Friday, August 12, 2011

Read This now....You May Lose Your Access to Buy Moringa Leaves and Powder-Please read this

Hi Folks,

Some of you folks are only reading the posts on Moringa.
I realize why you are not.

Your access to Moringa, herbs, vitamins, and supplements is now threatened and in serious danger.

You had better realize why you need to read my other posts especially the one listed below on what the FDA is trying to do to stop your access to herbs and Moringa leaves!

The FDA and Customs controls what foods, herbs, and supplements you have access too.

Moringa leaves may be a food but is advertised on websites as a prevention for disease.

Indian doctors use it to help prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.

This is fine in India to do this. Indian doctors use herbal medicine and preventive medicine.

Here those same usage claims are illegal and will incur the FDA Wrath and punishments. Here it is against the law to tell how an herb can help a health problem. You cannot list it on the herb package or in the advertising in most cases. This is true even when there are double blind studies to prove the claim. It does not matter that herbal medicine is used by doctors in many countries. It does not matter that there are hundreds of good double-blind research studies to back up a claim from many different countries. All of this is discounted period. The FDA and AMA are in bed with the drug companies. They have been bought out by the money and power the drug companies possess. This is the truth of what is happening. You need to realize that the FDA and AMA is fraught with corruption and greed.

Here is the US, those true claims put it in a new classification.... a drug which is unregulated.

This means the FDA have the right to take it off the shelves, no matter where it is grown. They can make it illegal to buy it.

In September if you don't step up and protest this, Moringa leaves may be unavailable unless you grow your own trees. This is a real serious threat to our freedoms here.

You need to write letters to your representatives against S. 1310, the FDA, and Obama.

IF you don't stop this it will be put into effect. Thousands of supplements including Moringa leaves will not be sold according to the new law. So read the FDA post I have put on this blog and act. We are losing our rights every year, because we fail to even try to act against the government. Are you going to sit back and watch Moringa leaves be taken out of the marketplace? Read the FDA blog on this site.

I post this hoping some of you actually read this and the FDA post...then do your part to stop them.

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