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Friday, June 29, 2012

Easy Ways to Use Moringa in Meals

Using Fresh Moringa Leaves or Moringa Powder is easy to use everyday in meals! 

Fresh leaves:   

1st choice is your salad always. Any dish in which you use spinach leaves, you can substitute Moringa leaves or use them both as I do.  

You can also put them into your sandwich instead of lettuce or spinach or in addition to those things.  You pick them straight off the tree branch and it is the freshest vegetable you can eat.

Make tea with the leaves. If you want cold tea, you steep the leaves in boiling water for 20 minutes then put in the refrigerator or on ice to make a great cool drink. You can blend Moringa with Gingko tea or green tea as well.  

Breakfast: I make an egg omelet then after it is nearly cooked, I add moringa, spinach, and green peppers to it.  Moringa Quiche is another dish I fix.  We love it. I am also using our own home raised chicken eggs.

Soup with Moringa leaves as a topping

Add the fresh leaves at the end to blend with other steamed veggies.   

Add to green split pea soup or other soups. Always add the leaves after cooking, so you don't cook the nutrients out.  

Top your pizza with it after its cooked as a topping.  

Pizza with Moringa Leaves as a topping

Moringa Powder:   

 Since right now I only have young trees and few leaves, I depend on the powder.  I put a teaspoon or more in one of the following: plain yogurt, sugar free applesauce, cooked cereal, smoothies , cranberry juice, or in a drink with half juice and half water. I vary how I use the Moringa so I don't get tired of it. 

green drinks and smoothies

I also make Moringa goats milk.....I drink goat's milk so I add two teaspoons of powder to the milk with a tsp of honey....for a Moringa Milk drink.   You could add it to almond milk or other kinds of nut milks.

Add the powder to soups right before you eat them or to dips.  Avocado and Moringa is a good dip.

You can also add Moringa to rice.  I just throw it in and try it in different dishes.  

Make peanut butter- Moringa powder-ground nut balls.....uncooked healthy no bake cookies. My husband loves them.  There is a recepie here in the blog.   

Moringa/peanut butter on crackers or in a sandwich.  Mix one tsp to 1 tablespoon of Moringa powder with peanut butter in a bowl.  Use on crackers or in a sandwich.  I eat it without the bread and carbohydrates. It is really good........For kids add a tsp of all fruit preserves for a traditional PB/Jelly version for kids. 

Even if you have little time, you can use some of these ideas.  Be creative.  However you use it, it will be good for your health and energy.

There is a lot of junk Moringa powder out there, I have done the research to know that for a certainty.  I now sell an exceptional quality of Moringa Leaf powder and caps.  You may find it cheaper, but you will also be getting an inferior product that has been gamma irradiated with poor quality.  You are paying for what you get folks......and so I encourage you to try our Moringa powder here. It may mean the difference in your energy and vitality. ...visit this page

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