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Calcium- Moringa Leaves versus American Foods

Calcium is one of the most important minerals needed by our body. Calcium with magnesium is needed to build bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Nerve health is really important considering all the factors in life right now, that rips up our nervous system. 

Calcium is involved in many different body processes including the maintenance of healthy blood pressure, healthy weight, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer. 

There are many kinds of Calcium and they are not created equally.  The form of Calcium makes a huge difference in whether we absorb that Calcium that we intake. Some of the Calcium sources below are so hard for the body to break down and utilize, it is like throwing the Calcium down the toilet.

Calcium is best absorbed in a acidic environment. People who have insufficient stomach acid, who have compromised digestive function, or stomach problems should really be careful on the form of Calcium they take. 

Calcium Carbonate- This is basically chalk, like you write on a black board with. It takes a huge amount of stomach acid to break it down. Calcium carbonate is also found in rocks, sea shells, and pearls. It is alkaline based.

Eggshell Calcium- Made from eggshells as the name suggests. It also takes much stomach acid to utilize in the digestive tract. 

Calcium Citrate:  is an acidic form of calcium which does not take much stomach acid to break it down. You can take Calcium citrate at any time of the day. It is more easily absorbed by the body.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite is young bovine bone, and is processed without heat or chemicals to retain all bone minerals and organic residues completely intact and in their natural physiological ratios. It is the organic components of bone -- collagen, mucopolysaccarides, amino acids, etc. -- that contribute to the enhanced absorption of calcium into the bone.

Calcium Hydoxyapatite is the microcrystalline form of calcium and phosphorus in the exact ratio formed by the body. According to clinical trials, Hydoxyapatite Calcium is one of the most absorbable and effective forms of calcium for the prevention of bone loss. The surface of hydroxyapatite helps attract and hold in reserve the Potassium, Magnesium, Boron, Zinc, Silica, and Chromium that are also included in this powerful product. This calcium complex also contains proteoglycans, primarily chondroitin (chondroitin sulfate), gel-like substances that fill the bone matrix and transfer minerals in and out of bone tissue.

 Calcium in Milk and Dairy-  

Problems occur with milk and dairy with lactose intolerance, antibiotics, and hormones in the milk unless you drink organic milk. There are thousands of families who cannot afford organic milk in this economy.  I drink goat's milk which is the closest thing to breast milk and very digestible. 

Look at the foods below high in calcium, and the main people who eat a diet rich in these foods are either Asian or come from the south where they eat a lot of beans for meals.  They typical American does not eat much in the beans or the veggies listed below.  Oranges also contain  a lot of sugar as well.  Oranges are acid and often cause women bladder distress. Diabetics are another group where fruit and fruit juice is a problem. 

Calcium in Veggies:

 The highest veggies for Calcium is Bok choy, turnip greens, broccoli, okra, and an orange.

Cabbage/bok choy 1/2 cup190
Turnip greens 1/2 cup104
Broccoli 1/2 cup33
Okra 1/2 cup65
Orange 1/2 cup52
Orange juice fortified with calcium 1/2 cup165

Other foods high in Calcium include:  

Soy beans have their dark side for people with thyroid problems and hormone issues. Children may sexually mature earlier being given soy milk.  Fermented soy products are healthy.  

Did you know that most soy beans in the United States are GM modified products.  One good reason not to eat soy products here.

Calcium Rich Beans & Grains

White beans 3/4 cup120
Navy beans 3/4 cup94
Black Turtle beans 3/4 cup75
Chickpeas (Chhole) 3/4 cup58
Tofu 150g350
Soy bean curd slab 150g310
Cooked Soy bean 1 cup130
Instant oats, 1 pkt165

Calcium in Fish

Sardines in oil, tinned, 100 g500
Salmon, tinned, 100 g91
Fish paste, 35 g98

 Moringa as a wonderful source for usable Calcium:

Fresh Moringa leaves right off the tree contain:

 4 times the Calcium of milk,
 2 times  the protein of yogurt,
 3 times the Potassium of Bananas,
 7 times the Vitamin C in Oranges,
 4 times the Vitamin A in carrots, and
25 times more Iron than in Spinach,
antioxidants, amino acids, all of it.

Except for Vitamin C, dried Moringa leaves become  MORE nutritionally denser.


Gram for Gram Dried Moringa leaves contain:

17 times the Calcium of milk,
4 times the protein of yogurt,
25 times more iron than spinach,
15 times the potassium of Bananas, and
75% of the Vitamin C in oranges without the sugar and calories.

How Moringa is used in third world countries to boost the calcium intake for pregnant and nursing moms, and their underweight babies . 

Moringa leaves and powder are given to mothers in third world countries to help them nutritionally and to give their tiny babies nutrition.  The dense nutrition and Calcium helps save these starving mothers and their children. Moringa leaves are being used in projects to save lives.  Lives that are at risk because of poor nutrition.  

All for now.......Kate, the herbladyisin

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