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Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Goat Kids On Our Farm

Well at 61 (myself) and 66 (my husband) we thought long and hard about adopting two new kids into the family.  We are seniors by age and so it was a hard this time of our life. After all we have grand children. But we decided that since these two kids were out of a home.....and needed someone to take them seemed we were picked to take on these new responsibilities. 

So meet our two new kids....goat kids ......that is.  My children all think I am crazy but that is ok. They can have their quiet houses..their city life......and I will take the sounds of chickens laying eggs, the ducks going on patrol and eating all the bugs and weeds....and these new kids.  They are a lot of work so don't take on goat kids without much consideration. They are cute but can get ornery.  I have had them before in 1999 so am not a newbie with goats.

Meet Mollie and Max

Max on the left and Mollie on the Right.....3 month old Nubian cross goatlings

I write such serious articles most of the time....I thought I would throw in some humor for a change. These little guys came from a woman who came into hard times and could not pay for feed.  She just wanted a good home for them.....Mollie and Max who has been altered.  Understand that when you separate them from mom it is rough. Goatlings let out horrible cries like you are killing them slowly that can be heard for blocks. Make sure you have understanding neighbors and legal zoning laws.  I took them over to meet the neighbors so that their noisy presence would be more tolerated. This only lasted a day..Thank God.

These two are already leash trained. ...Taking Exercise to A NEW LEVEL
I decided that I would train them early so already, two days later, they have learned that a leash takes them out of their pen and for a run.  Twice a day, the goats and dogs with me leading go on a walk about on the acre. They get to eat a few weeds, explore some, and run. They need to exercise their legs while we expand their pen.  Leash training works at 30 pounds not 100 pounds which will be their size full grown. They are like big dogs...train them early.  They already like Moringa leaves too.  They have been easier to train than some dogs I have had.

Why have goats? 

Their manure is one of the best for you garden and does not have to be aged. It can be directly added to worm beds. They eat your weeds if you direct them too.  They will prune your trees if your guide them.  They must be guided or they will eat your trees completely and your garden must contain their activity on your property.   Good fences is a must.

 Great quality organic milk:   

Later on the doe will be bred and give milk. Goat's milk is good for you. Most people can drink goat's milk even when they cannot drink cow's milk. It is the closest thing to breast milk and is healing to the stomach.  When fresh and when it comes from goats fed grain, the milk is great.

These two finish out my plan for self sufficiency. The milk will be made into cheese and yogurt as well.

So all for now.....Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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