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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why I Want Proof from India Moringa Companies.....Disease Infested Ganges River Water

       Why we need to know how the Moringa trees are grown and how their leaves are processed. 

The Ganges River is considered sacred by the people in India. They feel because it is sacred, it cleanses itself. They don't look at the swollen dead bodies of animals and humans that float by them as they bathe and brush their teeth.

6 million tons of fertilizer are expelled into the river.

Industrial waste is 15% of the total river pollution.

Raw sewage, human waste is released into the river at 1.3 billion litters per day.  This has killed the fishing industry in India on this river.  The fish are dead or diseased.

You will find almost every kind of cancer causing chemical in the river. Facts.....

The river flows for 1557 miles and joins other rivers along the way. The sewage from the Ganges contaminates the rivers down the line. People drink from it and bathe in it along the rivers path. They wash their hands in it and water their crops with it.

How many plantations including Moringa trees are watered by this polluted river. The people bathe in this river than perhaps go pick the leaves you eat.

The world health organization says that hepatitis, dysentery, and cholera are rampantly found in the river water.
Watch these videos from U-tube on the river.

The Ganges collects large amounts of human pollutants as it flows through highly populous areas e.g. Schistosoma mansoni and faecal coliforms 


There are few environmental  rules in India. That is why the river is so bad. Everything is dumped into it....chemicals, urine, feces, dead bodies float in it.   

Is this the water you would want watering the herbs you eat?  

So they irradiate it....does that make the product healthy?  

There are a few companies who are modern, who have modern facilities, who do things the right way in India but there are many more who do not. 

How do you know the difference?  

It is the Ganges water or some better quality water that waters their fields....only they know. 

This is a series of blogs on why you should know where your Moringa powder come from!

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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  • At May 27, 2012 at 8:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dear Kate, I am shocked at the information you are exposing in your blog. I will make sure that I never purchase Moringa products made in India. Thank you so much for making us aware of how bad it is in India. Those videas are just disgusting. The Indian government should take immediate action and clean up the river or more poor inocent people will just die in that Country.


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