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Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Unusual Visit From God

Fall is here....the nights are down to 50 degrees. We are closing up the windows at night to help the Moringa Trees keep their leaves longer.  We had to put a plastic wire fence around the trees to keep the inventive cats from destroying them.  I have ended up with about 9 good sized trees and some babies that are not doing well.   The nine should make it through the winter in the house.  We will use the wood stove later or a small heater in that corner of the room, to keep the temperature higher.  Records show that it could freeze by the last week of this month.  I am building cold frames outside for some of the plants that cannot come inside. We did not get the greenhouse done because our truck died...leaving no easy way to bring materials home. The cold frames will hold the Swiss chard, kale, and tomato plants.  I may try bringing the tomatoes in 20 gallons in the house. They have a ton of small green tomatoes on them.  Nevada is like a war...battling all the elements from winds, to cold, then to heat.  I have gotten great bell peppers and squash, beans, cabbage, and more grown all in containers.  I made some awesome stuffed bell peppers from our plants.  Next year I will grow more beans, more of everything  I have seen people here, experienced in this area with  beautiful potatoes and lots of veggies, so you can grow is just a challenge.
The chickens did well on C. Silver and garlic soaked dog food.  In fact they are doing much better on the dog food then the laying mash. Looking at the ingredients, the dog food is much healthier with a higher protein level.  There were four chickens with whom the rooster had removed the back feathers. Even though I had gotten rid of the rooster long ago for that reason, the hens did not re-feather. Since feeding them dog food, they are finally getting new feathers.  Unless you buy organic food which is a fortune, the corn in laying pellets as in the corn we GMO. 

In looking at our first 8 months here....I can look at my goji berries and say complete success. They survived 3 moves that were not kind to them. All of them but one survived and are growing well. Next year I should have a mess of berries from them.  The grape starts have done well. I had to box around them with pallets to keep the goats away but next spring we should have grapes to eat.  The blueberries have grown well and they can take the cold here as well.  I have done well with the veggies planted with wind breaks. I had success with fennel here, reviving the original plants here, and mints.  So all in all, there were more successes than failures, this first year.  I have learned from neighbors some tips that should make next year more successful.  The chickens and ducks have done well here...with no real problem predators at all.  The rabbits have also done well here.  So we will have a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. 

An Unusual Visit from God 

In these troubled times, we need to take time to focus on the good in our lives....not the problems. There is good in all our lives, even in the weeks and months that seem to filled with battles on one sort or another. 

Finding peace, does not come from a trouble-free life, but from the peace we find in our hearts, despite the ill.  You must find that place inside- to keep you positive and on track. It cannot be found outside, only within.

I had a bad day this past week and was not feeling good about life in general. I was sitting in our office, where my chair faces the window. Outside the window is our large dog house where I have placed some plants on the roof,  to keep them away from the goats. One scarlet sage in a one gallon container had two small blooms. Not much else is blooming here right now. I looked up and a hummingbird was at our window.  I went to the window and she came  right to the glass, hovering for several minutes looking at me. I knew she was trying to tell me was just so out of the ordinary.  Now the interesting thing, is that we have seen no hummingbirds at all here or at our other house in Mina.  We had no hummingbird feeders up. I have missed the joy of seeing them. We have always had hummingbirds where we lived before. There has not been one sign of any all this time. That was why I was so shocked to see her that morning. I knew immediately there was meaning in her visit. The night before she appeared I had prayed for answers to what I should be doing with my business and in my life. I asked for a sign from him on how in the years remaining of my life, I could be more useful to others.

She appeared I feel as a sign....from God...that even in the worst of times...when we feel that all is going wrong.....that he can find us and comfort us.  That even in the wilds of Nevada where only one bloom is visible, his light and love can find us.  She found us and the one little bloom.

We need to remember, we are never alone and without his love. 

The answer did come....without the details....that my role is to be there as a strength and support to others. I am not sure yet what path that means fully.  For those of you who also had a difficult week, know that there is a God who loves us and can find us...where ever we are and what ever we are going through. I am extending this invitation that if you are having a time where you really need a sounding board ...someone to talk to....give me a call. Our phone number is 775-629-9868.   I will call you back for I am often outside with the animals. I cannot legally give you health advice...because of the AMA and Nevada laws.

I am here if you need to talk...because of rough times.

God be with all of you this week.

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin


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