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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wild Horses- Gift of Living In Nevada

Local Stagecoach wild horses....really beautiful horses with two colts
These pictures of our local Stagecoach herd of wild horses was taken right from our front yard.  They stayed long enough on their way back to the river, for me to take some great pictures. These are one of the focal points of this area...the beautiful herds of horses. I don't know how they live, there doesn't seem much to eat but they have adapted to the wind, heat, and sand.

There are negatives living here, such as the fierce winds,  but there is beauty as well.  We have quail and Chuckers all over our yard. We have doves and hawks in the neighborhood. Our neighbors are really wonderful.  These horses are part of the beauty of this land. There are two colts with this herd, one pinto and one brown colt. One of the brown horses is the stallion.

You are not allowed to feed or water the horses. There is huge fine and jail time for interfering with the herds. These horses are not tame and can be dangerous if you try to approach them.  I wanted to share this with you on this beautiful but very hot 4th of July weekend.

Two colts in front brown and one pinto

I hope all of you have a great family-friends-happy  4th of July
Kate Freer



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