Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moringa IS Worth The Effort to Grow the Trees

Hi Friends,

I had a nice reader comment that she started the seeds, then planted them in her garden and they got waterlogged from rainfall and then died.  She asked if it was worth it to try again.  I just lost all my 2 year trees this past winter. I cried a lot. But I love fresh Moringa leaves so now I have new ones started. They are an amazing tree with leaves you just pick off the tree to eat or use in salads or teas. All of us have had plants die or be eaten by rabbits or other little animals.  Moringa leaves are pure nutrition that you know is clean and pure. You know the leaves were picked with clean hands and are fresh...right off the tree. Plant more seeds and try again.  Let me know how you do this next time.

A Few Tips:

Always plant the trees with wind protection and in well draining soil. Moringa roots rot. That is one of the most critical factors in raising them.  Add amendments to heavy clay soil. If the area tends to pool water when it rains, give the area a drain away from the roots. Keep the trees in one gallons until they get big enough to be transplanted. Put a hard wire cage around the trees. Don't transplant them until the temperature is generally 70 degrees or higher.

All for now, Kate Freer, The herbladyisin

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