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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooking with Moringa Pods

A reader this morning asked me how to use the Moringa Pods in cooking.  Here is some general information on how to use the seed pods:

Green Pods:

The young green pods can be prepared as you do green beans.  They taste similar to Asparagus. You can cook them this way when they emerge from the flower until they become tough to snap easily.

The young seeds  ( and the soft pulp) are scraped out with a spoon. The seeds and pulp need to be washed well to remove the bitter film that coats them.  The seeds at this young stage of growth look like large peas. They are then put into water and brought to a boil. Continue cooking until the seeds are soft. Season them and serve hot.

You can cut the pods in one inch pieces, adding butter, onions, and salt. Boil until tender.

Steam the pods, no seasoning, then marinade in a mix of oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, and parsley.

Make soup by boiling the cut pods with lots of onion until tender. Milk is then added. This mixture is allowed to thicken, like you would do to make asparagus soup.  Then add your favorite seasonings.

Make Moringa Split pea soup with the young green seeds.

Older Pods:   The seeds will look brown now. They are fried on top of the stove until crisp. They will have a peanut like flavor.

OK Readers...Your Turn...Share with us your Cooking Tips on how you use the pods and flowers  

I am asking my readers to submit their best ways to cook the pods and flowers. Your recipe will be printed in this blog with your name as credit.  Also give us an idea of how Moringa helps your health.  
Submit your favorite way to cook with Moringa seeds, flowers, and leaves to

You can also leave comments on this article below with your cooking ideas!

I will give your name as a resource for the recepies.  

Thanks Again in Advance for your submissions!

Kate Freer, the herbladyisin 

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