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The Difference Between Moringa Oleifera and Moringa Stenopetala (African Moringa)

Moringa Trees are grown in over 82 countries and is called by 200 different names. There are actually 13 main species, of which Moringa Oleifera is the one most often grown for cultivation commercially. The Moringa Oleifera leaves can be eaten everyday just like other foods. There is no known toxins in its leaves only in the root. It is given to pregnant moms to improve nutrition and milk production. It is given to babies to improve nutrition and weightgain. The leaves contain protein, iron, calcium, and all eight amino acids. It is a very complete food. When you dry the leaves they become even more nutritionally concentrated. When given to AIDS patients it improves their strength and energy. It helps the AIDS patient to live longer, with more strength.

I see on Amazon and Ebay they are selling the African Moringa leaf powder. So what is the difference between the two species?    The African species is called Moringa Stenopetala. I researched the subject for half a day reading several research papers.

Moringa Oleifera is cultivated more often because it is a smaller tree that grows faster than Stenopetala. It can be grown closer together. Its leaves are smaller, and it has a harder time in drought. The protein was lower than in the Stenopetala leaves, but much higher in Calcium. Most of the research data was on protein and calcium.

Now the soil a tree grows in can alter its nutritional content, so keep that in mind. How you process the leaves and store the product can lessen its values.

There is one research paper that links the Moringa Stenopetala to a problem with goiter. They are not sure about the link at this point . It could be another factor in the diet of the native people causing the goiter. It is only talk with nothing to really back it up. I have heard but could not find the research that the Stenopetala has more acid in the leaves. If any of you are researchers on this point, add your input. All the Moringa species have leaves with supercharged nutrition. As in anything else, you should vary your diet eating all kinds of different veggies. You want variety in your eating program. The moringa powder and a tree or two if possible is important for emergency survival. If I had to have one veggie in the house during a crisis, it would be Moringa leaves. 

I hope this helps in the question of difference between the two species. The most research has been performed on the Moringa Oliefera. It has had many research studies to back up its nutritional claims.
All for now...Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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