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Friday, August 24, 2012

Turmeric (Curcumin) Against Cancer: New Research

The facts are that one out of every three women will develop cancer sometime in their life. One in two men will develop some form of cancer. Most physicians do not give much advice on preventing cancer other than to stop smoking, drinking too much, and lose weight. Most physicians do not spend much time on really investigating your diet and lifestyle. They don't have time and many have little knowledge on nutrition. Many of the doctors who have examined at my husband, needed to lose weight and looked unwell. The nurses in their offices are often unwell and overweight.

My husband used to visit doctors often, when we were first going together. He really thought doctors were Gods. He was on a bunch of prescriptions, was overweight, had horrible migraine headaches, and other health issues. It took a long time to convince him to try herbs and life style changes.  He is not on any prescriptions now, is normal is weight, has few headaches, no high blood pressure, and has improved the majority of all his health problems with the use of alternative medicine and life style changes.
 Who lost? The drug companies who were taking a huge amount of his check every month and the doctors who he visited often for the side effects caused by the prescription drugs. They were not all covered by his insurance.  He payed $30.00 or more as a co-pay every visit. That mounted up in money. 

So it is hard to get good advise from the standard medical visit. So it is up to you to do the research, educate yourself, then do it.

One of the most promising herbs in the prevention of cancer is Curcumin which is found in the spice Turmeric.  There have been 240 different papers published on Curcumin and cancer cells. Tumeric which contains Curcumin is used in India and many countries by doctors to treat cancer today and for thousands of years.

So this research just backs up what alternative medicine doctors have known to be true.  According to these new research studies, Curcumin has these effects on cancer cells and their proliferation or growth:

Curcumin, helps stop 10 factors responsive in cancer development: Here are some of them. The language is extremely technical so it is hard to break it down into terms that most people can understand. I did my best to simplify the medical terminology.

Curcumin blocks NF-kB, an inflammatory master molecule which creates inflammation in the body.

Curcumin also blocks the manufacture of advanced glycation end products that encourage inflammation which then leads to cancerous mutations.

Curcumin interferes with the production of new tumor cells and regulates pathways that slow down tumor growth.

It has an affect of starving the tumor of its blood supply helping to prevent the tumor spreading.

It also makes the tumors more sensitive to chemical cell-killing treatments that are used in chemotherapy.

Dosages used in these research studies:

The dosages used in these research studies are high with researchers using from 3600 to 8000 mg a day. This is equal to 8 to 16 caps of 450 milligrams.  In treating breast cancer cells, they used 8000 milligrams a day. The researchers found no impact on healthy breast cells and few side effects at this high dosage. Curcumin is considered one of the safest herbs when used in high dosages.

Breast Cancer, Uterine and Cervical Cancer:

In human studies, 3600 milligram dosages, curcumin was found to kill breast cancer cells, destroy cancer-cell mitochondria but not healthy cell mitochondria; disrupt the cancer cell cycle so it does not multiply; blocks certain molecules vital to the cancer cell spreading; and inhibits the growth of cancer stem cells that are one of the causative factors in the development of cancer including breast cancer. It has shown to be effective against cervical cancer cells and uterine cancer cells. It also has been shown to slow down the rate of growth in non-cancerous uterine fibroid tumors.

 Prostate Cancer:
 In men, it has been shown effective in stopping prostate tumor cell growth.

Colon Cancer
Curcumin was used along with green tea extracts in treating rats with induced colon cancer. It effectively stopped the colon cancer in rats.  Curcumin has the effects of reducing secondary bile acids which contribute to the risk factors in developing colon cancer.

Stomach Cancer:
Inhibits the growth of human gastric cancer cells in the laboratory. Was extremely effective against multiple drug resistant cancer cells. It stops the cancer cells in their development.  Curcumin blocks the growth of H.pylori, which is responsible for ulcers and reduces the ability of cells to turn cancerous.
Leukemias, Lymphomas, myelomas, brain, lung, and bladder cancer cells are all responsive to curcumin in lab tests.

This information comes from a review by the Life Extension Research Foundation of over 240 published papers on Curcumin research.  They review research from all over the world and monthly in their magazine give reviews on current research studies.

Joining the Life Extension Foundation is well worth the money.

The article from which I took this information( Life Extension, Collectors Edition 2012)  has 3 whole pages of referenced published research articles.

If you wish to receive this article listing all the published research papers on Curcumin and cancer, send $3.00 to Kate Freer, 5225 Stagecoach Drive, Stagecoach, Nevada 89429.  That will cover the copy costs, time, and postage.

I would suggest you become a member of their foundation here:
Life Extension Foundation    PO Box 407198  Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33340-7198

By joining them to contribute to their research projects, get access to new current research papers that are published and them and from other research institutions.  These research articles may be the key to saving your life at some point. For the $75.00 you get a monthly magazine that is worth three times what they are asking for the membership.  It is research you will not find reviewed anywhere else.  Most alternative medicine research is never published by standard medicine associations. 

Why doesn't main stream medicine tell patients about this research?  

I am afraid it comes down to bias, money and greed.  Many thousands of dollars are charged for radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  There are a lot of medical people who would lose a lot of money if alternative therapies, which are cheap to use, were given to patients. This list includes chemotherapy specialists, radiation doctors, the lab techs who administer the drugs to the patient, the drug companies who sell the chemo and radiation drugs to the doctors and hospitals. I know you won't believe be, but it is the truth.   And that is the tragic truth, one of them, going on in standard medicine in the United States.

The AMA and FDA are all in bed with the drug companies and it is not to your health benefit.  You are putting trust in doctors who do not have your best interest in mind. They are so in service to the drug companies that there is no way out for them.

 If ObamaCare is fully implemented, this will get worse not better.  There are no provisions for alternative medicine in this plan, just drugs.  Most of you will not listen and God help you all.  You will end up on multiple drugs that will destroy your kidneys, liver, and heart............heed my words. I will remind you of this in a few years...but it will be too late then.

Just look at the drug ad on TV, on radio, the Internet, and computer.  They are not pushing preventive medicine, lifestyle change, diet changes but mostly drugs.  Drugs that if you listen have far worse side effects than the disease or health ailment they are being prescribed for.  Listen to the voice that tells about stroke, heart failure, kidney problems, immune systems problems as side effects....listen........Ask yourself who is making money off these ads?  Who is making money off the side effects they cause? Follow the money folks!

Signing off for now, Kate Freer, Medical researcher and herbalist

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