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How Much Moringa Powder Do You Need To Take?

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You should know that once you use the word dose it implies a drug.  Drugs are regulated by the FDA.  Herbs and Moringa are classified as supplements or foods. Therefore it is illegal to state on the bottle any thing else but a suggested dosage. Otherwise you get shut down by the FDA.

Suggested Moringa leaf  Powder and Fresh Leaves Intake

I have had several letters asking my advice on how much of the Moringa leaves or powder to take everyday. I cannot tell you to how much Moringa to use, because that is dispensing medical advice.

Moringa is a food, not a drug or herb,  high in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. It is a natural, organic powerhouse of nutrition. It is like asking me how many salads should you eat a day. It depends on you individually and your food tastes. Why are you taking it? General nutrition or a special health need?

It depends on your goal, how much you want to take of it daily. I personally either use Moringa in salads, green drinks, or tea. I make the hot tea with the leaves, then refrigerate and put it over ice. Cold Moringa tea is refreshing and gives you energy to do your work.

If you are using Moringa to improve your nutrition or to help with high or low blood pressure, you would take more of it. It is not toxic in any amount so you are free to decide. You might want to work up on the amount, simply because it has a unique spicy taste.If you are sensitive to new foods or have stomach issues, start out slowly with a half Tsp a day.

Realize if you become healthier, you may need less of a medicine. Please monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure while you take Moringa or other herbs. It could have an impact on their performance.

A general suggestion for a long term goal is one to two tablespoons of the powder a day. One tablespoon is sufficient for many people. Start with a tsp to begin with.The easiest way to use Moringa powder is to add it to a green drink, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Divide it out into several foods.

Fresh Leaves:

Add them daily to salads. Make hot or cold tea from the leaves. Add them to egg dishes. Fresh Moringa leaves can be added to any food as you would spinach leaves.  Try to add them to the last few minutes of cooking. Visit my recipe page on my site Recipies

I will do my best to help those trying to grow the trees. If you have questions, I will do my best to answer them. We are having to experiment here in Nevada. Our trees were moved into part shade because the leaves were getting scorched. Mina, Nevada is at 4500 feet and high desert. We often have high winds. This whole year is an experiment in how and when to grow herbs and Moringa. I will take all of my readers along for the ride.

I have not written in a few days. My husband and I took a trip back to San Diego to see family. I was very surprised that it did not seem like home any more. The traffic and hurry of life in the city was really unsettling. It is so quiet and peaceful here, that I immediately missed our new home. When we left for our trip back home, I was so relieved to reach the desert area with little traffic and cars. I felt at peace coming back. Even with its challenges such as the heat, winds, and bugs this summer, I choose Mina. You may have awesome temperate weather in San Diego but you have all the negatives such as long waits on the freeway. Life is all a balance on where you are really happy.

Update: we now live in Indian Mound, TN

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