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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moringa Trees Growing in Palm Springs, CA

Just talked to a wonderful Filipino lady whose family lives in Palm Springs. Palm Springs is in the desert. A lot of people go to  that area during the mild winters. Many people have vacation homes there. In the summer when it gets really hot, people take their vacations if possible to cooler areas of the country. I was interested to learn that she and many of their neighbors stay the whole year around. You have to tolerate heat well to do that. I lived in El Centro, CA for almost 15 years where 115 is normal for this time of year. I can't say I enjoyed the summers being very fair skinned. I did get more used to it after a few years.

I was so very happy to hear that the families there are growing Moringa trees in Palm Springs. I invited her and her friends to give us some input into how they use the leaves, how they grow them there, and what benefits they feel the Moringa leaves and fruits add to their health.  They use the Moringa leaves and fruits on a daily basis....they grew up with the tree. It is as familiar to them as carrots are to us.

Moringa Pods are called Fruits and eaten as well as the leaves 

I love talking to people who grew up with the tree. To them it is special to their culture and the way they eat, and I don't have to educate them on the value of the leaves. They could give us a lecture on the subject.

If you have ever been to an Asian market, they have lots of greens and kinds of fish you never see in Safeway or standard markets.  They know how to really cook these different vegetables as well.  Their diet is much healthier than your standard family who eats junk food, high calorie food, and very little raw veggies. They could really teach the rest of us on healthy eating.

I am asking for people who grew up with Moringa trees, what ever your culture and country,  to give this blog your experiences.  Give us some of that special knowledge about Moringa leaves.  I expect to hear from some of you on this special knowledge. If you are raising Moringa trees in other states, leave us your special tips for raising the trees in your area. We need your specialized knowledge as well.

Palm Springs is hot like Nevada but their winters are very the 50's. They are also lower in elevation. According to growers, the fact our area is at 4300 feet does not help in growing Moringa trees here. They usually grow from sea level to 1500 feet.  So altitude is one of the factors in growing the trees.  Mild winters is an important one for their survival.

Thank in advance for helping educate people about the beautiful and healthy Moringa leaves and fruits!

Signing off for Tonight,

Kate Freer


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