Friday, September 23, 2011

You Want Us To Come Where? to Fix Your Computer?


Since before labor day, this computer has had issues. The keyboard only works at times. It would not boot period for several days and then only part of the time. It was nasty. System restore made it worse.

I began calling Dell the Tuesday after Labor Day. They first said I must reinstall the operating system before they would replace any parts. I spent several days making sure all was copied to a memory card. Then when I called them back, they could not run the diagnostics all the way through, since the escape key and several others did not function. They did get far enough to determine that the keyboard was screwed up.

Then came a serious of phone calls where Dell said it was the techs fault, then later the tech tells me Dell did not want to pay the guys for the extra time. I would get transferred several times during each phone call. It was like that commercial on TV. I wanted to scream. It seems that the only service is from Reno and we are three hours one way to get here. So the full service charge equals 6 plus hours. Thank God it is on warranty still. It took a week for Dell to finally clear the extra money. Then after he leaves, I am required to reinstall the operating system, before further diagnostics can be finished. The computer has been awful, refusing to boot, refusing to change pages, and weird stuff happens on the pages. Isn't it the case, that today it is working better than in the past two weeks. It always works that way. So living in Mina has many advantages but a few down points. Getting a tech out here, requires an act of God almost. So that is why the lack of blog posts the past two weeks. I am getting this in, while I am waiting and while it is temporarily working.

I must Thank God we do have internet in a town that is less than 100 people. That is actually amazing and so one must be thank full for one's blessings. I have my rabbits in their colony pen and 25 baby chicks on their way. All of this is in our plan to be self sufficient. These baby chicks are investment in the future. We have to drive 44 miles to pick up groceries or eggs. These are the best breed for laying eggs in both heat and cold, for gentle personality, for hardiness, for meat/eggs, and for laying almost 360 eggs a year.

Since I had no computer to work on, we worked outside. We cleaned up the front of the lot from all the downed limbs and tree mess, we cleaned up the area around the back porch, and put up the flag my husband got for his birthday. There have been so much cleanup since we moved in, we had just gotten overwhelmed with the job. The place had not been lived in for years and all the trees were dead so had to be pulled down. It left a huge mess. Not having a 21 inch chain saw didn't help. How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time. So now that it has cooled down some, we have started the job by sections. I also was given some iris bulbs, so made a raised bed around a young elm tree, planting the iris all around the young tree, and making a log border. It came out cute. I am using the rabbit manure to mulch all the areas. This soil is sand with volcanic layers about 6 inches down. Digging is a back breaker. Raised beds are the only way to go. So will get back to you when the computer is fixed and well again in a few days.  Have a good weekend!
Kate, the Herbladyisin