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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Does 'Natural' Mean in a Label- The Reality May Shock You!

'Natural' or 'All Natural' are buzz words used by companies so you will more likely buy a product. It is a feel good term. Are natural potato chips all that good for you in

This label is very misleading to consumers. They have the impression that it is a very healthy food. Not always true by any means. Often it contains excessive calories, fat, and clog up your arteries ingredients.

The FDA regulates label wording for the seller. The FDA only applies 'natural' or 'all natural' to added color, synthetic ingredients, and flavors. There is no requirement for food companies to list all the chemicals found in their food products.Natural foods are supposed to be processed without preservatives and additives.

So a 'natural' or 'all natural' product may contain :

toxic metals.
trace amounts of PCB's,
high-temperature cooking by-products,
other non-natural substances.
Always read labels on everything.

So What does Natural Moringa Powder really mean?

Natural Moringa Powder means it is just the Moringa leaves in the product. It may contain leaves, flowers, or pods. It would state that as well, if that is the case.

That does not mean the product is up to nutritional standards,
It does not mean that the food is not contaminated,
It does not mean the product is free of dirt, insect parts, mouse parts, bacteria, heavy metals, or other things.

Natural does not mean pure or clean.

It does not mean the product was not irradiated at some point in the system.

Some countries require labeling for treated product, but often it is not required.

Is the Company who produces the product GMP compliant?  

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices in the United States.

If the product is purchased from a GMP compliant company, it means that they test their product for metals, bacteria, and other toxins. GMP is required for most supplement companies in the United States.

It is a set of standards and testing for the product, storage, processing, and final step of putting the product in capusles or bags. It regulates the equipment used to handle the products, and it costs the companies thousands of dollars to meet those GMP Regulations.....that is why many small companies are going out of business.

There are many small companies operating outside the GMP regulations and radar. GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices are a law for food and supplement businesses now.  There are GMP laws in many foreign countries as well.  Unless the company from a foreign country states they are GMP compliant, they are probably not.

If they don't state it, you have to call them to find out. GMP raises the cost of the product but makes it safer and gives you some confidence for quality. The system is not prefect either and companies may only undergo inspections two or three times a year. They are required to document much information on all their products. If there is a food poisoning incident, it is easier to locate the source for that contamination.

Where is the product packaged? 

Here or in the country of origin such as China or India? China is an example. Chinese foods and herbs have been found to contain drugs and heavy metals. Read the label. Huge difference in how that product is regulated. If it is packaged in a foreign country you need to find out the answers to  these questions. 

In the next  blog, we will go into the statements of organic and organic certified.  What that really means in reality.

I encourage discussion and questions on these topics.....This is critical information so you know more about the food you are eating including Moringa. This applies to herbs, herb supplements, and food.

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