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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mother's Day Present- Edibles to Plant

Hi Friends.

I wanted to wish you a Happy Mom's Day tomorrow. My husbands gift to me was letting me buy some plants on sale this month. I have grapes, Blackberries, Honey Berries, an Apricot tree, and  Aronia berries. I will be excited to get them. I am getting 10 flowering trees from the Arbor Society too soon. It is my goal to plant as many edibles here as possible. Of the grapevine starts I came here with, four have leaves. This is exciting because those were the ones left at the old house for two months without any kind of care.  With the ones ordered and the ones I have already, we should have  a really nice wall of grapes in a couple of years. We will be buying more trees as we go along too.

The new Moringa trees are growing well by the windows. The ginkgo trees are doing exceptional well too. They must stay in the house for a year before being planted into the elements. I will have a real forest in the house this winter.  I will add some pictures here in a week.  I miss my fresh leaves in our salads. I make daily tea out of the dry leaves so that gets me through.  I am well blessed in my life at this point with a wonderful husband, loving kids, and awesome grandchildren.  I am so very thankful we have the place we have now, our wonderful neighbors, and the property itself.  So I wish you all blessings tomorrow and a day filled with love and family.

Again Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

Kate, The Herbladyisin

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