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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moringa Trees Love the Heat Wave

Well I am writing this blog as I roast in our house.  Fans are not enough this summer. This Nevada area is 10 degrees hotter than usual like the rest of the country.  I have fans on the chickens and on our rabbits along with frozen water bottles for the rabbits. Early in spring I let the rabbits did two tunnels under their rabbit house. They have an enclosed outside yard, as well as a big shed for their house. It has to be several degrees cooler in their tunnels.  The current heat wave is very hard on animals and humans.  Anyway you can relieve the heat for them is needed. The chickens hang out by the fan all day. We also have created shade overhead for half the enclosed chicken yard.  The ducks have their kiddie pool to play in. We are buying a cooler for the office this week, since it is in the high 90's in the house. When it get this hot, my mind doesn't work well.

My  Moringa trees think I am keeping this house so hot just for them. They are loving the heat in the house.   They are beginning to have accelerated growth with the house like a hot house.  Since they are in the living room and we hang out in the office most of the time, they will still have lots of heat after we buy the cooler.  I create humidity with spraying them and with water containers in their planters.  Moringa needs humidity of which we have little here in Nevada.  I am now have enough trees, small as they are yet, for fresh leaves for our home brewed cold tea. By Sept they should be a decent size.  Where ever your climate is, keep experiment with growing them...and eventually you will succeed.  My trees will be permanently in the house, but I picked this house, in part so I could have the trees inside. 

We are now reaping the benefit of our container gardening with tomatoes, peppers, and squash for the family table.  I planted Borage to draw the bees and we do have some. The neighbors Sage which is in  full bloom, sure does not hurt either.  You must have bees or other pollinators to have veggies.  The wind also helps to spread the pollen around.

Another insect who helps pollinate flowers and veggies is the Tarantula  Hawk Wasp.  These guys are super big with orange wings. They can be two inches long, that is how big they are.  They got their name because they attack the tarantula, paralyze it, then lay their eggs on the tarantula.

 The eggs hatch and the baby wasps eat the tarantula.

These wasps are more gentle than normal wasps. They normally don't attack you. However if they do, it is one of the worst stings to go through. It is extremely painful.  It is considered #1 for painful stings. Its sting is not lethal but one to avoid. Right now I have a lot of them on one wild desert plant that is blooming. I give them respect and water a good distance away from their flight pattern.   Some people kill them. I prefer to let them do their job on the plants. We don't have enough bees, so their pollinating chores really help out.  The best time to water is early in the morning, just after the sun is up. They are still cold and less active until the sun warms them up. It is safest to water when they are not flying around you.  

Well am signing off for today......Kate, the Herbladyisin

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