Friday, October 28, 2011

A Sad Day....The First Hard Freeze

Hi Friends,

Well winter is here with the first two hard freezes. My huge tomato vines had thousands of baby tomatoes. I took off all the green tomatoes...big ones and cherries...and hung them up to see if they will still ripen inside. I saved about a hundred or so. I still have two tomato plants in the shed that were planted in trash cans. All the plants have survived in the shed. The Moringa trees have blooms on them. We will see what happens with those. I have mulched the trees with rabbit manure and hay to protect the main root. It has only gotten down to 28 outside. It does get down to 10 degrees or lower here, so we will see how the plants do in the shed as the temperatures drop. I am hoping they make it through. They have not lost their leaves yet but are not growing much. I water them about once a week.

My comfrey plants are hanging in there. I put tires over the plant, two high for protection. Then I am putting a glass window over the top with two sheets of 6 mil plastic over that. The leaves look frozen in the morning but have revived during the day. I will let you know how long I can save them with this method. I dug two up and put them in a huge the shed.....where I can open the shed doors to give them sun. I will transplant them back outside in the spring. I am trying to keep them with leaves for our rabbits to eat. The comfrey helps to keep them well. It is beneficial for their lungs and to avoid colds.

I have to say, I was really upset when they all froze. They were beautiful plants grown in the hay bales and I will miss them. The squash got it too. It had blooms as well. If there is a bright side, I will have less chores outside and more time for writing. I will hate having to buy store bought tomatoes. Our squash was great too. It is totally worth taking the trees and special plants into the shed. I love the trees and they add so much to our meals and life. The trash can method seems to be working well. The trunks on two are almost 2 inches thick. They are blooming even if it is late. They have given me continual leaves and pleasure.

 Well must close for now. Have a great weekend and Halloween!

 Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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