are not getting their ideal environment.  

If you raising them anywhere but Florida, Hawaii, Southern may get failure to thrive problems.  You will just have to experiment with your area and climate on raising them.  It is not easy. This is our first year of growing them totally in the house. The experiment here in Nevada is not done. We have winter to go through.  I have to see how they come back up next year.  Right now mine are shutting down....

All for now, Kate Freer, The herbladyisin
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