Friday, October 26, 2012

Cold Frame Worked.......fresh veggies! Duck Dilemma Solved too!

Well the first test ( 3 days of 28 degree temps) in the cold frame worked.  This is a simple wood frame with two sheets of 4mil plastic sheeting over the top. The containers of kale, tomatoes, and chard are inside. You open it from the back to water. This worked for the  past 3 days when it got down to 28 degrees. Even the professional greenhouse sheeting only gives from 4 to 8 degrees of protection.

So this did not do too bad. I got out seven nice big tomatoes from under this cold frame. The squash that was not protected did not survive the first night. I fed the stalks to the goats. 

The ends have dirt over the edges of the plastic to help keep the cold out. The Comfrey also survived and was fine.  We will see how far down, temp wise, this protects.  We get temps down to 10 degrees here and can dip lower than that. A cold frame is an extender for the season only. You must have a heated green house after a certain temperature point.  We did not get the greenhouse done so this was an alternative to see how it worked. There is another section next to this one pictured.

Duck Dilemma Solved.

I built a corral with pallets around their favorite trees (they don't fly) at the end of the current chicken coop. They now have their favorite area underneath the trees to play in. At night they go through an opening into the present chicken coop where they have protection and warmth at night. I don't have to work to get them they are happy and I have less work. I feel if I can give my animals quality of life...I do. In the spring when it is warm again, they will be allowed over the property to eat weeds and bugs. In Nevada right now, there is not much to forage on and the bugs including red ants are underground. They did a great job this summer, eating ants. 

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